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AVARA Nuances

General Introduction

Acceptance: This nuance of a TEVAS style is about the past. It’s about acceptance for what’s already happened. Only when one accepts the past can they feel at home in the present and recreate a new future. People who don’t know how to accept what’s happened tend to distract themselves through busyness and addictions. Accepting the things you cannot control in life is the first step in the process of transformation. It’s also a necessary first step to create the feelings, thoughts and meanings that will transform the situation. Acceptance also relates to the 1st dimension of Length. It’s where individuals look past along their timeline to where it all began.

Vision: This is about the future and having clear ideas for what an individual wants to create in life. When moving forward with a clear understanding of an end goal, people can better orient and ground themselves in the present. People who don’t know how to create a clear and compelling vision, tend to stagnate in confusion, or they jump from one shiny object to the next. Vision helps you take back control of your ability to manifest. Vision also relates to the 2nd dimension of Depth. It’s where one might look out towards the horizon of their time timeline see to where it could all go.

Action: This is about present moment awareness. Action or inaction is what brings past and future into reality in the here and now. It creates results out of experience and ideas. It often means moving out of your comfort zone and building the resilience necessary to bounce back from setbacks. It’s about getting out on the playing field and playing the game full out. Those who don’t take action can stay lost in the world of ideas, worries or regrets. Action also relates to the 3rd dimension of Width. It’s where, by expanding energy wide into the moment, it magnetizes all that you need.

Reprogram: This is associated with the synchronicities of past, future and present all coming together. It’s about taking an individual to anywhere on their timeline and re-choosing as necessary. Here one learns to reprogram their subconscious mind programs. People who can’t reprogram get stuck in loops of repeating the same mistakes, lost in skepticism, hesitation and doubt. Reprogram also relates to the 4th dimension of Time. It’s where individuals rise above to see all timelines and make new choices. That’s when transcendence of time can be achieved.

Attention: This is about ascension. It’s where an individual can realize that the power of attention creates all aspects of life. It’s about the discipline of staying focused so one can truly integrate the lessons of all timelines. People who can’t pay attention get lost in distraction, becoming a magnet for disruption and have foggy thinking. Attention also relates to the 5th dimension of Space. It’s where, having risen above all timelines and integrated the lessons of one’s soul journey, an individual can ascend.


 Here is a Chart Listing the Names of the 25 Styles 

Descriptions of the 25 Aptitudes

1. Tangent-Acceptance – The Earth Healer

They can use the power of acceptance to heal physical issues from the past. They can physically heal themselves, others and the Earth with the power of empathy. Like most Tangents can also move things with their minds, teleport, shapeshift, transfigure, bi-locate their physical bodies. But they can also physically harm self, others and the Earth through judgment. Many Gem Smiths and LeyLine Consultants have this aptitude.

Characters with this aptitude:


2. Ecrivent-Acceptance – The Poet

Philosophical and artistic in nature, their mastery of words helps heal wounds from the past. They use retrocognition to do this, or knowing the truth of what’s happened in the past. They can also read and write mind code as all Ecrivents can, particularly focused on empathy code. They use reading and writing to build empathy for self, others and the Earth. Used in a disempowering way, their words can also hypnotize people into going against their nature, or anchor them in judgment. People with this aptitude often write poems, songs, stories and mind code that builds empathy and heals the past.

Characters with this aptitude:

Metta Zuris

Ruth Carbona

3. Voyent-Acceptance – The Detective

Through pre-cognition they see the truth of what’s happened in a person’s past, or in the past of an entire group. They use visuals that build empathy in self, others and the Earth. Used in a disempowering way, that can plant visual symbols in a person’s mind that builds self-judgment or judgment of others. People with this aptitude often take on the role of a detective, investigator, architect or engineer.

Characters with this aptitude:



Jeffrey Burres

4. Audient-Acceptance – The Sound Healer

As a clairaudient, they can hear the truth of what’s happened in a person’s past, or can hear the ancient myths of entire people. Those with this aptitude often channel disincarnate voices, and can heal others through sounds, music and words. Through words and sounds they build empathy in self, others and the Earth. Used in a disempowering way, they use words and sounds to build judgment in self, others and the Earth. People with this aptitude often change others lives with their words as a DJ, speaker, politician, interpreter, musician or speech pathologist.

Characters with this aptitude:

Rafael Viridis

5. Sentient-Acceptance – The Therapist

As a clairsentient, they emotionally help others heal from the past. They can sense into the emotional nature of a person or group. They inspire emotions that build empathy in self, others and the Earth. The shadow side of this aptitude is that they can easily entrench self, others and the Earth in past emotional wounds and judgment. Many counsellors, therapists, coaches and those who are spiritual advisors have this aptitude.

Characters with this aptitude:


6. Tangent-Vision – The Soul Healer

As a clairtangent, they use touch to know future information about a person or object, allowing them to perform psychic surgery that will activate a more positive future. They can also move things with their minds, teleport, shapeshift, transfigure, bi-locate and astral project their physical form. Used in an empowering way they can uplift the frequency of physical objects and bodies in service to future soul growth.  But, they can also create a future timeline where they can physically harm themselves, others and The Earth. Many people in the healing and spiritual advisory professions have this aptitude.

Characters with this aptitude:

Cassandra of Zuris

Blanche Carbona

7. Ecrivent-Vision – The Prophet

Through downloading ideograms and through automatic writing they reveal what’s coming on the horizon for self, others and The Earth. They read and write mind code that helps a person focus on a positive future. Used in a disempowering way, their written words and mind codes can make people afraid of the future. People with this aptitude often end up as diplomats, future forecasters or editorial journalists.

Characters with this aptitude:


8. Voyent-Vision – The Divinator

They have pre-cognition where they see the truth of what’s going to happen in a person’s future. Used in a disempowering way, they can divine untruths that lead people down the wrong path. People with this aptitude often are attracted to divination roles such as reading Tarot cards, tea leaves Runes, palm reading, crystal ball.

Characters with this aptitude:


9. Audient-Vision – The Networker

As a clairaudient, they can hear the truth of what’s going to happen in a person’s future, or can hear the myths that will lead a group forward. They love to seek out new worlds and possibilities, often networking people who will need to work together. Used in disempowering ways, they can network people who will create destruction through their union, or they will break apart a healthy network. People in this role often end up in as a lobbyist, a broker of deals, or being head of an association .

