April 3

Ep. 41 – Overcoming Obstacles – 3 Top Tools for Breaking Free

Here we’re diving deep into the art of overcoming obstacles with three powerful techniques designed to help you break free from any challenge life throws your way. Whether you’re seeking to find a new home, conquer a pesky health issue, mend a relationship, increase your income, or gain clarity on your life path, these tools are here to guide you.

We’ll explore a potent breathing technique, a transformative pain-release method, and an intuitive visualization exercise. These tools empower you to tap into the wisdom of your higher mind and higher self, utilizing both logic and heart, mind and soul, to find innovative solutions to complex or persistent problems.

Join us on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment as we unlock the secrets to overcoming obstacles and manifesting your deepest desires.




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Ep 41 – Overcoming Obstacles – 3 Top Tools for Breaking Free

Overcoming obstacles. Three top tools for breaking free. So we’re gonna learn three things. Uh, one is a potent breathing technique to, uh, remove the static as it were, so you can have a better connection with your highest wisdom, your highest self. So that’s one really cool thing we’ll be doing today. And number two is a powerful guided process to remove or lessen pain. And that could be physical pain, it could be emotional pain, mental pain, even spiritual pain. So be thinking if there’s anything, uh, around that that would be useful for you. And uh, number three is a creative visualization technique to help you make good decisions about how to break free from obstacles. Be thinking about areas of life such as where you’re feeling confused about how to make a decision overwhelmed by obstacles. For example, whether or not to quit a job, whether or not to start a business, how to deal with a cashflow problem you might be dealing with right now.

How to find a new place to live, uh, how to heal from a pesky health issue going on for you right now. How to get back on track and feel more on purpose. So I wanna talk about what I call heart-based logic. So it kind of a multidimensional way of thinking and, and heart-based logic is as opposed to linear logic. So it’s combining the best of all parts of your brain, calculating decisions based on heart. Logic, as I said, is a multi-dimensional way of thinking, rather than linear way of thinking. Doing it from just your head because it actually bypasses what I call limiting programs. It may have lodged in your subconscious mind. Now your heart is connected to, I believe, your soul, your eternal self, and therefore you can tap into your extra sensory perceptions. It’s also a more highly evolved part of your body mind system that can look at issues and consider a much wider variety of consequences.

So you may have been familiar with the book Blink, where Malcolm Gladwell studied the decision making ability of people who can easily access something in the blink of an eye <laugh> and be entirely accurate, such as whether or not a piece of art was a fake or not, or how do you instantly make a decision so that you’d avoid being killed in battle. And so that’s what I’m talking about here with heart-based logic. It does require consistency and dedication. And at one point you actually feel this sort of massive shift over to heart-based logic, and it actually feels like a burden that is lifted off your body. When you start to think from this place, any practice you have that involves meditation helps you do that. Now, let’s just define meditation. Meditation doesn’t only mean sitting like this in a lotus position for 18 hours, just watching your breathing with no thoughts, uh, going through your head.

That’s pretty hard. And, and I think that puts some people off meditation. But just to expand what I mean by that, it’s, I think it’s really about reconnecting to your true self in the present moment. And that can be done by going on a walk in nature, being fully immersed in a project that feels totally in alignment and on purpose. Standing at a stoplight, you could go into that space, right? And we go in and out of it during the day, but a lot of people are not in it very often. And you lose a lot of power when you’re not in that space, right? The negative sabotaging thoughts and programs, uh, completely lose their power in the present moment. So that’s a really important thing to remember. That’s why everyone’s always saying, get into the present moment, <laugh>. ’cause every time we go into meditation, it’s a process of slowly building a stronger connection with the true self and slowly uncovering the true nature of who you really are.

And with that, all the higher capacities of true self that come with that greater wisdom, genius levels of thinking, telepathy, intuitive knowing, um, powerful abilities to manifest what you want, ability to heal yourself and others. And in that sense, every time you take a moment, take a breath, meditate, focus your mind, you’re building all that. And when you’re not doing that, you’re dissipating your power and your energy and you become a victim of all kinds of things that, uh, undermining your power and capacity and happiness and fulfillment and income. Everything as at stake here. So there’s a lot at stake with this. So how do you know when you’re doing that? How do you know when you’re in the present moment and focus? Well, anything you do or any thought you have that makes you happy and at peace usually means you’re connecting to your true self.

