December 15

Ep. 38 – Clairvoyance – Discover the Power of the “VOYENT Personality Style” to Manifest Goals

Are you a Clairvoyant or visual learner? The T.E.V.A.S. manifestation personality types helps you identify your learning style, and your sensory and extrasensory potentials. The Voyent personality style gives you the ability to learning through visuals and to see remotely to other times and place. Find out if it’s one of your dominant skill sets.


A Voyent uses visuals in both tangible and intangible ways to manifest and learn. These styles or “superpowers” feature in the visionary fantasy novel, Helio Tropez. Learn to use your Voyent abilities correctly to help you on your journey of spiritual awakening, providing insights into goalsetting, life purpose, and soul mission.


Topics Covered:

01:48 – How to Recognize a Voyent Personality Style

02:25 – The Best Way for Voyents to Learn

02:53 – Regular Sensory Perceptions – Voyent

03:46 – Extra Sensory Perceptions – Voyent

04:33– Best Way for Voyents to Manifest

04:54 – Typical Professions – Voyents

05:26 – Examples of using your natural talents

06:36 –Ted Lasso show example


Although Voyent is a learning and manifestation style, we’ll move beyond conventional philosophy here and delve into the metaphysical aspects. Whether you’re new to the world of psychic abilities or a seasoned explorer, this video can elevate your consciousness, and enhance your manifestation skills, so you can better practice the Law of Attraction, and embrace the profound wisdom of using and enhancing your clairvoyant skills.


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Ep 38 – CLAIRVOYANCE – Discover the Power of the VOYENT Personality Style to Manifest Goals

In this episode we’ll explore being a Voyent Manifestor, or more popularly known as Clairvoyant… to see if you have this intuitive skill or the potential for it. The Voyent style is part of the TEVAS-AVARA Aptitudes or superpowers that feature in the award-winning visionary fantasy, Helio Tropez.

The five main aptitudes of Tangent, Ecrivent, Voyent, Audient and Sentient or TEVAS for short. This is a system to identify your extrasensory and sensory strengths and weaknesses. There’s a quick quiz you can do to find out your dominant style. Just go to and you’ll see the quiz at the top of the page there.

So in the last two episodes we talked about the Tangent manifestor and then the Ecrivent manifestor style. Today we’ll focus on the Voyent manifestor or aptitude. So, these 5 TEVAS manifestation styles are like the box of tools you use when manifesting your reality.  And are similar to the 5 Clairs… Clairtangent, Clairecrivent, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient

They are like learning styles such as the VARK system of Auditory, Kinesthetic, Reading-Writing, Visual, with the added Emotional Feeling style of learning. And we use all these sensory, extrasensory, learning and manifestation aptitudes anyways, so the TEVAS system just helps you name, and identify and become more comfortable with these abilities that we all have… latent or manifest.

So how to recognize Voyent. Activities: They tend to dress well. Are often seen watching movies, looking at images, drawing diagrams, observing the visual details of a place, person or thing. Words they tend to use more than the other styles: “I see…” “I can picture that.”  “See you later.” Greetings: A more formal handshake with direct eye contact. So think about if any of that is true for you, or people you know.

The best way for a Voyent to learn is By Seeing Images: They appreciate videos with lots of images, or slide shows with images, symbols and diagrams. By Creating Images: They may like to draw, or use symbols for taking notes. E.g. using mind maps to take notes, or creating diagrams of what they just learned. So think about if those two things are true for you or people that you know.

Now regular sensory perception advantages of the Voyent are they have high aesthetic intelligence, visually perceptive, a vivid imagination, good sense of direction, good facial recognition. You know the type whose home is orderly and visually pleasing rather than cluttered. They take care of their own appearance with more detail than other styles, and notice visuals details that others miss. Disadvantages in extreme types – meaning they aren’t well balanced with the other styles – is that they may be overly perfectionistic about themselves and others. They may come across as cold and insensitive, lacking empathy for others, more interested in order and goals. So think about yourself or people you know who might fit this description.

Now the extrasensory perception of a Voyent…often they have a very active dream life, full of vivid visuals, they might be able to do lucid dreaming where they are conscious that they are dreaming and can direct the dream. They can perceive the visuals of events in the future. Being a Fortune Teller, seeing possibilities playing out in the future using a tool like a crystal ball or Tarot cards. Or in ancient worlds they would be called a Prophet – you may have heard of the Oracle of Delphi. So think about that for yourself, have you ever seen an image of someone in your mind’s eye, someone you haven’t seen in a while then bump into them or receive a message from them?