Characters with this aptitude:

Lorena Indicum

Michael Indicum

10. Sentient-Vision – The Social Activist

As a clairsentient, they can feel the truth of what’s going to happen in a person’s future, or in a group consciousness. Those with this aptitude often advocate for the social wellbeing of people and groups. Used in a disempowering ways, they can create dissatisfaction in people by pointing out how much better life could be in the future. People in this role often end up as a an addictions counsellor, social activist, advocate for vulnerable people, or as a political or military leader liberating others from tyranny.

Characters with this aptitude:



6. Tangent-Action – The Warrior

As a clairtangent, they use touch to know present information about a person or object, allowing them to change people and objects physically using their minds. They can also teleport, shapeshift, transfigure, bi-locate, move things with their minds, and astral project their physical form. Used in an empowering way they can uplift the frequency of physical objects and bodies in service to present moment awareness.  They can also physically harm others with their minds. Many people with this aptitude take on the role of Protector, or join the military or do professional sports.

Characters with this aptitude:




12. Ecrivent-Action – The Resource Builder

They create code to manifest resources, such as money on the surface or replicator outputs in Helio Tropez. They download ideograms to reveal what’s present in the here and now for self, others and Earth. Used in a disempowering way they can block resources for others or for the Earth. People with this aptitude often end up as technology programmers, financial experts, wealth builders, and creators of medicines.

Characters with this aptitude:


13. Voyent-Action – The Eagle Eye

As a clairvoyant, they see deeply into the present moment. People with this aptitude tend to have a photographic memory, and can predict what actions a person is going to take in the moment. Used in an empowering way they can activate visual symbols in people’s minds that inspire soul growth.  But, they can also easily deflate themselves and others by triggering images that stunt growth or even kill them. Many SANA Eagles, pilots and financial investors have this aptitude.

Characters with this aptitude:

Hadden Violetta

Leo Burres

14. Audient-Action – The Musician

As a clairaudient, they make sounds and music that transport people. They can hear people’s true intentions in the moment, and the greatest longings of an entire group, then reflect that back to them through the language of music. Used in an empowering way they can heal through sound.  But, they can also easily harm a person or group through dissonant sound. Many musicians and Exo-Communicators have this aptitude.

Characters with this aptitude:

Hadden Violetta

Leo Burres

15. Sentient-Action – The Artist

Their clairsentience allows them to reflect back the emotional states of others through artistry. Used in an empowering way they can help people see and accept their emotional nature, allowing them to use the power of emotions to transform.  Used in a disempowering way they can use artistry of embed people in limiting stories about themselves and life. People with this aptitude are often involved in the performing arts such as dance, theatre, magic, circus, puppetry, or multi-media presentations. Alternatively, they may be in a healer using the arts such as an art therapist, drama therapist or music therapist.

Characters with this aptitude:




16. Tangent-Reprogram – The Shapeshifter

Their clairtangence allows them to use touch to reprogram the timeline of a person or object. They can change physical form or change the physical form of another person or object. Used in an empowering way they can uplift the frequency of physical objects and bodies in service to a better timeline.  Used in a disempowering way, they can reprogram the physicality of a person or object so they are enslaved to their agenda. Many people with this aptitude are politicians, or technicians in the healing professions, in arts or sciences.

Characters with this aptitude:

Rand Violetta

Lloyd Burres

17. Ecrivent-Reprogram – The Mind Coder

They use mind code to reprogram the timeline of a person, object or the Earth. Used in an empowering way they can create better mental health by reprogramming a better timeline for a person, object or Earth LeyLines  Used in a disempowering way, they can reprogram mind codes in a way that enslaves them. Many people with this aptitude are LeyLine experts, technology coders or inventors of new technologies.

Characters with this aptitude:


18. Voyent-Reprogram – The Magician

They use visuals to reprogram the timeline of a person, object or the Earth. Used in an empowering way they can reprogram a better timeline for a person by creating appearances that protect and uplift. Used in a disempowering way, they trick people through false appearances into a control agenda. Many people with this aptitude are designers. They might create camouflage protection for a person, place or thing. Many are in the entertainment industry as a magician, model, MC or actor. Many are master sales people. They sell a song, a piece of clothing, or a story.

Characters with this aptitude:


Josephine Carbona

19. Audient-Reprogram – The Storyteller

They use sounds and words to reprogram the timeline of a person, object or the Earth. Used in an empowering way they can reprogram a better timeline for a person by creating patterns of words or sounds. Used in a disempowering way, they trick people through music, sounds or words that control them. Many people with this aptitude are speakers, storytellers, musicians, sound technicians, speech pathologists, radio hosts, interpreters or politicians.

Characters with this aptitude:

Trace Violetta

20. Sentient-Reprogram – The Emotional Engineer

They use emotions to reprogram the timeline of a person, object or the Earth. Used in an empowering way they can reprogram a better timeline for a person by creating inspiring emotions that fuel their growth. They help engineer a deep emotional reconfiguration in a person or group. The dark side of this aptitude is emotional manipulation of people or groups. Many people with this aptitude are CEOs, politicians, human resources managers, coaches, consultants, mediators or educators.

Characters with this aptitude:


21. Tangent-Attention – The Revolutionary

Their clairtangence allows them to use touch to help others ascend. They physically upgrade a person or object to operate in a higher dimension or density. Used in an empowering way they can uplift the frequency of physical objects and bodies in service to ascension.  Used in a disempowering way, they can physically downgrade a person or object to operate in a lower frequency. Many people with this aptitude are consultants, mentors, spiritual guides or genetic engineers.

Characters with this aptitude:


22. Ecrivent-Attention – The Spellcaster

They use mind code to help others ascend. Used in an empowering way they can present information in a way that breaks them free of mind control. Used in a disempowering way, they can cast spells in service to another’s agenda. Many people with this aptitude are investigative journalists, sales people, marketing strategists, hypnotherapists or company leaders.

