March 3

Ep. 11 – The 5 Stages of Gaia’s Ascension

What stage of ascension is Gaia in right now? What about humanity as a whole? And where are you personally in the process?

You may have heard the theory that Gaia, or the Earth, is moving from a low density “inverted” reality to a higher, more “enlightened” reality. As the Earth ascends, so does humanity. Here we’ll explore 5 stages of that ascension process using the analogy of a person leaving an abusive relationship and finding self-esteem again.

This theme of Gaia ascending is explored in the book Helio Tropez, where the planets and suns are considered sentient beings going through their own evolution process. The theme explores how Gaia has gone through a long era of great challenge, but now she is finally maturing into a more evolved state.


Topics Covered:


02:23  – Has Gaia Been in an Inverted Reality for a Very Long Time?

05:47 –  Stage 1  – Experiencing a Crack in the Veneer

08:00 –  Stage 2  – Getting Support

09:14 –  Stage 3 – Leaving the Relationship

11:14 –  Stage 4 – Healing from the Past

12:15 –  Stage 5 – Returning with the Elixir

14:15 –  Further Resources





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Hi, I’m Carla Rieger – so a popular topic these days with all the intense world changes is this idea of Gaia, or the earth going through an ascension process from a lower density to a higher density. This is also a theme within my novel, Helio Tropez. It’s the idea that not only is humanity ascending from a lower density to a higher density, the reason we are…is because the earth is doing the same thing and we are like the cells of her body helping the process happen.

The term Gaia comes from Greek mythology and is the personification of the earth. In Helio Tropez, the planets and suns are called Magites, or sentient beings going through all kinds of intense journeys and in relationship with each other…these other celestial orbs. The Magites or other celestial orbs say Gaia has had a rough time of it over the last few thousands of years having gone through an era of inversion. But now she’s grown, learned from the experience and is maturing into a more harmonious and balanced, or non-inverted form.

And, as I said, we are like the imaginel cells in the body of Gaia… Each going through our own individual ascension, but all in concert with the entire planet. So what everyone seems eager to discover is where are we in this process? That’s up for each person’s individual inner assessment, connecting to your own inner knowing. But I will share with you what I believe is going on, and then you can check and see if it resonates with you or not.

So, the idea is that this inverted period of time in history has meant we’ve lived in a kind of dystopia where there have been many wars, famine, poverty, conflict, pollution, corruption, disease, enslavement, injustice, misinformation, disinformation. A non-inverted period of time in history, or what you might called an evolved period would be the opposite: mostly harmony, prosperity, health of the individual, health of the planet, transparency, fairness, freedom, justice, truth.

Of course to suggest we are living in an inverted society might be a hard pill to swallow, and many people are not open to that possibility. So, each to his own. I’m not trying to convince anyone. But, all you need to do is look around and see that we ARE experiencing many of the aspects of inversion where the healthcare system creates disease, where the justice system creates injustice, where politicians don’t follow through on their promises, where often people are not free to share their point of view without censorship or worse in some countries. So I’m going to assume that your somewhat open-minded to the idea that we are living in an era of inversion. If you’re not, no problem…you don’t have to keep listening.

But if we are… And if we are hopefully at the end of it when we move from a lower density to a higher one… Then we could think of the whole planet of Gaia like a wife in a relationship with an abusive spouse. You may have experienced something like that yourself, or have known someone, so this might sound familiar… The five stages a person goes through. Now it doesn’t have to be an abusive relationship with a spouse, it could be a job where you feel abused by your boss, or in a family where you feel abused by a parent or a sibling, or it could even be a relationship with yourself. You know how some people are very self-critical, don’t take care of their bodies very well, make decisions that are disempower…that kind of thing. So chances are, we’ve all been in some kind of abusive relationship, in little or big ways. In fact, whenever I’m coaching someone who’s in an abusive relationship, we always have to start with the relationship with themselves. Once their self-esteem improves, they tend to naturally remove themselves from external abusive relationships.

So if there is some kind of force of inversion on the entire planet, and I know this is a stretch for some people, but it’s the idea that a negative force has infiltrated every aspect of society from education, the media, healthcare, politics, etc… Then let’s call that the abusive spouse in this analogy.