And the best way to manifest as a Voyent is to Imagine being there visually: If you want to manifest a trip to Hawaii, imagine the sights. E.g. Sunsets, palm trees, ocean, Draw a picture or create a visionboard: Create images of Hawaii or find images and put them up where you’ll see them regularly.

Now the types of professions where you see lots of Voyents anything of course to do with visuals. Like a painter, interior designer, graphic designer, photographer, videographer, cinematographer, fashion expert, hairdresser, makeup artist, engineer, architect, biochemist, pilot, air traffic controller and so on. So think about the types of professions, jobs or careers you’ve chosen and what it says about your learning and manifestation style.

Why it’s useful to know your personality style – if you know you’re a Tangent, Ecrivent, Voyent, Audient or Sentient manifestor, it helps you use your natural inclinations more constructively. We all use our senses, imagination and intention to manifest anyway… but sometimes not very effectively, and sometime for things we don’t actually want.

I had one coaching client who turned out to be a Voyent manifestor, and she was listening to affirmations, which can be helpful if you’re also strong as an Audient manifestor, but if you’re very strong as a Voyent it’s better to…Do a mindmap where you create a colorful, visual map of your goal. Or a vision board.

I had another client and I helped her figure out she was Voyent. But she was a fitness instructor at the time, which is a great profession for a Tangent manifestor, but for her it wasn’t the right fit. When she switched to Graphic Facilitator, everything felt right.  Maybe you’ve been at events where they have graphic facilitators who visually capture what happened at a conference. Now she travels around doing that and also teaches the skill.

Now, like I did in the last episode, sometimes it’s useful to look at stories, popular shows and well-known characters to illustrate the differences between the types. I used to write comedy, and so studied some of the most popular sitcoms to understand charactes. Most hit comedy shows tend to put 4-5 vastly different characters together to help create the comedy. So let’s take the popular show Ted Lasso to illustrate, in case you’ve seen it. There’s Roy who’s a typical Tangent, a strong athlete, intense physical presence, very grounded, sometimes an aggressive nature. You have Coach Beard who’s more like the Ecrivent, he’s quiet, thoughtful, a bit eccentric. Keeley is more the Voyent as the social media expert and is always dressed to the nines in unique outfits, very visual, Rebecca is more the Audient, fiery, passionate, and an amazing singer, and finally Ted Lasso himself who is more the Sentient, very emotionally sensitive, caring, supportive of others.

And as I said it’s…often enjoyable to learn about things like this in story form. So, in novel, Helio Tropez, the main character of Hadden is Voyent-Action on the TEVAS-AVARA scale which is also known as The Eagle Eye which makes him a clairvoyant able to Remote View, and gather visual intel from remote locations. He also has a photographic memory which is something a clairvoyant is more easily able to develop. Using his aptitude as a weapon he can shapeshift to create visual illusions as necessary. Of course in the novel in subterranean earth people have etheric wings that allow them to fly and they usually have an animal companion known as a Jenio. And in his case that is an Eagle.

Daphne is a side character in Helio Tropez, and she is Hadden’s long-lost mate. She is also a Voyent but her nuance is the Magician or Voyent-Reprogram. Used in an empowering way she can Remote View like Hadden. And she can also shapeshift to create visual illusions as necessary, and with her nuance she can use her mind to camouflage an entire spaceship or building. Used as a weapon she can trick people with visual illusions, also. Her Jenio is a Blue Jay.

And if you’re into buying, collecting and selling NFTs you can get an NFT of these characters and several other characters from the book, Helio Tropez…. On MintFun and several other platforms. So I’ll put a link below for that as well.

So, as a reminder, you can get this TEVAS Aptitudes eBook and then you’ll get a lot more details about the different styles. Just look for the link below to try the 60-second quiz.

And if you’d like to know a bit more about Helio Tropez, stay for a short book trailer. Thanks for listening…

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But the story takes a heart-stopping twist. Just moments before old Hadden passes away, a young Hadden travels fifty years into the future to protect Tia. This selfless act sets in motion a series of events that shatter Tia’s world, fracturing their reality into two separate timelines.

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