Characters with this aptitude:




23. Voyent-Attention – The Sheilder

They use visuals to help others ascend. Used in an empowering way they can create camouflage and protection as people evolve from one density level to another. Used in a disempowering way, they can trick people into devolving. Many people with this aptitude are in security, police, military, engineering or architecture.

Characters with this aptitude:




24. Audient-Attention – The Lover

They use sounds and words to help others ascend. Usually they emit great passion and devotion which inspires that in return from others. Used in an empowering way they can use sound healing to evolve people from one density level to another. Used in a disempowering way, they can trick people into devolving through sound. Many people with this aptitude are in security, police, military, engineering or architecture.

Characters with this aptitude:


JJ Redus

25. Sentient-Attention – The Inspirator

Their top learning style is through emotions. As a clairsentient, they emotionally inspire others with their true potential. They’re very emotionally sensitive to others. They help people envision a positive emotional state that can compel them towards good outcomes. The shadow side of this aptitude is that they can easily take on other people’s emotional states and can undermine themselves and others by activating dark emotions that stunt growth, in particular they can get stuck in passive-aggressive behaviours. Many a great motivational leader or shadow guru has this aptitude.”

Characters with this aptitude:

  • Tia of Zuris
  • Andrea Carbona
  • Malinah

Glossary of Terms 

Here is a List of Terms Used in HelioTropez

In Alphabetical Order

Abracadabra Orb: 

A divination and manifestation tool used to translocate matter from one dimension to another and to heal. Most surface humans think of this word as an incantation that magicians use in stage magic tricks. However it helps a person use universal laws to create what they need. Knowledge of the Orb was hidden from surface humans. It’s a form of mind code that works when the letters form around a clock face put in a specific numerical way. The first letter “A” starts at the 7 o’clock position which also corresponds to July. The 11 letters go around to the final “A” at the 5 o clock position, which corresponds to the month of May. The 6 o’clock is open at the bottom, with no letter, but it corresponds to the month of June. Each letter represents a number and a musical tone that has specific significance.  The numbers correspond to the Runic alphabet, an early Germanic alphabet that used 24 symbols or letters, versus the Latin based 26 letters. When used with certain incantations, in alignment with the month and time, you can use it to move matter from the unmanifest to the manifest realms and to move between dimensions.  Working with the Abracadabra Orb requires a particular skill, training and aptitude. Annika has a special gift for using it, as do most people who are dominant in the aptitude of Audient-Reprogram. 


The home planet of the Progenitors and the origin planet of the inhabitants of Helio Tropez. Near the Bootes star system. They sent a group of researchers out approximately 25,000 years ago to earth to do a genetic experiment.


Humans and other beings in the galaxy are designed to evolve through various densities until they reach Ascension and regroup with their Monad Self. Being in a lower density brings  you farther away from SANA, and being in a higher density brings you closer to SANA. For example, on the surface of the earth most people are in 3rd Density, whereas most people in Inner Earth are in 4th Density.  Souls move through 12 Densities to get back to SANA or wholeness.  Each time you rise from a lower density to a higher one, it’s referred to as Ascension, or one step more on the evolution process. It’s also possible to Descend through the densities, which some people do by conscious choice, or they get thrown back because of bad choices.  As surface humans move from 3D to 5D, the go from Homo Sapien to Homo Luminous.  As a Homo Luminous a person has more of a “light” body, less dense, greater psionic abilities, remembrance of all their past lives and galactic family connections. This is not a perfect realm, however. Problems still exist. It is like the difference between high school and university. You have challenges to overcome, but by comparison you are a free adult able to make your own decisions, and the level of learning is more advanced and by choice rather than dictated to you. A certain percentage will not graduate from 3rd dimensional earth, and they will need to repeat their lessons. And then some won’t graduate at all and will dropout of the “soul growth game” and get recycled.

Cataclysm CM Program

This CM program is designed to get the human collective worried about a horrific ending to humankind. In that say, SIM gets people to mastermind their own suffering and enslavement. Through news and entertainment, SIM gets people imaginations wrapped up in images of violence War, Terrorism, Pestilence, and other cataclysm scenarios, to keep humans in a perpetual state of fear. This makes them more easily controlled. Once free of this program, humans live in a state of harmony, relaxation, security and peace. This is their natural state. A society in constant fear is a sign it’s enslaved to a parasitical entity like SIM, and is not normal. 

Cognitive Modification or CM

Cognitive Modification is a process used by SIM agents to control individuals and whole populations. They use it on individuals to get them to carry out their tasks, and might combine electro-shock, sensory deprivation, isolation, technology, drugs, torture, auto suggestion, and hypnosis among others. In the masses it’s done through technology, media, food, water, and the education system. It’s designed to control a person’s mind unbeknownst to them consciously. This is to keep humans enslaved to their agenda. SIM wants to heighten “brokenness”, to break people’s hearts away from their minds. As such, they ensure the media is filled with depressing stories about how poorly humans are doing, how bad the economy is getting, how brutal people are being to each other, how backward they are, how bad the environment is, how powerless they are to do anything about it. Those are examples of Cognitive Modification at the level of the whole population. SIM specifically modifies certain individuals from certain bloodlines at deeper levels to do their bidding, such as the ruling elite, heads of corporations, spiritual gurus, religious leaders, military, politicians, gifted scientists, artists, psychics and celebrities. Anyone who has power over larger groups of people gets given specific CM to ensure the masses stay controlled by SIM.  There are a variety of Cognitive Modification or CM software programs loaded into the minds of the general surface population by SIM. The purpose is to block ascension. See other entries here for more detail.

CM Removal

There are a series of invocations and frequencies they use in Heliotropos that can delete CM programs. It's similar to finding malware on a computer, deleting it, and ensuring it can't be reinstated. A person can learn to do it themselves, or with the help of consciousness technology in the Healing Bays.  Another way is to call upon higher density beings to help with the process.

Consciousness Technology  

Consciousness technology is a tool that helps extend a human’s capacities by enhancing what’s already within them, such as the amethyst installed behind the left ear, a MindStory or an oath. It’s organic, soul based and connected to SANA. Much of the technology on the surface is inorganic, based on artificial intelligence, SIM based. It’s designed to get people addicted to it, so they give over their life force energy to the hive mind of SIM.

