July 12

Ep. 25 – 3 Self-Healing Tools to Help Usher in the Golden Age

If we’re on the brink of a golden age, self-healing can help us get there quicker. In this episode, I’ll talk about what I mean by that, and 3 steps for regularly healing yourself at many levels. 






Topics Covered:


04:30 – A 3-step regular practice for self-healing           

13:40  – The difference between the personality and the true self   

19:00 – Example of healing your low back using your mind   

23:15 – How to use your imagination in constructive versus destructive ways 





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We are on the brink of a golden age, a renaissance in human evolution. But the only way we can get there is if we do our own self healing first. In this episode, I’ll talk about what I mean by that, and some simple steps for doing that in easy ways on a regular basis.    Hi, I’m Carla Rieger. 

So what do I mean by the Golden Age? Well, as I’ve said before, usually when humanity has gone through a dark period in history, it’s usually followed by a Renaissance, a golden age. Now, this happens with a collective group of people. But you may have noticed it also happens in your own life. If you’ve gone through a particularly dark and challenging time in your life, like what we might call the winter of change in your own personal development or professional development in your life, you tend to then enter into the spring and then this summer in this harvest where some really good things happen. And if you look back on your life, you can probably see that pattern, cyclically going through dark times, and then light times. And sometimes the dark times lasts a long time, sometimes the light times less long time or a short time.  

But I think we’re actually moving into as has been prophesized 1000 years of a golden age, you know, a time when there’s prosperity, there’s health, we don’t see poverty anymore, or homelessness. People are much more connected to their creativity, and they’re out in the world doing what they love, relationships are much more harmonious interpersonally. And within groups and within races, and within countries, and the earth is restored to health and beauty and vibrancy.  

So that brings me to what do I mean by self healing? Well, if we are all part of the earth, and we are like cells on the earth, to help the earth move into this golden age, I believe we need to be doing our own individual self healing. Because the more of us that do that, the more it creates this ripple effect, this 100th monkey effect of it affecting the whole world. And we can get out of this dark time a lot more quickly. Now, self healing can mean anything just from eating well, getting good exercise, getting a good night’s sleep. But it can also mean using your mind to clear out toxins clear out inflammation, clear out old emotions stuck in the body, so that you’re not just healing physically, as often physical problems start at a mental, emotional, maybe even spiritual levels.  

So there’s so much we can do just with our own imaginations, with our own intention with their own mind, with the mind stories we create, creating an image and feeling of yourself at optimum levels, feeling really energetic, feeling youthful, feeling rejuvenated, feeling flexible and strong, and where your digestion is working well and your teeth are healthy and your eyes work and your ears were you know, you can do all this through your imagination. And if you think that’s kind of silly, and that’s not possible, then you’re right, it’s not going to be possible. It’s really, if you believe it, that it works. And I’ve healed myself of all kinds of things just with my mind. And so I’ve been to a doctor in a very, very long time. Now, that’s not to say sometimes doctors are useful, but for so many things that we deal with that throw us off balance in our health. You can be using your own mind to heal yourself. And you might already do it, which is great. But I think it’s one of those skills that you can always get better at. And I suggest this for myself and my clients is to actually have a regular everyday practice of doing some self healing because there’s always something you could be working on. And some things clear up right away and some things take longer.  

So here’s what I do almost every day. And the first thing is I do breathing and moving my body. Getting some fresh air, air connected to nature, especially first thing in the morning is really good. Breathe out any toxins that may have built up in the deeper part of my lungs, I just go outside and do that. And doing yoga for me is moving. You can also go for a walk, use an elliptical, use a stationary bike, go on a bike ride, go up and down the stairs, just something to get the blood flowing through the body. Because a lot of issues in the body are actually just from staleness in our lymph system and staleness in our lungs. And if you’re breathing and moving your body, you’re just clearing that out of the body. It naturally clears out those kinds of things and makes you feel more energized and more alert.  

