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Ep. 7 – The Difference Between Densities and Dimensions

Because of world situations and looking at the deeper meaning behind it all, this has become a popular topic. It’s the notion that we are indeed moving from one density or dimension to another. But which one is it? The topic of densities and dimensions is featured in the novel, Helio Tropez, and people ask me about how to differentiate, so here goes.





Topics Covered:


02:42   –  Densities – a definition and the difference between 1D-2D-3D-4D-5D-6D

08:23  –  Dimensions – a definition and the difference between 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th

13:30  –  How to get more familiar with 5D

17:12   –  How to graduate out of 3D




HELIO TROPEZ – An Epic Time Travel Fantasy About a Secret Subterranean World





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Today I wanted to talk about the difference between densities and dimensions, and the different levels and what they mean. This is a popular topic these days especially given world situations and looking at the deeper meaning behind it all…and the notion that we are indeed moving from one density and dimension to another. This information I share today is based on many years of research and also my own gnosis, inner knowing and connection with my own higher mind. And of course many people in the awakening communities are talking about all that kind of information these days more and more. And the topic of densities and dimensions is featured often in my novel, Helio Tropez, and people ask me about how to differentiate, so here goes.

Now, people often ask me if these are just fantasy topics like densities and dimensions, or real at some level of existence. I do believe there is some truth to all this, and that’s why I study it. I like to put these ideas into a fiction format because I think it’s easier to consume in that way, it gives it a possible context for deeper understanding of the material. And if you don’t choose to believe it, you can just enjoy the story. Everything in the universe is there for  learning, for discerning. It’s up to each person. But this notion of densities versus dimensions and our bigger story of evolution seems to fascinate a lot of people.

For example, where do we go when we leave our physical body. I’ve done a lot of research in this area such as near-death experiences. Maybe you have, too, or even experienced one yourself. If you have then maybe you know that death is nothing to fear. The truth is that death is only a transition a door or a release from this one dimension to another.

It’s my understanding that humans and other beings in the galaxy are designed to evolve through various densities growing as a soul until they come back into oneness. If you are in a lower density it brings  you farther away from source, unity, oneness, God, the great creator, or what they call SANA in the novel Helio Tropez. And of course being in a higher density brings you closer to this source of all things.

For example, on the surface of the earth most people are in 3rd Density, whereas many people in Inner Earth are in 4th Density.  It’s said there at least 12 Densities.  Each time you rise from a lower density to a higher one, it’s referred to as Ascension, or one step more on the evolution process. It’s also possible to Descend through the densities, which some people do by conscious choice, or they get thrown back because of bad choices.

As surface humans move from 3D to 5D, they go from Homo Sapien to Homo Luminous.  A Homo Luminous person has more of a “light” body. It’s less dense, has greater psionic or psychic abilities. You have remembrance of all your past lives, your concurrent lives and your galactic family connections. This is not a perfect realm, however. Problems still exist. It is like the difference between high school and university. You have challenges to overcome, but by comparison you are a free adult able to make your own decisions, and the level of learning is more advanced and by choice rather than dictated to you. A certain percentage will not graduate from 3rd density earth, and they will need to repeat their lessons. And then some won’t graduate at all and will dropout of the “soul growth game” and get recycled.



Density refers to shifts in consciousness frequency, such as 3rd density on the surface of the Earth, and 4th density in other realms, such as the Middle Earth realm of Helio Tropez. They are called 3D and 4D respectively.

For instance, lower densities there are more basic lifeforms operating by simpler laws. Higher density beings are more sophisticated in mind, body, and soul.

First Density (1D) is the lowest, corresponding to subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, chemicals, and minerals, where conscious development is rudimentary and limited to simple awareness.

Second Density (2D) plant and animal life, where consciousness first experiences will, passion, drive, pain, or pleasure.

Third Density (3D) includes beings like surface humans, who possess the seed of self-awareness and freewill. Consciousness makes the choice between helping others or exploiting them.

These three densities are fully physical and subject to the limits of three dimensional space and linear time. We’ll talk more about dimensions in a moment. They inhabit the same physical realm. Also, the densities blend into each other, and within each density there is a gradient from the lowest to the highest evolved types of beings. This is clearly seen in 2nd density where the lowest forms such as sponges or bacteria are not on the same level as the highest such as primates.

Fourth Density (4D) includes beings that straddle the boundary between spacetime and the higher ethereal realms, like in the Inner Earth city of Helio Tropez. For them, physicality is plastic and responsive to thought. They exist behind the dimensional curtain and can project into other realities at will. Some are positive, others are negative. Both 4D beings and their environments are part physical, part ethereal. The spiritual goal or lesson of 4D existence is to fully love, to come from the heart, from compassion, and to experience their last opportunity of spiritual polarity. Telepathy and supernatural abilities come easily.