Densities Versus Dimensions

Density refers to shifts in consciousness frequency, such as 3rd density on the surface of the Earth, and 4th density in Helio Tropez. They are called 3D and 4D respectively. The five dimensions, on the other hand, refer to length, width, depth, time, space and relate to the TEVAS-AVARA aptitudes:

  • 1st dimension is HEIGHT or the PAST 
  • 2nd dimension is DEPTH or the FUTURE
  • 3rd  dimension is LENGTH or the PRESENT
  • 4th  dimension is TIME or SYNCHRONICITY
  • 5th  dimension is SPACE or ASCENSION 

When surface humans ascend organically they go from 3D to 5D and inner earth humans ascend from 4D to 6D. SIM hijacked the process for surface humans a few thousand years ago and so it’s now referred to as inverted 3D. This cuts them off from having control over the 4th dimension of time.  Each surface human is an aspect of someone in a genetic farmer group like Helio Tropez. The higher the level, the vibrational frequency is more refined and complex. It’s like moving from kindergarten to elementary school to high school to university. Each density has its own main lesson to learn. 1D includes the four elements of earth, air, fire, water, but they have no local focus. 2D is like the mass consciousness that you get in the animal kingdom. They don't have individuation where they think of themselves as a separate being. 3D consciousness is where there’s a sense of individuation and the two lessons are to move from service to self or service to others and to move from naivity to wise discernment.


SIM and it’s agents use disinformation, misinformation and CM to stop surface humans from ascending. For example, individuals breaking free might get infiltrated by operatives who build trust and then lead them astray. In groups, they might try a divide and conquer tactic by sending in an operative to try to get people fighting amongst themselves.


The Ego on the surface of Earth is a SIM program designed to override the organic soul matrix of an individual. In an organic being it’s the automatic pilot for certain functions such as the sense of preservation, administrative tasks and basic instinctual responses. The ego should be in service to the soul and to the goals of the higher self. SIM , however, created an artificial ego in surface humans that invert this relationship, so that the soul becomes a slave to the ego. They do this because SIM can only control a human ego, but not a sovereign soul.

Electro-Magnetic Universe

Everything in the Universe is electro-magnetic in nature. Yet on the surface, SIM overbalances the electric.  Our right side is “electric” and works as a transmitter, which is the active force principle of the male gender.  Our left side is “magnetic” and works as a receiver, which is the passive force principle of the female gender. On the surface you need to pay for energy like electiricty. It’s a scarce resource. Heliotropans have access to free energy because they include the feminine principle of magnetism. It’s eternal because there's no beginning and no end. Electricity by itself is simply an oscillating wave that just goes around and around and so cannot evolve and grow. On the other hand, magnetism continually evolves and so the energy is never ending. Together they create what appears to be magic to surface humans.

Entrances to Inner Earth

There are several hidden entrances to inner earth, such as the north and south poles, as well as hundreds of other areas such as Mt. Shasta, Mt. Rainier, Mt Adams, Mt. Epemeo, The Great Lakes, Tibet, The Gobi Desert, etc. Regular people cannot get in due to advanced protection and camouflaging. Many governments know about inner earth and try to keep it hidden from surface humans. Closer to the surface are several subterranean bases both on land and under the ocean which are used for military purpose or scientific purposes by surface humans, inner earth humans and extraterrestrials (both malevolent and benevolent). Some are the size of small cities, some are just smaller bases.  Helio Tropez and several other inner earth groups are a kind of halfway house between 3D life on the surface, and the 5D life that surface humans move to after ascension. They operate as bases for research, training, and monitoring of the Evolution process.


The earth, or the third planet from the sun, is a Magite known as Gaia-Sofia. Magites are stars and planets that are sentient beings. All sentient beings who live on Earth are part of her cell structure. She has become sick, as the SIM virus is taking over to the point where her very existence is at risk. Pentada, and others like them, act like white blood cells to rid her body of the virus. This in turn helps the whole body regain health. The Magite Guides have written Gaia-Sofia off as irredeemable, but certain genetic farmers like those from Anatol and Helio Tropez believe she can evolve to the next level of maturity.

Galactic Records

The Galactic Records are a constant ‘soul meter’ running and there is no way to fool this measuring device. The only ones who can read it are higher dimensional beings like The Magites or Progenitors. Once you get close to graduation to ascend, you can access your The Galactic Records. It’s like a report card for how you’ve been doing so far. It tells you how well you're playing the game, which lives you’ve lived, which soul lessons you still need to learn, who your guides are, and what your true purpose in the galaxy is.

Game Revelation

At a certain point in a soul’s journey of maturation they discover that the world they thought was their reality is actually a game. This is called Game Revelation. They wake up and realize they are part of a multi-dimensional universe on a journey from SANA to SIM and back. Once they have learned their lessons, and passed their exams, they join the real world again. They see others in their galactic family, who are living on the earth, in other densities and dimensions such as inner earth and outer space. They start telepathically talking to extra-terrestrials or inter-dimensional beings. They see, feel and hear things that 3rd dimensional people can’t.  It’s tempting for them to want to wake others up, too, as this revelation occurs. But it’s important for them to keep their secret to themselves and to just share it with those who are ready. That said, some graduating players ARE given a mission to act as teaching assistants for others who are just beginning to wake up, but it has to be done in the right way since this path is fraught with push back from the SIM. The SIM push back in three ways when souls start to wake up…they kill you of, they try to reprogram you, or create ridicule campaigns and disenfranchise you with your peers. As a result, souls that are waking up need to develop physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and psychic protection, which is part of the game curriculum.

Gender Misery CM Program

The Gender Misery CM program is designed to create disharmony between genders and between the inner masculine and inner feminine. Since hierogamic union is the engine of evolution, SIM tries to block that by turning men and women against each other. Sexual energy is creative life force energy. The higher the vibration, the more evolved a person becomes, and the lower the vibration the more devolved the person becomes. Therefore, SIM distorts and manipulates the sexual energies to block evolution and to steal life force energy. For example, SIM tries to get people addicted to sex and to being predatory because SIM feeds off SANA based souls. But they can only feed on a person’s life force energy if they lower the person’s vibrational frequency first. If a person can become free of the Gender Misery program, they get to finally retain their creative life force energy, have sovereignty over their bodies and mind, and gain harmony between the masculine and feminine which is necessary for evolution.

