November 21

Ep. 36 – Clairtangency: Discover the Power of the Tangent Personality Style to Manifest Goals

Discover the wonders of the Tangent learning and manifestation personality style that includes the qualities of clairtangency, psychometry, healing through touch and much more.

Clairtangency is a unique sensory and extrasensory, psychic ability that is featured in the science fiction, fantasy novel, Helio Tropez. Learn to use your Clairtangent abilities correctly to help you on the journey spiritual awakening, providing insights into ascension, life purpose, and soul mission.



Topics Covered:

02:17  – The Power of Imagination and Intention to Manifest Anything

03:43  –  How to Recognize a Tangent Personality Style

06:15 – The Best Way for Tangents to Manifest Goals


Although Tangent is a learning style, we’ll move beyond conventional philosophy and delve into the metaphysical aspects. Whether you’re new to the world of psychic abilities or a seasoned explorer, this video can elevate your consciousness, enhance your manifestation skills, so you can better embrace the profound wisdom of using and enhancing your clairtangency skills.

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Ep 36 – Clairtangency – Discover the Power of the Tangent Personality Style to Manifest Goals

Hey, this is Carla and today I wanted to explore the mystical world of being a Tangent Manifestor, or more popularly known as Clairtangency. To see if you have this intuitive skill or the potential for it. The TEVAS-AVARA Aptitudes that feature in the novel, Helio Tropez. The five main aptitudes of Tangent, Ecrivent, Voyent, Audient and Sentient or TEVAS for short. This is a system to identify your extrasensory and sensory strengths and weaknesses. There’s a quick quiz you can do to find out your dominant style. Just go to or go to the FREE tab and you’ll see the quiz there.

So in the novel, there is this 4th density world of Helio Tropez in Inner Earth. The people there have aptitudes which might also be referred to as superpowers. In other words, humans have them, but many of these powers are latent, unused.  But people can dial up on these kinds of skills just through being more aware of them and through focusing their mind on using their dominant style to manifest goals.

For example, you can use the TEVAS system to better manifest anything from a parking space when you’re out shopping,  or a new successful business or even a new way of looking at life that’s more empowering …all the way up to co-creating or co-manifesting the world you really want to see for yourself and others…you know, one perhaps where you people are free, living in harmony, prosperous, healthy, doing what they love, where the Earth is whole, balanced and healthy again. The more we all see, feel, hear, and experience what we want through our imaginations the more it comes into being. Even if just one person is doing it… it affects the whole collective.

Now, the truth is, it’s your imagination and intention that bring things into reality. But many of us were taught to think that imagination is something bad like getting lost in delusions and not grounded in reality, or that imagination is something you only use when you’re child, that you must grow out of when you get older, if you want to be taken seriously as an adult. But your imagination and intention are two of the most powerful tools you own in your mental-emotional landscape. So, don’t ever forget that, and use them with wisdom, or they can work against you.

So, these 5 TEVAS manifestation styles are like the box of tools or palette of colors you use when playing around in the world of imagination and intention. And we use them anyways, so this is just creating a system so that you can name, and identify and become more comfortable and familiar with these latent abilities that we all have.  So here goes…the tangent manifester: So in terms of activities, you’ll often see a Tangent being physically active, or restless especially if they have to sit still for too long. So when it comes to the words they use they might start a sentence with I feel, I feel good about that. Or I feel we need to do something different in this situation. Or they might say the thought of that makes me feel good or I have a bad gut instinct about this. So think about whether you use words in that way.

Greetings, they’ll tend to do a more informal physical greeting, like a high five, a  backslap or a fist bump. They like physicality. They aren’t one of those stand offish kind of people.

So the best way for tangents to learn is by moving… they aren’t one for sitting at a desk for too long, they need to move to think properly, they get their best ideas when walking, running, moving around the house, or by doing activities. They prefer to learn a subject by doing a project like creating a garden to learn about plants rather than reading about it in a book. So in terms of the advantages of the regular sensory perceptions of Tangents, they’re good with their hands. They are grounded, reliable, salt of the earth types, you know, stable, honorable, connected to nature. Now, the disadvantages in extreme types, that aren’t balanced by the other styles, is they might be very physically restless, they might even get physically aggressive, if challenged, and can be stubborn and uncompromising.