So think about anything in your life that makes you feel that way. You know, being outta nature, taking long, slow, deep breath, being with someone that you love. You know, playing a game often where you have to be totally present when you’re playing a game. <laugh>. Therefore, when you’re doing that, you transcend habitual limiting thoughts, beliefs, programs, emotions that keep you stuck and release you more into your more expansive self. And what’s most important is the power of your focused attention. And I’ve used that metaphor before on holding a magnifying glass up to the sun to set a leaf on fire. And that’s where your power lies. In that kind of focused attention, the neuro blueprints are like going to the gym and practicing that. The ability to concentrate your attention is one of the most powerful tools you have. And in your whole lexicon of tools, and unfortunately the whole industrialized modern world is designed to fracture that attention.

Therefore, you need to be vigilant, but that vigilance can give you so much more fulfillment than you could ever dream possible. Now, I’m not talking about like focusing in this really intense way so that you get a headache <laugh>, it’s this relaxed attention. We’ll talk about that as we go along. So as we’ve said before, multitasking can be good when the mind is strong and you know when to stop. But if you can’t stop and if racing thoughts, uh, own you <laugh>, and all your tasks are just, you’re so absorbed and all that stuff all the time, then your whole system, as I said, becomes weakened and kind of enslaves you to the, to the programs, to the, the limiting beliefs. So if you find <laugh> your mind wandering when doing any kind of meditation, especially the blueprints, all you need to do is gently bring it back into focus. And this is one way the neuro blueprints of you practicing having more control over your mind and thoughts are like those clouds floating by. So you just let them go by, don’t hold onto them, you don’t need them. And the monkey mind will try to convince you that you do need to be ruminating on these thoughts, but that’s just not true.

So if you feel by the way any kinda emotional pain or stuck energy or tension or resistance in any area of life, and in particular in doing the neuro blueprints, uh, and we’re going to do a process to help you with that in a moment, to dissolve it, it is possible to dissolve through that. And often that procrastination and resistance to doing something that will bring you into that meditative state is very common. And I’ll tell you why it’s common, because, um, the monkey mind doesn’t want you to take back control of your mind and how you focus your attention because then it loses power. But you are the boss <laugh>, and you are 1000 times stronger. And as soon as you know that and own it and use your authority in a clear, gentle, yet powerful way, that monkey mind can’t win <laugh>. And that knowing alone and owning that will change your entire life.

So you can do these processes I’m teaching you today. Say you wake up in the middle of the night and you start worrying about something. I’m sure we’ve all done that. And so, uh, all three of these tools, you can use it for that. Or just if you find your just in a negative state of mind about something and ruminating about it, you can do it then or you just feel stalk or in an indecisive mode. So, uh, so we’re gonna start right now. So what I invite you to do is sit with your spine straight and just close your eyes, uh, if possible and, you know, try to sit up straight and with your chin a little bit dropped and, you know, just close your eyes and feet flat on the floor because that will just help ensure, you know, good energy flowing through your body.

As I said in the beginning, uh, we, number one that we were gonna cover today is a potent breathing technique to remove the static so that you can have a better connection to your highest wisdom. So, um, this will increase the relaxation hormones and decrease stress hormones. And, uh, the best kind of breath for that is where you constrict the back of your throat, and it’s called uja pranayama breathing. And you might be familiar with it if you’ve ever done yoga. I also call it the Darth Vader breath. Remember how it, you know, it would be like it involves constricting the back of your throat as you breathe. It’s like when you whisper, uh, when you whisper, like just say the word whisper right now and feel what’s happening, <laugh> at the back of your throat. You will automatically constrict the back of your throat. So if you think you, you can’t figure out how to do it, that’s how you do it, <laugh>. So if you constrict the back of your throat while you breathe in the air through your nose, it’s that Darth Vader sound and as you exhale as well. So you want to constrict the back of your throat both while the air goes in and as the air goes out.