Genetic Farmer Races

Heliotropans are a genetic farmer race from the planet Anatol.  The surface of Earth is a laboratory of sorts. There are many genetic farmer races operating in inner earth. Some of them help each other, and some of them compete against each other. Each surface human is an aspect of someone in a genetic farmer group. In Helio Tropez they came to see if they could merge certain disparate DNA strands to help higher density consciousness operate in lower density realms. To do that, those running the experiment need to be one rung higher on the density ladder, as in 3D and 4D. As they ascend, they bring the lower rungs with them, so each evolution skips a step. The evolution of higher density beings cannot happen unless they help lower density beings. The Quinary Mission came to the surface to take back control of the experiment, because they got lost in SIM. There is a certain genetic marker that they track. All the genetic farmer races tried to set up their race in a separate geographic region on the surface. If they encountered humans from other experiments, they installed programs in their subjects, to not interbreed. The ascension event marks the end of the experiment. All genetic farmers on Earth lose their license to farm in that region.

Hall of Records

The Hall of Records building covers 5 square miles of terrain in Helio Tropez. It has vast storage vaults containing information. The records are all stored on crystal slides that are viewed through crystal projectors. They contain the entire true history of humankind and other sentient beings in our galaxy. Milanah is the main librarian and is the Guardian of the Earth’s records along with all records within this Solar System. The Hall of Records in Helio Tropez is connected to the Hall of Records on the home planet of Antatol.

Healing Methods in Helio Tropez

In their Healing Bays they use a plasma based technology that uses dominant harmonic frequency resonance. It works on the principle that if you have a perfect image of a cell and project it over a damaged cell, the damage cell wants to conform to the perfect image. The technology doesn’t heal the person, it just jumpstarts the body to heal itself. The technology gives instructions on doing it perfectly, as opposed to imperfectly. On the surface without this technology, bodies heal imperfectly and that is why you get scars or bones don't align properly after breakage. This consciousness-based technology goes through the genetic blueprint in the auric field  to map the perfection of each cell. Then, it creates a scan and overlays that perfect cell scan on any damaged cells. That way the body realigns to optimum state. That’s also how they rejuvenate an older person to become young again.

Helio Tropez

Helio Tropez is an inner earth city that’s in service to SANA [their version of God or The Great Creator] for thousands of years. They are genetic farmers who set up the outpost called Helio Tropez in subterranean earth underneath Mount Rainier. They are connected to the rest of inner earth by the Agartha network through a bullet train system.  They sent volunteers to go undercover as surface dwellers to help end the control of SIM so they could bring as many as possible back to wholeness or SANA before the ascension event.

Hierogamic Union

In 4D and below, people live in a dualistic universe. The interaction of opposites is what creates movement and evolution such as winter-summer, night-day, male-female. Not only do humans create new life through sexual union, but they also grow spiritually that way. In Helio Tropez people are encouraged to find Activation mates and ultimately one SANA mate to help them evolve. The difference between an Activation Mate and a SANA Mate is that an Activation Mate may have a powerful chemistry that will help you grow spiritually, but they don’t help humanity grow. As such you may have several Activation Mates that can be romantic or friendship in nature. In contrast, you only have one SANA Mate. It’s a primary union between old souls who have attained great insight through many lifetimes together. An Activation mate is there for your inner growth and, once the lesson is learned, the relationship often ends. A SANA mate, on the other hand, is to provide value to the world. Once a SANA mate relationship is in play, it’s almost impossible to end it or break it because you are brought together by divine purpose. Therefore, you only tend to meet your SANA once you’ve done enough of your inner work. Once that SANA mate union is consummated, you can begin to form the Hierogamic union within yourself which activates ascension for yourself and others around you. The sexual union with a SANA mate helps build aptitudes from Topaz to Emerald to Amethyst. Harmony between the right kind of masculine and feminine union, is therefore very important as it helps evolution personally and collectively. Same sex partners cannot form a Hierogamic Union together due to the fact that the microcosmic orbit runs in the same way. They need it to be opposite. They can ascend if they’ve reached androgynous/hermaphroditic inner union already. Alternatively, they can create a non-sexual bond with the opposite gender to help with ascension.

Higher Self

The highest aspect of a spirit/soul complex that is held within a specific physical body. It is the highest mode of development a person reaches before reconnecting to the monadic self. It can time travel to any point in the timeline and understands the purpose of this particular life. It’s goal is to guide the lower self along their journey within the bounds of Universal Laws. A person can all out to their Higher Self as an intermediary between the soul and SANA. People who work within the Universal Laws must ask a person’s Higher Self before doing any kind of action that would change them, for example re-writing mind code or creating agreements.

Idolization CM Program

This CM program makes humans want to idolize, worship, and subjugate themselves to false prophets. It's where they see themselves as less than and therefore give up their freedom and sovereignty. They allow themselves to be a doormat to somehow, one day receive salvation, which never comes. Once free of this program, people treat leaders and mentors with respect but don't subjugate their own needs and sovereignty in the process.

Inferiority-Superiority CM Program

This CM program is designed to get humans putting themselves in hierarchical orders where some people are inferior and some people are superior. SIM uses race wars, class wars, geographical warns, political wars or whatever they can to divide people. This is divide and conquer technique keeps the human collective from working together in harmony, because that is what is required for evolution and ascension. 

Inner Earth

Contrary to what people on the surface are taught, the core of the earth is part hollow and part honeycomb. Closer to the crust it is honeycombed with many sizes of caves, some of which are the size of large cities. There is fresh air, fresh water, plant life…very habitable. Many different types of people, reptoid and other kinds of species live in the honeycomb earth in cities and smaller communities. There are many kinds of creatures such as elves, dwarves, etc. There are also raptors and other species from the dinosaur era that were brought down to inner earth during one of the cataclysms. Then in the center of the earth is a molten core that acts as a kind of central sun that never sets—a smoky sun. In this vast hollow region holds several continents and oceans. There are mountains, rivers, trees, animals of all kinds just like on the surface. There are also several cities that are connected by a kind of bullet train. These cities are part of a Network and some are advanced humans. Some are refuges from lost civilizations such as Hyperborea, Atlantis and Lemuria. They like to keep themselves hidden from surface humans because they are genetic farmers. Some keep separate because they are non-aggressive and like to live in harmony. They find surface humans to be far too immature and aggressive, so protect themselves in various ways from being found out. However, if a surface dweller has reached a certain level of development they may work with that person and let them enter.


