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She specializes in ascension, spiritual awakening, disclosure fiction, life purpose, soul mission, leadership, metaphysics, women's wisdom and personal coaching

How to Be a Leader in the Coming Golden Age 


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Why Book Carla to Speak?

For over 23 years, Carla Rieger has been speaking all over the world at live and virtual events. 

Her uplifting, fun and interactive presentations to over 1500 groups, have captured hearts and minds around the world. 

Help your attendees be more effective change agents through how they manage their own state of mind. She is the CEO of The Artistry of Change Training and Coaching, Inc, a training and coaching firm. 

She has written 3 novels and 5 nonfiction books including Helio Tropez, Stello Tropez, The Change Artist, MindStory Inner Coach, Storytelling in Business, The Heart of Presenting, Presentation Skills for Prosperity, The Power of Laughter, plus hundreds of articles and 12 online learning programs. 

In addition, she has 10 years experience in the performing arts, specifically comedy. As a frequent speaker, trainer, facilitator, coach, performer and consultant, Carla helps people live their purpose with power and passion.

Performance Coaching

Carla Rieger helps people in stay in high performance states so they can be their best no matter what. 

She can help you:

     * motivate, inspire and lead others through challenging change

     * get clear on your spiritual path and life purpose

     * tap into your deep creativity to live your best life

Carla has short and long term coaching programs, group or individual, live and online, depending on your needs and the needs of your team.

About Carla Rieger as a Coach

Carla Rieger is an executive performance coach helping leaders thrive in the age of advanced technology. In addition to powerful leadership strategies, Carla offers tools for a lifetime to change limiting beliefs that are blocking successful performance. Done live or online from anywhere in the world. 

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