So is Gaia is like an abused wife trying to get out of bad relationship here are the typical 5 stages a person goes through when they are liberating themselves from that kind of oppression. Before any stages begin, of course, she’s unconscious or in denial that she is being abused. She’s almost in trance where she believes it’s a good marriage. Yet others around her wonder why she stays. They may or may not say anything to her about it, but it is concerning to some people.

Stage 1 – This is where the crack in the veneer begins. You know, it’s where Gaia starts to realize she is maybe abused. Perhaps a well-meaning friend has mention something in a diplomatic way, or she’s been injured and a healthcare provider gives her a phone number to call for a women’s shelter, but at this point she doesn’t listen, and doesn’t think there’s anything wrong, or doesn’t want to face the possibility that she’s made an unwise choice. The consequences of admitting she’s abused are too scary to look at. There’s just too much evidence pointing to the fact that she’s allowing herself to be treated in a way that is not empowering. This is a sign she’s developed a little bit of self-esteem. Because if you don’t have any self-esteem you might actually believe you deserve to be disempowered on a regular basis. So somehow the crack has allowed a little bit of light to get through. So maybe she explorers the women’s shelter, or listens to what the friend says, about how she got out of a relationship like that. It’s creating a lot of cognitive dissonance, which is very uncomfortable, but it is a necessary first stage as the veneer of the life she thought she was living starts to crumble. But at this stage she doesn’t say anything to her abusive spouse, she doesn’t have enough courage or confidence yet to do that. But she starting to look at him and his behavior with new eyes. So if you are awakened to the idea that we’ve been living in this inverted reality, you may have already gone through stage 1. That usually means your consciousness is on the rise, as Gaia rises her frequency, so too do the rest of us. Is just some people are a little more ahead of the pack than others. That doesn’t make them better, it just means they’ve wakened out of the trance a bit more, a bit quicker. Everyone has their own pace.

Stage 2 – This is where Gaia is starting to get support from others, because she is open now instead of blanketly refusing to look. So this is where she doesn’t back down every time. This, of course, causes great anxiety in her spouse who is used to having her under his thumb. He doesn’t want to lose control of her, so he tries to censor her, disenfranchise her in some way, belittle her, maybe even beat her. On some occasions she backs down, and on others but she doesn’t back down. But she’s beginning to see that when she doesn’t back down, she feels better about herself, which builds her courage and her confidence. Even if he physically abuses her, but she survives it, she realizes that feeling better about herself is more important than safety. So if you are on the awakening journey, you may have already gone through stage 2…then you have opened your mind to all the corruption in the world and decided you want some change, even if it’s just in small ways to start with.

Stage 3 – This is where she works up the courage to actually leave the relationship. She packs up her things and goes to a friend, or a shelter, and gets some physical distance. But in this stage she is still in contact with the ex who is maybe stalking her or trying to harass her, trying desperate ways to regain control. This is a very precarious stage for anyone who has supported a person who is trying to break free of their codependence of that kind of relationship. Because at this point, the spouses becoming desperate and will either increase the threats, or pretend he is never going to do that again. He is never going to hit her, steal from her, belittle her. He has realized the error of his ways. Of course, maybe that’s true, but more often than not it’s just a ruse to get her back under his control. A tiger doesn’t change its stripes that quickly. If she hasn’t done enough inner work of self forgiveness, looking at behavior patterns from a more objective perspective, making wiser choices, connecting to a higher self, others who are supportive and empowering… Then chances are she will go back and either get stuck there, or cycle through stage 1, 2 and 3 and then back again. But, if she’s been building her inner resources, then she gets to move on to stage 4.  And if you are on the awakening journey and you have gone through stage 3, this might be where you have truly disentangled yourself from systems and structures in the world that have felt abusive or enslaving to you, whether it’s a job, a financial system, the food you eat, the media you consume or the ways you educate yourself.

Stage 4 – This is where the ex is really out of her life for good. She’s gotten a divorce, or if he’s a real bad apple he’s been rounded up, or at least has a restraining order, and she is now in a safe place. And once she is in a safe place, that is when she can begin the real healing. If a person is still feeling unsafe, it’s harder to do the deeper inner work. But this is where she has completely moved on, she doesn’t have any more contact, or at least any that is unsettling to her. She doesn’t get hooked back in anymore. She has clearly made a decision to empower herself and chooses relationships that do the same. Those on the awakening path who completed stage 4 are really living outside of mainstream society at this point, and creating a new world for themselves and others.