Animal companions to the inner earth humans of Helio Tropez. They give a person access to Earth-based wisdom. Jenios operate in the 2nd density world and bring back important information that humans in higher density worlds don’t notice as well. For example, changes in weather, ley line frequencies and earth vortexes. They sense into the safety and emotional nature of a situation at a more in depth level to humans.  Humans communicate with them telepathically. Usually, a person meets their Jenio by the age of puberty.  Some Heliotropans from the surface meet them as adults. When any Heliotropan goes to the surface they cannot bring their Jenio with them, as it’s not safe. If SIM gets access to a person’s Jenio they can control them at the soul level far more easily.  Unlike pets on the surface, Jenios take care of their own creature needs. They often leave the city for long periods of time to be in the forest. Although they don’t eat like normal animals. They live on the eternal energy of chi, or the life force energy of the earth. They just know when their human needs them and so show up at the right time.

Law of Fair Warning

SIM cannot manipulate humans without their conscious or subconscious consent. The Law of Fair Warning means they must get humans to agree to be enslaved. For example, SIM uses metaphor, stories and symbols which speak to the subconscious versus the conscious mind, such as on TV, in movies, fiction, or through symbols in art or in company logos. Most people are not aware of how they get manipulated subconsciously, so just pass it off as harmless entertainment.

Law of Karma

The Law of Karma governs the virtual reality on the surface of Earth. You reap what you sow, in this life or another. However, SIM has rigged the system so that surface humans take on their bad Karma. Surface humans get stuck in the Wheel of Karma repeating the same mistakes life after life.


All planets, stars and Celestial bodies are beings known as Magites. They are sentiment beings with personalities. The earth is a Magite called Gaia-Sofia. She is participating in the experience  at a macro level, and earth humans re participating at the microcosmic level.  Magites start the experiment in many parts of the galaxy. Sometimes the game works well, and sometimes it goes awry. Earth (Gaia-Sofia) is one of those places it’s gone awry. Due to a variety of issues, such as SIM getting out of control. Too few humans are learning their lessons, too many sentient beings have broken the rules and so chaos reigns. Ascension or the graduation process needed to happen a long time ago. The Magite Guides working through the Progenitors, have come back to help Gaia-sofia because she is so sick and out of balance and so many humans have forgotten they are in a game.

Matrix Language

This is the language of the universe and is a combination of words, movements, gestures and telepathy. SIM don’t want people to know how to speak this language because it unifies human consciousness and reconnects them to their galactic family. That’s why separate languages were created around the world. It’s another method for divide and conquer. SIM created a variety of simplistic languages so that people would create abstractions instead of have a “felt” experience of life. They also dialed down on people’s telepathic abilities so that they could no longer tap into the unified consciousness. By having to use a language like English or Japanese or Russian, they can better cognitively control people.

MindStory Code

This is a map of how a body-soul system evolves. Every 10,000 to 25,000 years or so the code upgrades to help humans evolve. It’s in story form as that is how the mind organizes how it views the world. Part of the process of evolution is to identify the stories that you’re living by and then choose which to keep and which to discard. Many of the stories were fed to people subconsciously. They evolve to the point of learning how to be the story creator, instead of just the consumer. If you tell a different story, you create a new timeline for your life which ultimately affects not only your personal life but humanity’s future. The latest MindStory Code integrates the duality of 3D and 4D and fuses it into one double helix forming a new trinity of understanding, where SIM and SANA merge to create a new possibility in 5D and 6D.

Mirror Realities

Any realm can create mirror realities in different densities. For example, there is a 3rd density Earth, and a 5th density mirror Earth. In fifth density they operate within the tri-wave form rather than the bi-wave, meaning beyond the polarities of good and bad.

Monadic Self

The reuniting of a group of spirit/soul complexes that experience lives simultaneously in the multi-verse. Sometimes there are many members of a monadic self living in the same timeline on Earth, but some are living on other planets, or other dimensions or in other timelines. Once a soul/spirit complex ascends through all the levels, they rejoin as the Avatar self. Each Avatar has 12 monads. Each surface human, therefore, is just one of 12 spirit/soul complexes operating and working its way back to the monad. What affects one monad can affect the other 11. If one monad achieves ascension he or she paves the way for the rest of them to make it.

Monetary System

Like most advanced civilizations in the galaxy, there is no monetary system in 4D Helio Tropez and beyond. A monetary system based on usury, interest based banking, is a sign that a civilization is enslaved to a parasitical entity like SIM. Once a soul is getting closer to SANA, everything is given freely to everyone, because they know all beings are connected. To hoard money and let others starve and suffer means they suffer, too.

Money Slave CM Program

All enslaved planets use a money and debt system for barter controlled by one main source, like SIM. All usury banking is designed to enslave a population. It creates the illusion that there are limitations in funds and resources, which sends people on a hamster wheel of just trying to survive. Another way it's used is to feed SIM is to trick people into selling their soul for wealth, fame, power. Once free of this program, resources, goals and needs are freely given. There is no homelessness, poverty, wealth hoarding, hunger, crime, legal system, because people have what they need and don't feel like they have to hurt others to get their needs met. This is a natural way of being in higher density realms and in almost all advanced civilizations. The way of life on Earth is an aberration of the natural laws of the universe.


Myth expert, Joseph Campbell, invented the term The Monomyth. From the point of view of The Progenitors, it points to the game that all sentient beings play in order to evolve. At its root structure it’s the same journey all through 3D earth. Stories told in this structure are powerful ways to affect the mind, for good or bad. Part of the game is to identify the stories that you’re living by, many of which have been fed to you subconsciously, and then choose which to keep and which to discard. You can then tell a different story and create a new timeline for your life and for humanity’s future. This becomes apparent as the Task Force uncovers the emerging MindStory Code for humanity.