And the reason to do that is it opens up these deeper, uh, capillaries as I was showing you here, uh, goes really deep into the smallest, smallest capillaries, which is super important. If you wanna help clear out pollution toxins, build up both stress hormones and then fill those capillaries with that fresh oxygen, which relaxes your body. Because if your body isn’t getting enough of that really fresh kind of oxygen or a certain percentage of oxygen, if you’re not breathing more fully, it tends to stress your body out. And then the stress hormones go up. And a lot of people restrict their breathing as an unconscious habit throughout their whole day, just trying to beat the clock to get things done, rushing to the store, trying to negotiate through traffic. So anything you can do to counteract that as often as possible is going to help your entire body mind system because the more you relax, you are well, better at everything <laugh>. The better your brain works, the better your body works, the happier you feel, the better you communicator you are in relationships, the better you’re doing your work. You have more tolerance for things that might normally set you off. It’s really a one stop shop for a lot of good things. So let’s do that breath a few times. So breathing in, constricting the back of your throat

To the count of four, and just hold it for the count of four and breathing out the back of your throat. Let’s do that again. Breathing into the count of four, constricting the back of your throat. Hold for four and exhale. And inhale. Hold for four and exhale for four. Let’s just do that two more times. Inhale for four, hold for four, exhale for four, one last time in for four, hold for four and exhale for four.

Now, if possible, continue with that breathing of restricting the back of your throat, just quietly, silently, not necessarily for four counts, uh, as we do this meditative process, as it will build up the relaxation hormones and lower the stress hormones. In fact, right now, even just with doing those amounts of breaths, if we could measure your hormone levels, we would find that your whole system is more relaxed now. So I want you to find an area of your body that feels tense, painful, numb, or blocked. Now. Now what you wanna do is bring your full attention there. So whatever it is in the back of your neck or in your arm or in your stomach or your solar plexus or in your heart or in your head, just pick one area there. You may have money <laugh>. Just pick one for now. And what I want you to do is you’re gonna breathe right into the center of that area. And you may have done something like this before. And what I really want you to do also is with your intention and attention, bring compassion, acceptance, understanding, and love to that area.

So, you know, right now I’m gonna pick my right shoulder, so I’m just breathing right into wherever you feel the core of that tension is. And just bring in with that breath, just this full acceptance of that pain, that tension, that blocked energy, just being there. Total acceptance. Just as you breathe in, just fill and surround it with, with love, compassion, empathy. Just go there with your attention and attention. ’cause what most people do is they’re trying to go away from that. And that can actually freeze you up there even more. So. So the in breath is that full compassion, acceptance and understanding. And your out breath is then letting go of anything that’s ready to be let go of.

So let’s do that again in with the compassion, love and acceptance and out with the tension. And to symbolize this letting go, you can put your hands into fists and then let go of your hands. And that will kind of symbolize the letting go of that tension as well. So you don’t even have to understand what this tension or blocked energy is about, or pain it or where it comes from. All you need to do is take your attention there, which is like the sun maged through a magnifying glass, burning it away. And it’s not a burning away based on a fighting it, it’s a burning away based on a deep and full acceptance first because usually these kinds of tensions, numbness, fears, stuck emotions, stuck energy are places where the love or the self-acceptance has been cut off. And now you’re just restoring that. And so it frees your body mind system up to go back into harmony and reintegration again. And so let’s do that again. See the breath, go right into the center of that sensation, deeper, deeper, deeper, right into the heart of it.

Hold that love and acceptance there. And then light the sun melting away an iceberg and flowing it back into the water again, breathing deeply into the heart of it and letting it out. And again, you can symbolize just letting go by making fists with your hands and completely let the tension go. So let’s do that again. Sometimes you have to do it a few times. Sometimes it works the first time. But we, a few times might, uh, be more of the trick depending on how long that tension’s been there. So again, breathing right into the heart with your uja breath, bring your love and attention and understanding and acceptance and let it go.