The second thing I do is I learn from mistakes, failures, challenges, I think of something in my life that I still regret. Or I still loop on, or that I’m worried about. Because there’s always something and I just ask this higher mind this wiser part of me, what am I meant to be learning from this? And I just do it through having a conversation with myself, but I write it down because sometimes I need to reread it several times, rarely get it. So I just ask a questions. And sometimes I write in a journal and sometimes I write using Dragon naturally speaking using Word on my computer. So it’s Carla:  what am I meant to be learning from… whatever it is I’m concerned about. Whether it’s a relationship, a problem, indecision, something I’m worrying about. So what am I supposed to be learning and then write underneath that Higher Mind: and answer it. So, it’s a sort of a character that’s going to answer me, and it’s just me, it’s just this wiser part of me. But sometimes if I separate out the two, that helps me sort of jump into this wiser, more whole brain, more embodied, part of myself. And often all kinds of great things come up. That never occurred to me when I was in the worrying mind, which is, you know, more of the survival brain, smaller part of the brain operating.  I am meant to be learning patience, or resilience. Or maybe I am meant to go in a new direction that I didn’t think about before. So all these things start to come out. And I kind of pop through all kinds of challenges or mistakes or failures and turn them into wins, turn them into something useful and good, that I can use to move forward with.  

And then I do a process of forgiving these mistakes, these failures, these situations, or these challenging relationships that have caused me pain or are causing me pain. So I forgive three ways, which I’ve talked about on other episodes, which is I forgive myself, for making mistakes, for the failures for my part in creating challenges. Because we’re all fumbling along on our journey anyways, and you can’t go through life and be perfect all the time. It just doesn’t happen. And so you make mistakes, and you learn from them, and you forgive yourself, and then it creates this clean slate, this blank slate to move forward and take more risks and try new things. If you haven’t forgiven yourself, then what tends to happen is you get frozen in fear moving forward, or you get frozen in this sort of inner fight or flight response where you’re fighting with yourself about moving forward in your life, because I you just make another mistake, and you’ll fail. And there’s this kind of bullying going on with yourself. And that will just keep you stuck. So by forgiving, and forgetting, like really forgetting that it happened, like you’ve extracted the wisdom, so you don’t have to keep looping on it as a negative. 

And the second part is to forgive anyone else involved. Because people make mistakes, or they do dumb things, or they say things that maybe aren’t the best. And if you can frame it all as a gift, as something that you’ve actually learned something from then you’re not going to hold this negativity or resentment or regret about those other people involved, you’re just going to see that situation is a gift, and then you’re going to let it go.  

Now it doesn’t mean that you condone bad behavior. But if it’s already happened, they’ve already done it, then you might as well forgive that. And that often gives you the sense of self, the sense of confidence, and esteem to create a boundary for that not to happen again.  

If you stay in this negative resentment about it, you actually can create more situations of people saying or doing things that hurt you. So by identifying –  what was I meant to learn from that, it helps you extract the wisdom, learn from it and let it go.  

And once you’ve done that — you’ve done the breathing, you’ve done the moving. You’ve chosen to learn from anything that you’re dealing with mistakes, challenges, failures, relationship, breakdowns, whatever, and you’ve forgiven yourself and others, then it helps to move into allowing yourself to BE forgiven.  

So there’s offering the forgiveness, but allowing yourself to be forgiven, because some people are very good at forgiving others, but they’re not very good at allowing themselves to be forgiven by others. And that might be forgiven by yourself, or by God, the great creator, or some higher power that you connect to, if you do that kind of thing.  

But also to ask for forgiveness from anyone that you feel you might have harmed. Now, that might mean you actually ask them for forgiveness if they’re in your life right now. But it could be somebody who’s passed away like a parent, or somebody who just not in your life anymore, and who wouldn’t forgive you, you’re pretty sure.  

And you can imagine that it were possible that they would forgive you. So if you said or did something you regret, just this idea that you could be forgiven, actually helps you not do it again, ironically. So people say, Well, I shouldn’t be forgiven, because then that’s like letting me off the hook. But say you didn’t treat someone very well, in a past relationship, and you feel guilty about it, continuing to feel guilty about it for decades to come is only going to affect present day relationships in a negative way.  

If you choose to learn from it, and you choose to forgive yourself, and you allow yourself to be forgiven by yourself, by a higher power, and by the actual person you did it to, and just feel what that’s like to be forgiven…that’s when you won’t do it again. You know what I mean?  