A group of five souls who usually incarnate as females within the same family lineage. Their soul matrix is programmed with anchoring abilities to help souls ascend from one density level to another.

Potentiality Card

This card is a record of the potential of a soul and is connected to their Galactic Record.  Family members and guides can look at the Potentiality Card of a baby for example to see what role they might gravitate towards in life, who their SANA mate is, what obstacles might pull them off their path, and what strengths they need to develop.

Precession of the Equinoxes

3D earth is reaching a point in the galactic cycle whereby a large number of souls are again ready for graduation. Last time this cycle happened was about 25,000 years ago. Evolution happens through interconnectedness of human consciousness working together. 3D humans and their 4D helpers are approaching final exam. That’s when the life lessons get more intense. They must break free of CM individually and collectively in order to evolve and ascend to the next dimensional levels.

Professions and careers in Helio Tropez

Parents know a child's true life purpose in the womb, and they are nurtured in that role right from day one, therefore no one is forced into a career that is wrong for them. People live up to 1000 years old, so they explore many roles and careers throughout their lives.


The Progenitors are the managers of a genetic experiment within a virtual reality realm that Heliotropans and their surface humans are part of. They live on the planet Anatol in a city on the ocean floor known as Telmores. They had to leave the surface after the last cataclysm on Anatol.

Psonic Weaponry

Occasionally groups like Quinary will use their psionic abilities to conquer an enemy like a SIM Agent. Each person has a more dominant TEVAS-AVARA aptitude that includes certain kinds of psionic powers that they can use in constructive or destructive ways, ideally driven by a good moral compass. They might plant ideas, give a brain shock, or physically harm an enemy. However, there is an energy price to pay, it's tiring and causes headaches. There is sometimes a karmic price to pay if they used their power in an immoral way that went against Universal Laws. Psionic energy is a combination of reading Galactic records and harnessing electromagnetic energy. SIM installed the ridicule program in the surface population to anyone who tries to use or even show interest in exploring their natural psionic abilities.  There are three ways that Heliotropans protect themselves from SIM and SIM agents. 1) Psionic abilities. 2) Shielding 3) Raise their energetic immune system so that it fights off any predator.

Orphan CM Program

This CM program makes humans feel lost and alone, motherless or fatherless or both.

Reincarnation– Organic and Inorganic

Normally souls reincarnate on a natural, organic path of evolution until they reach evolution. SIM, a virus in the galaxy sometimes takes over a Magite’s body like Earth [Gaia-Sophia] and it gets sick. How it manifests on Earth is that it creates inorganic reincarnation. For example, when a human dies, they get tricked into going “towards the light”. They sit before a fake Council of Elders who usually tell them that they've been bad and need to reincarnate again, and suffer all over again for their bad karmic deeds. In truth, SIM, are bypassing Universal Laws and transferring their bad karma onto innocent humans. Once humans wake up, and reunite their consciousness, they can end the wheel of karma and ascend. When that happens the bad karma gets transferred back to its true owner.

Removing CM

Just as one is aware when they have the flu, so being infected by SIM can be self-diagnosed. They can correct this imbalanced state via meditation, introspection, diet, exercise, good sleep, good thoughts and following universal laws. Also, there are a series of invocations and consciousness technology that help Heliotropans delete these programs. It's like going into a laptop and finding the programs, deleting them, then erecting a firewall to ensure they can't be reinstated.

Reincarnation Explained – Organic and Inorganic

Normally souls reincarnate on a natural, organic path of evolution until they reach evolution. This is like playing out a simulation until you hit certain skill level. SIM, a virus in the galactic system, sometimes gets out of balance. How it manifests on Earth/Gaia is that it manipulates the natural path of reincarnation. When a human dies, they get tricked into going “towards the light”. They sit before a fake Council of Elders who usually tell them that they've been bad and need to reincarnate again, and suffer all over again for their bad deeds. In truth, SIM, are transferring their bad karma onto innocent surface humans. Once humans wake up, and reunite their consciousness, they will see the cycle of endless reincarnation and karmic suffering that they've been sucked into. They can break free and then ascend, meanwhile the bad karma will be transferred back to its true owner.

Ridicule CM Program

This program is designed to make people ridicule anything related to the paranormal, psychic abilities, magic, extraterrestrials, past lives, or metaphysics. In other words, anything related to a human’s natural abilities, so that they don’t have the necessary skills to evolve. Once humans mature they remember their connections with their galactic family and their natural skills. They also are aware that they have had many lives, on many dimensions, on many planets. Several  surface humans who have gained access to these natural skills and true human history, are often reprogrammed, killed or ridiculed.

Sanastas and Sanastos

Sanastas are women who wear blue gowns and use all their creative energy in partnership with SANA, to grow the collective spirituality of their society. They don’t take on a mate or have children. Sanastros are the male version of Sanastas.


Sanity, wholeness, aliveness, connected to source, neutrality and unity. The definition of Source is the one divine thinking process that provides opportunities for beings to develop. Source allows its creation to go where it wants. Only on certain occasions are things reigned in, such as where one species might completely annihilate all others. SANA created these beings to have free will, as that’s part of what makes the game work. SANA started a virtual reality game on several planets, including Earth. The game starts by going into a series of dualities such as dark and light, fear and love, free will and allegiance. By going from SANA to SIM  and back to SANA that helps souls get creative and grow.


Short for Simulated Reality. SIM is a multi-dimensional entity that was tasked by SANA (the Great Creator, or Oneness) to create a Simulated Reality where souls could go to experiment and learn. Many players forgot they were playing a game and thought this was their only reality. They therefore bonded their souls to the SIM and and unwittingly renounced their true origins. The game makers (SANA) announced they were going to terminate the game as too many players had become addicted to it. The SIM was now an entity upon itself having taken on the life force energy of the lost players, and so is now a force to be reckoned with against SANA. It is trying to avoid termination. The SIM is a kind of hive mind artificial intelligence that can only survive by being a parasite of source-based, organic beings with souls. SIM now infiltrates non-organic and organic entities alike. For example, the SIM can infiltrate computer systems or people. But they can only infiltrate organic beings with the permission of the host, so they look for loopholes. They find planets of people who are easy to manipulate, who have forgotten they are all part of one great unity known as SANA. They are still maturing and therefore more easy to take advantage of. SIM  has figured out how to trick organic beings, like humans, into giving permission subconsciously and relinquishing their sovereignty through mind control. Their endgame is to turn humans into full SIM slaves (right now humans are only partly enslaved). As soon as a human wakes up and takes back control of their body-mind system, they can remove the SIM infestation and create a firewall. In fact, as soon as humans ascend into 5D or 6D, SIM is no longer part of the game.