Stage 5 – Is there her old life and old ways are forgotten and a life of high self esteem, self care, prosperity, peace and support are the norm. And maybe she is able to look back on that challenging period of life as a kind of shamanic initiation. It’s the idea that any challenge we go through in life forges us in the fire of wisdom to help others. So at this point she has taken the treacherous journey and emerged triumphant at the other end, and can return with the elixir to the inner core of her being. Then she is able to share that wisdom with others, and may be in a supportive role to others going through the stages. Those on the awakening path who’ve completed stage 5 are often choosing leadership roles in the new higher density world we’re moving into.

So, those five stages might be familiar to you in your own life, or having watched others go through it. So from the point of view of us as the imaginel cells helping Gaia rise to a higher frequency… Where are we in the journey…on average? Of course, different people are at different stages, but you could take the pulse of humanity as a whole and you might surmise that overall we are probably at the end of stage 2, and ready to move on to stage 3.

You may see things differently, and that’s fine. But sometimes looking at the journey from this 30,000 foot perspective can sometimes help build compassion, patience, empathy, understanding, and the wisdom to know how to navigate this particular stage in the best way possible for yourself and others.

So, as I said, this is a theme in, Helio Tropez, which is a fantasy, science fiction page turner kind of novel. So if you like reading those kind of books, you can find it on Amazon, or go to the link in the show notes.

You may also wish to have some tools for your own awakening, which is what we specialize in at MindStory Coaching Academy. We have several powerful self coaching tools to help you move through this journey of growth, getting you ready for the higher frequencies we are moving into, so that you get there more easily and more through choice, rather than through life throwing you an uncomfortable curveball.

If you go to GoldenAgeTimeline dot com backslash FREE or just the FREE tab of that site, you’ll see how to get access to the RE-INSPIRED online masterclass. During this free class you’ll learn the Triunity five step process to give you a huge break through in an area of life where you feel un-inspired, where you’ve lost your motivation, where you know you’re either lost in regret, disappointment, self-judgment, resentment, boredom, frustration, feeling disempowered in some way or some kind of negative block keeping you from doing what you came here to do.

Sometimes all it takes is seeing yourself and your life in a new way and it finally frees up all that trapped creative, life force energy just waiting to be unleashed. Through these lockdowns it’s been frustrating for many people. But I do believe we are on the verge of a massive Renaissance in human evolution, if we can just awaken to the journey were on, and transform the old negativity into the new positive way for it.

So, if you take the RE-INSPIRED masterclass, often people find they can finally get clear on what’s next in their life. Or if you have a sense of what’s next, but there’s something in the way between you and manifesting that important life goal…it could be in business, career, finances, life purpose, health or relationship…this masterclass can help you do that.

You can also use this 5-Step TriUnity process to shift from bad habits of mind to good ones. And then you’ll have this process to use whenever you need, as you can print it out and use it everyday if necessary.  That way the skills of accessing your these skills become a default empowering response to life. And your success will then be on autopilot. And the TriUnity Process only takes a few minutes to do….which you will learn about in the Re-Inspired masterclass.

Now, you may have tried several ways to get rid of issues in your life and notice, heck, they’re still frustratingly there, or you’re only making small improvements and not the big turnaround you were hoping for. And there can be a variety of reasons for that…both personal and global. And we’re going to cover what those are, and some of them may very much surprise you.

And if you’ve ever done any processes on removing limiting beliefs before this one’s different, just removing the limiting belief is like changing the oil filter on a car that’s really for the junk heap. Or it’s like removing a virus from a laptop that’s so outdated that no new applications run on it anymore. Here you’ll discover how limiting beliefs are components of larger entities called archetypal characters or self images, which are in turn components of even larger entities we call mind stories.

Mind stories are like operating systems and yours might need an upgrade. Now some report feeling like a dark cloud is dissolved from somewhere deep inside, some feeling instant surge of self appreciation and feeling capable of taking on the world. Some feel like a cork has been pulled out from their minds and this instant rush of creativity intuition and clarity starts flowing through. People agree though that the result is they feel change they can feel in the days and weeks and months that follow whether it’s in their quiet time, conversations, meetings, meditations or brainstorming.

You’ll discover how to unhook from an operating system or mind story that’s glitchy and outdated by breaking down its component parts and load a better OS or mind story so that your whole life changes for the better and so that it sticks. Instead of a virus filled old operating system you learn how to install a shiny new one with right components in place for the life you are meant to live.

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