But now say you were to develop your Tangent aptitude beyond the everyday normal into what’s called extrasensory perception. And there are a few people who can do these kinds of things. And as I said there is a theory is that we can all develop these regular sensory skills into the extra sensory realms. With Tangents it’s called Clairtangency, they can handle an object to get information not available to the five senses. For example, sometimes a clairtangent is used in detective work or a missing person’s situation… where they would touch an article of clothing to help locate the person. Or they can do psychometry where they can actually move objects with their mind, or manipulate an object with their mind. I mean you may have heard of people who can bend a spoon with their mind.

So the best  way for tangents to manifest is if they imagine being there physically so say you want to manifest a trip to Hawaii, feel yourself walking along the beach, feel the warm sun on your skin, feel how relaxed you are lying in hammock. And move while you imagine. Move your body while you imagine physically connecting to your goal.   So go for a walk, run do Tai Chi, you know listening to a self hypnosis audio for example, as this will help your subconscious mind integrate your instructions about what to create.

And types of professions where you might find a lot of people who are a tangent, athlete, athletic coach, clothes maker, gardener, waiter, logger, miner, farmer, so people who like to move while they work.

In the novel, Helio Tropez, the character of Cassandra is a Tangent. She’s got a certain nuance of that aptitude called the Soul Healer and  therefore can heal physical issues in people by accessing soul records to bring cells back to optimal functioning again. And of course each character has their flaws and in her case she can physically harm others. And that’s what Clairtangents can do if they use their aptitude, their superpower, for negative purposes. Although in some cases it helps to use that kind of power to protect yourself.

You can get this TEVAS Aptitudes eBook. You can do the quiz and you can see how balanced you are. And you’ll also get a lot more details about all the different styles. Look for the link below to try the 60 second TEVAS quiz. And if you’re into buying, collecting and selling NFTs you can get an NFT of this character and several other characters from the book, Helio Tropez…. On Zora and MintFun and several other platforms. So I’ll put a link below for that. And it’s something I recommend everyone do who is an author.


And if you’d like to know a bit more about Helio Tropez, stay for a short book trailer. In a world where love, time travel, and psychic powers converge, prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey. The 2nd edition of the captivating science fiction and epic fantasy novel, “He-Leo Trop-Ez,” is now here — book 1 of The “Timeline Redemption” Series.


Tia Violetta’s life is about to unravel as she approaches her thirtieth birthday. Secluded in a Seattle mansion, protected by her paranoid father, she remains unaware of her true heritage and the looming threat to herself and all of humanity.


Little does she know, Tia holds the key to something extraordinary, something that the malevolent AI, SIM, relentlessly pursues. Tia and her father, Hadden, are descendants of a subterranean city called He-Leo Trop-Ez, with inhabitants possessing awe-inspiring abilities. Only by uniting with four other women in her family can Tia unleash her Pentada powers and help free humanity from the clutches of the parasitic SIM who has kept them apart.


But the story takes a heart-stopping twist. Just moments before old Hadden passes away, a young Hadden travels fifty years into the future to protect Tia. This selfless act sets in motion a series of events that shatter Tia’s world, fracturing their reality into two separate timelines.


As Tia and young Hadden navigate treacherous terrains across timelines, their journey tests their resilience and family bonds. Humanity’s fate hangs in the balance, poised for ascension or annihilation.


One reviewer says, “There is a metaphysical aspect that makes it so much more than just a good read. Fans of sci-fi/fantasy will enjoy it for sure, but readers who seek depth will be thrilled to step out of the mundane and into this fascinating world….a real page-turner. If you love rich and fascinating characters and compelling plot lines… this is for you.”


If you want to listen to a sample of the prologue, just click on the link below.


And if you’re ready to dive into the world of “He-Leo Trop-Ez” get your copy by using the link below or go on Amazon. It’s spelled H-E-L-I-O  T-R-O-P-E-Z. Start today exploring this page-turning journey–through time and space.


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That’s it for today’s episode. If you’ve had your own experiences with pendulum fails or if you have questions, please share your comments and questions. I do hope this was useful. Please hit like, share and subscribe if you want to hear about other episodes coming up. See you next time and thank you so much for listening.






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