So it’s really important to imagine that that were possible, because I actually have seen that happen, where I thought of someone that I had been in relationship with many years ago. And I remember when we were breaking up, I said some things that I really regretted, that were mean spirited, and I could see how much that hurt him. And I felt guilty about that for years, I was just trying to create an excuse to get out of the relationship, because I just didn’t want to be in a relationship anymore. You know, and I was trying to find a reason, and I was making him wrong. And that really wasn’t fair to him. So I forgave myself, I asked for forgiveness from my higher power, and I asked for forgiveness from him. And about nine months later, I bumped into him, and he was really friendly. Whereas when I bumped into him before, he was not friendly. He was happy to see me. He seemed like he’d let all that stuff go.  And I never asked him hey, did you do a forgiveness process? Or did you feel that you had forgiven me, I never asked him any of that. But I could just tell by the nature of our interaction that it was done, it was over, we were okay with each other.  And maybe that was just the passage of time. But I really think that the process I did made a big difference.  

So I find after you’ve done all that, you’re just a more potent connection for this higher self, this true self. And I identify that self as different from what I call your personality, in this way. So the personality is like a series of programs, or stories we develop about ourselves over time, that maybe just got loaded onto you by society, by parents, by your education system, by the media, and we take on these personalities or this is how someone of my gender, my race, my age, my social standing, or where I am the family’s should be.  

But it might not necessarily be how you would act. If you were connected to your true self. You know, we’re more in our true self when we’re really young. When our imaginations are really bright and really vivid and where there’s no racism, right? We just love everybody. You forgive everybody, everybody’s your friend, right? When I bumped into two couples, and we all knew each other, but we didn’t expect to meet each other in this park. And each of them had a daughter with them. And the daughters had never met but they were the same age. And it took them literally one minute to decide…hey we’re going to play and one of them was brown skinned and dark eyed and one of them was blue eyes and blond haired and they had like no racism. No fear of strangers just, you’re my age and I recognize you as a playful spirit. And off they went. And they played as the rest of us just chatted. And when it was time for the parents to leave, the two girls were just like inseparable. They’d become like instant friends, and they’re exchanging numbers.  

You know, how long does it take adults to do something like that, like you’d bump into somebody in a park and then immediately go off and play and have fun and start imagining all these characters that you are and all these adventures that you’re going on, which is what I saw them do. You just wouldn’t do that as an adult, right. But we all have that capacity to live from that place. Also, as a wise, mature, responsible adult with obligations, I think there’s a way. 

So it’s good to start to recognize kind of the feeling the energy signature, the recognition of when this true self is more in command of your senses. And we all go in and out of that connection. Some of us stay in it longer than others, some of us are in it very rarely. But for me, I know it’s times when I’m peaceful. When I’m, in my heart, when I’m compassionate, when I’m in my creativity and my imagination, where I can look at a tree and really love it and appreciate it or a sunset, or where I’m just really open minded to new things. Were really tapped into whether something is true or not. Or, like after I’ve done a nice long walk in nature, I tend to be in that state of mind or know when I’m feeling healthy. When I’ve done a lot of meditating when I’ve done a lot of yoga when I’ve just finished doing a creative project, right? There’s that sense of vibrancy, it’s usually a liveliness, contentedness, peacefulness, creativity, and okayness, with life being present in the moment.  

So that’s the true self. So obviously, you’ve been there many times. And the more you can be there, the better life becomes, the more you are able to heal yourself, the more you affect others in a positive way, and the more you affect the earth, and the more we move into this golden age. So the trick is to not beat yourself up if you’re not there. So if you’re worried if you’re fretting, if you’re irritated, if you’re not feeling good, if you’re agitated, that’s normal, you’re going to go in and out of that. And the irony is, if you can bring that true self into those moments of agitation, worry, imbalance, pain, suffering that we all go through, if you can invite in the true south and sort of encase it, 

in this kind of loving acceptance and compassion of that state that you’re in, it actually starts to melt it, maybe not right away, but it starts to shift the vibrational frequency of that state. And then it morphs into something else. Maybe it goes into a deeper agitation, because that true self energy is there to you know, really go through a healing process. And a lot of times we are in these agitated states, it’s a great opportunity for healing. Because if you are agitated, you are worried if you are out of balance, that’s a sign, it’s time for self healing.  