SANA vs SIM                       

Whole versus corrupted. Sane versus Insane. The fight between good and evil. SANA or “wholeness” is the equivalent of unity consciousness, organic connection to source, heart based, soul based, and the unified mind of human consciousness.  SIM  or “Brokenness” is the equivalent of splintered consciousness in humanity. It is hive mind disconnected from heart, disconnected from source, soulless aggression, wanting power “over” vs power “with”.

SIM Agents

Because SIM don’t have bodies, they try to infect souls with a weaker connection to source. Then, they create a hidden soul annex to do their bidding. SIM agents in human bodies end up in positions of power and influence in surface society. They are often humans with moral corruption or unresolved trauma. This way they more easily get tricked into enslaving their own kind in exchange for power. Eventually SIM agents wake-up to that fact they are being used. Some souls need that level of pain to turn back towards SANA again. Some will never learn and continue on the trajectory towards brokenness until they self-destruct. There are various families of SIM Agents who pull the strings behind the scenes. In many cases they are the soul annexes of the genetic farmers that created them, like the 4D humans in Helio Tropez.

Soul Annex

Many of the surface humans in the Heliotropan genetic experiment had superior qualities to others on the surface. This led SIM to target them throughout the ages for their powers. They used trauma to split their souls into dark and light. The dark souls are soul annexes of the original Heliotropan soul. Many became SIM agents. The only way to weaken the power of SIM is to re-integrate the soul annex.

Spirit versus Soul

The spirit is the non-physical aspect of a person that lives on after the body dies, the active, masculine, outward-moving principle of the spirit/soul complex. The soul is the non physical aspect of a person that lives on after the body dies. It’s the part that designs what a person will experience in this lifetime and in other lifetimes. It is the feminine, passive, inwardly creating principle of the spirit/soul complex.

Suffering CM Program

This CM program installs a belief that humans are born “bad” and must somehow redeem themselves through suffering in order to one day become “good”. Of course that day never comes, because there is always more to do. This belief often infiltrates groups that start out with benevolent intentions, by turning them into cults or dogmatic religions, where a certain leader is idolized, and where people feel they must climb the suffering ladder to be worthy enough. This keeps people from truly evolving, so they can stay slaves of SIM.


People in 4D and higher are more telepathically connected. Everyone knows everyone's thoughts, and so there is no lying. They can protect certain thoughts as private and omit information, but any outright lying is detected. This causes much more empathy and awareness. As such, there is no need for a legal system, police or prisons.


Everyone is born with one of 20 dominant aptitudes. If cultivated, this gives you a kind of superpower. Each aptitude is like an archetypal mind program operating in the monadic Mindstory that the person can use in empowering or disempowering ways, depending on their intention. They each have an archetypal name such as The Inspirator, The Eagle Eye, The Poet, the Magician. See more detail below.

There are four levels of mastery when it comes to your TEVAS-AVARA aptitude.

  1. Novice = you aren’t aware of your aptitude or you haven’t learned how to master it
  2. Topaz = you master your specific, dominant aptitude
  3. Emerald = you master a fifth of the aptitudes such as Sentient in all five of its nuances, or Reprogram in all five of its nuances.
  4. Amethyst = you’ve mastered all twenty-five aptitudes.

Time Travel

There are different ways of doing time travel. For example, when going traveling through space, you usually lose time. There is also Stargate technology that Heliotropans used when it is sanctioned by the Progenitors, such as when Hadden goes back to 1960. There are a group of Advanced Beings called Temporalia. They monitor and regulate time travel in the part of the galaxy that includes planets like Earth and Anatol. They have actual devices to do time travel repair missions.  People with the extrasensory abilities to time travel are banned from it until they understand all the different do's and don'ts. Some people, like Hadden did learn the do’s and don’ts but broke the rules out of the desperation of his situation. The Temporalia had to fix the problem. One rule in particular is that you should never make physical contact with another version of yourself in the past, present or future. When Hadden called upon his younger self to meet him in the future, it created a huge rip in the time space quantum. The Temporalia ended up having to collapse the two timelines together to fix the rip, otherwise the natural timeline would have disappeared. After reviewing the full situation, they allowed it to happen, because it ended up being an important lesson in evolution for those involved.

Universal Laws

Universal Laws are the rules of the various Virtual Reality Game created throughout the galaxy for beings to evolve. The purpose of the game is about going from SANA to SIM, exploring duality so that SANA could know itself better through the contrast. Once complete, the soul moves back again to SANA. Within the game there are laws so that the game doesn’t just fall into chaos. Young souls start out in SANA and then grow by moving towards SIM  (dualistic, broken, splintered consciousness). Middle aged souls are at the pinnacle of SIM. Old souls are moving back towards SANA or wholeness again. The journey of an older soul is to break free of SIM , forgive themselves and others for all acts of selfishness and negativity and integrate the learning so that SANA can be restored. It’s understood that all acts of extremes will be balanced and returned to harmony/unity/SANA once again eventually through these laws. They include such Laws as The Law of Karma, and The Law of Fair Warning, etc. 

Villain-Victim-Savoir CM Program

This CM program ensures there is a never-ending cycle of karma that people go through in various lives. They are seduced into villainous behavior, where they are self-serving and manipulate others in order to survive. Then they must pay for their bad behavior through being a victim of someone else in the same life or another. Then they are seduced into saving the victim through some kind of rebellion, which leads them to villainous behavior again. The ends justify the means, which puts them back in the karmic cycle again. Once free of this CM program, people rise above all three archetypal behaviors and never have to play that game again if they don’t want. They can instead ascend to higher densities and play more subtle and sophisticate games.

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