Okay? Now you can give a command to your subconscious to keep this process going on autopilot until it’s complete to, to just complete the whole process. And, and it’ll keep going throughout the day, maybe throughout the night as you sleep in the background. And you may also decide to steal a few moments throughout your day to do this little process. Again, you can do it when driving, obviously keep your eyes open. But when making a meal, when you feel tension, building up and lying in bed, anytime you’re feeling, um, negativity or tension or pain sore in your body, ’cause often it’s the resistance and the fear of the sensations. That’s 90% of the tension and the pain anyway. And once you fully allow that sensation to be there, the actual feeling is small and much easier to deal with. It’s like, eh, let’s say going swimming in cold water, you put your toe in and your whole body freezes up with resistance and you don’t wanna go.

But if you just keep wading into the water, the body adjusts itself and then often you’re completely invigorated and so happy that you jumped in the water <laugh>. So, so now let’s just dive into your heart-based logic, uh, in order to transform an obstacle in your life. Um, and that happens to bring your attention into your heart area and be warned that lots of people’s hearts are kind of numb over the years. People numb themselves out because of unresolved disappointments, um, hurts, regrets and so forth. And that’s why it’s hard for some people to use heart-based logic. But it’s like the air traffic control tower of your whole body mind system. Um, but if you’ve frozen off parts of your heart in order to protect yourself, then it’s like the, the door’s frozen into the air traffic control tower and you can’t get into the console to see what’s happening.

And then you’re trying to make decisions about your life, trying to solve conflicts based on standing on the ground and looking up into the sky, what I like to call just reasoning kind of logic. And you’re lacking all the multidimensional abilities, all the technological instruments, tools, communication devices that make your job so much easier. So that’s why we just did that exercise before with the breathing to start melting away and releasing those frozen parts. And I know lots of my clients over the years have, you know, used been just doing that on their heart more than anything else. And in fact, they say that’s one of the number one reasons for heart attacks as the number one killer on the planet are frozen hearts. So by unfreezing your heart, you really, you make yourself better and healthier. Just having more blood flowing through your entire body alone will prevent all kinds of diseases.

So now you don’t, don’t feel like you have to do all the unfreezing all at once because you can flood your system if you do it too quickly. That would be like melting the entire polar ice cap all at once. So just let the wisest part of your body mind system help direct the process so that it happens in, in its own way, in its own time, in a way that’s easy for you to handle. But regardless, I mean, everyone still has part of their heart switched on, otherwise you wouldn’t feel empathy for people. You wouldn’t feel the love and caring that you do for life, for pets, for challenges that people you see are facing around the globe. It is just that we all have parts of our heart that are a little frozen off. So let’s go back to these examples. So with something in mind, you know, pick something for yourself.

Bring up an obstacle that you’re facing right now. It could be a place of indecision. Um, maybe how to solve a conflict with your spouse, uh, whether or not to start a business, how to increase income over the next three months. And the more specific you can be, the better. Like say you wanna bring in, you know, an extra 10,000 or whatever it is, uh, it could be you know how to find a new place to live. You just feeling totally stuck on that it’s not happening. Or how to heal from a pesky health issue. You’ve tried all kinds of things. It’s not working. How to get back on track and feel more on purpose if you just feel like kind of unfulfilled and unhappy with how you’re living your life. So what you wanna do first, hopefully you’ve got one, got one good <laugh>.

Just pick one for now. You might have many, but you know, you can use a different one each time you listen to this. So create a symbol for that obstacle. For example, you could see an image of your spouse, you could see $10,000 written inside a circle, or you can see the logo of your new company. So just pick an image in your mind that’ll help you do this process. Now imagine you could sort of shrink yourself down and go right inside your heart. And inside your heart is kind of like the air traffic control center room at an airport. It’s circular and there’s lots of consoles and screens and windows looking out in all directions as airplanes go by. And, and I want you to see one big main screen in front of you. And there you are sitting, maybe sitting at a seat, maybe like, you know, the Captain Kirk, big pilot seat on the enterprise in Star Trek, <laugh>.