And so it builds the muscle of self healing, bringing in that higher mind state, asking for that potent connection, asking for that healing from this higher part of you, does wonders. It’s much better than an aspirin. It’s much better than any pharmaceutical remedy, even any herbal remedy. And it’s so underutilized.  

And one of the ways that you can do this is to just imagine a state that you want to be in, whether it’s a back that doesn’t hurt. So it’s feeling flexible, and open and pain free, or feeling at peace inside if you’re feeling agitated. Or imagine yourself sleeping well if you’re not sleeping well. So each of those you’re creating a mind story, you’re going into the future of how you want to be and so what you’re instructing your bio computer to do is to create the necessary conditions to get there. And all of a sudden, you’ll think, Oh, I should open the window at night or turn the temperature down and all of a sudden that’s what’s helping you sleep better or not eat that cake late at night. So you start thinking of things that get you there. But if you’re just focused on worrying about the fact that you’re worrying and not getting a good night’s sleep, you’re actually going to create more of that.  

Just a simple case in point, I had this low back issue just on one side. And all the regular yoga exercises, stretching, moving, liniment oil, none of it was helping. And so I just started to imagine my low back feeling pain free, and really flexible. And it just would lie in bed in the morning and imagine that. And then, after about three mornings of doing that, I woke up and I just decided to do this kind of strange stretch that I had never done before. And then I just felt my sacrum shift, you know, like, I had gone to a chiropractor, it just clicked back into place. And then, within a day, my back was back to normal. So my sacrum had just gotten locked in this awkward position. So it was creating inflammation on one side.  

So it’s like you are training yourself how to heal yourself when you imagine yourself in a healed state, if that makes sense. So give it a try and see how it works for you. Because anything you see going on in the outside world that you don’t like, I will go so far as to say, I would go so far as to say there’s a macrocosm microcosm connection. So if it’s happening in the outside world, within you, it might also be happening. So if you can make the shifts within yourself, I often find that things on the news start to change. Like if you don’t want to be in lockdown anymore, how are you blocking yourself down? If lots of people are angry at each other and not getting along, how are you not getting along with yourself? If there’s stormy weather outside all the time, how are you creating a storm in your own mind? And what do you want instead? So what do you want in the external world? So do you want sunny days, you can imagine a sunny day. Imagine walking through your day and having the weather be just how you want it to be because I do believe our minds affect the weather. If we’re focused enough, or imagine people getting along, who didn’t get along before imagine the world free and moving around and traveling around and businesses opening up and people being healthy. And people rebuilding a new world that is just and fair and safe and prosperous, and wildly creative, and innovative. And lots of new infrastructures and systems coming around to make a difference for humanity, or whatever you want. 

The more time you spend in those sorts of stories in your mind, the more you help them happen. So anytime you catch yourself worrying, you’re actually creating a mind story that you don’t want. or anytime you regretting something for your past, you’re reinforcing a bad mind stray from your past. So just don’t beat yourself up just kind of go Oh, I’m just going to replace that with the story of something I do want because your mind is going to imagine things anyways, it’s an imagination machine. You’re always imagining things. You’re imagining what you’re going to eat for lunch, you’re imagining what’s going to happen when you go to the grocery store. You’re imagining what’s going to happen with certain relationships you have in your life. With your financial situation, you’re always imagining, so you might as well use that to all forget and imagine what you want. Just keep that little habit anytime you’re imagining what you don’t want. Just gently steer yourself in the direction of imagining what you do want that little tiny habit alone will create a default so that you just naturally start doing it. And you don’t have to will yourself. Again, don’t beat yourself up to do that. But just gently redirect yourself in that direction until it becomes default.  

Okay, that’s it for today. Please hit subscribe and notify if you’d like to hear about other episodes. And in the meantime, enjoy building mind stories to create the life you want for yourself and the world. For more information on our offerings, go to mindstoryacademy.com  you can get our book for free and two sample free audios and we also have a variety of online courses. So until next time, happy imagining 



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