And, uh, and, and so you’re sitting there and you’re in the center of your control center where you can access your heart-based logic. You can access your greatest possible wisdom where you can see into the future as to what might be the right path you to take here, whereby you’re able to consider the best for all concerned in a big decision that might affect a lot of people and have access to knowledge that’s beyond your conscious ability Now. So that’s the, the power of this. It’s the, it’s the notion, the philosophy that actually we can tap into greater the greater wisdom in the world. The, uh, ability to know what would be the best for all concerns, especially if you are going into it with good intention. So what you wanna do is put that symbol up on a screen in front of you. For example, if the question is in regards to, you know, starting a business, or let’s say, let’s use the example of your business website, the obstacle is that you can’t seem to get it done.

And so you can put like the logo of the business up, uh, in front of you. Now this is where it’s important to have a few possible options that are specific. It makes the process much easier. So for example, one choice is to stay with your present web design firm who seems to be taking a very long time in doing things that you don’t like or getting rid of them and hiring another. So on the first screen you might put a symbol of the first web designer could be their company logo or an image of the person just in your mind’s eye. And then you want to focus on that image with the intention of knowing whether or not to continue the process with this design company. Now, with, with the brightness of the image being a yes and the darkness of the image being a no, so maybe you see the image get brighter, very bright, and then you would kind of know that would be a yes.

And then maybe you put up an image of the person or company logo of the new designer you’re thinking of moving over to, and maybe you see that image get darker and that would mean a no. So it’s important to sense also into not only the visuals, but also a physical feeling such as a sense of alignment, groundedness, and containment. If it’s a yes or a sense of misalignment, ungroundedness or lack of containment, if it’s a no. And also emotional feelings, if you get a sense of happiness, excitement, rightness, it’s a yes. And if you get a sense of unhappiness, dullness, wrongness, it’s a no. And also some people might also get written words. See, so they might see the word yes, pop up or see the word no pop up, or some people hear spoken words such as yes or no. And some people receive their information in multim modalities in many ways.

And the more ways you can receive your information, the better. But start with what feels accessible for you at this time. Now, what if you get a mixed response or no response? Now it might mean you’re asking the wrong question, then you might wanna change the question. Maybe to add a third option, uh, add in a specific timeline, for example, with one of my clients who was important for her to continue with her present design or up, up until they completed the homepage, and then switch over to the second designer when it came to creating a more complicated membership site in the backend. So these other kinds of questions will start to become clear to you once you’re really focusing your full attention on this area. So just trust that you’ll kind of get the sense of, okay, how do I have to change the question to get the right answer?

Because a huge part of this process is actually choosing the right question, and you kind of do have to do that through trial and error until you get a clear yes or a clear no. Now you might have other biofeedback, uh, techniques that you use. Some people use muscle checking, some people use dosing. Some people, you know, just get a gut feeling. Either way, whatever works for you, just get really good <laugh> at sensing into that and, and making sure it’s not being messed with. Like for example, if you do know muscle checking, which I know, um, you know, if you’re sitting next to a computer, it doesn’t work anymore, it throws off your electrical system. It’s whereby you’re te you’re pushing down like on your arm to chest the deltoid muscle. And if it’s strong, you get a yes. And if it’s weak, it’s a no.

But again, if you’re in a a lot of electromagnetic field energy, it can actually mess it up and they’ve tested this scientifically. So you have to make sure your biofeedback, you have to be hydrated, you have to be in a good state of mind. Uh, it’s harder to do this if you’ve got a really strong emotional negative agenda about something <laugh>, but play with it and, and, you know, get yourself to this relaxed place first. And then of course, it, it will work better. You know, I’ve been using these tools for probably over 15 years now and you know, I can do very quickly on a phone call with someone and they’re offering me, say, an opportunity to speak at an event. And I used to kinda make decisions based on just one thing where it was or who it was for. But now I can, I can tap into all these multim modalities by immediately going into a relaxed place and know, especially if you have to make a decision at the last minute and be able to get that really good and important decision. Until next time, thanks for listening.





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