Fifth Density (5D) is more of an ethereal level of existence from the perspective of lower densities. They have left behind the negative field for the most part and live in the positive field, having absorbed the lessons of lower densities such as wise discernment, sovereignty of soul, love and compassion. 5D beings are focused more on accumulating wisdom.

Sixth Density (6D) is where the 4D souls from inner earth go, for example, those in 6D have finished their personal evolution and bring the love lessons from 4D together with the wisdom lessons from 5D. They exist more as a group soul and as energy beings in a realm beyond spacetime…so they can go wherever, whenever they like.

And as I said there is also 7D, 8D, 9D, 10D, 11D and 12D, but it’s hard for 3D or even 4D humans to wrap their heads around what that’s like.



The five dimensions, on the other hand, refer to length, width, depth, time, space and relate to the TEVAS-AVARA aptitudes that are talked about in the book. So for example, by many accounts:

  • 1st dimension is HEIGHT or the PAST (as in a straight line)
  • 2nddimension is DEPTH or the FUTURE (as in a flat square)
  • 3rd dimension is LENGTH or the PRESENT (as in a cube)
  • 4th dimension is TIME or SYNCHRONICITY (as in a cube moving in one timeline)
  • 5th dimension is SPACE or ASCENSION (as in the cube moving in multiple timelimes)

Many people use the term “dimension” to  refer to a particular world, realm, or environment that is distinguished from another by more than just time or physical location. When used in a more specific sense, “dimension” refers to the degree of freedom allowed for extension and movement. These two definitions are sometimes interchangeable, sometimes not, and sometimes they correspond to density, sometimes not.

Of course that’s why there’s lots of confusion between the terms. For example, surface humans exist in Third Density and are confined to three spatial dimensions, while Inner Earth humans like those in Helio Tropez are mostly Fourth Density and seem to have access to a fourth spatial dimension. This comes from the fact that they can move through solid objects as in transfiguration, travel through time, see multiple timelines at once, and so on.

But that’s where the correlation between density and dimension ends, otherwise plants would know only the line, animals only the flat square, and humans only the cube. Yet these lower densities all inhabit the same three dimensional physical environment. Similarly, Fourth Density beings don’t necessarily have access to a fifth spatial dimension that Fifth Density beings have access to, it depends on their level of development.

The other cause for confusion is that “dimension” is sometimes used as a generic term as in “realm” or “timeline” or “reality” — basically some environment, not always our own. In some contexts, dimension and density would then be interchangeable, but not in other contexts. For instance, there may be Third Density beings living in a parallel Earth, and while they aren’t from different densities nor greater or lesser spatial dimension than we are, some people might describe them as being of another dimension, meaning “another world” not within our physically explorable universe.

Therefore, keep in mind that density and dimension are not the same thing, although occasionally the two are interchangeable.”

The idea, however, is that consciousness most often evolves rather than devolves except in certain circumstances. However, at certain intervals in galactic history new doors do open for consciousness jumps that have been closed for many thousands of years…as is depicted in the story of Helio Tropez, and that is talked and written about in many religious and spiritual traditions – in other words, prophesies about this particular time in history.

A metaphor to explain density expansion is, if you can imagine a glass full of shaved ice, where 3D people are existing is similar to this, compacted and tight. There is very little room to move around. 5D would look more like a glass full of ice cubes like from an ice tray, where there is much more space between the cubes. So, what’s important to help make the shift personally and globally is to use our imaginations to go there, with the idea that at some level of our being, we’ve perhaps already been there…so it’s kind of like remembering. So back to the metaphor, one key aspect is “spaciousness” as compared to 3D. So in 3D there is a physical sense of density, compactness, pressure…maybe you can relate to that heavy dense feeling at times. So try feeling what it’s like to be more physically spacious, light, expanded, and expansive.

Also in 3D there is a mental and emotional sense of density, compactness, pressure…maybe you can relate as well. Where you feel emotionally heavy a dense feeling in the mind. So try feeling what it’s like to be more mentally spacious, emotionally lighter. And then in 3D there is a spiritual sense of density, compactness, pressure…that you can also relate to. So try feeling what it’s like to be more spiritually expansive, lighter, brighter, more embodied. Good.

When surface humans ascend organically or naturally they go from 3D to 5D and inner earth humans ascend from 4D to 6D. SIM, or an artificial intelligence, hijacked the process for surface humans a few thousand years ago and so during that time it was referred to as inverted 3D. Of course throughout sci fi and fantasy fiction or movies you see the recurring theme of the AI invasion….whether it’s in the Terminator series, Battlestar Galactica, the Matrix and many more. So it’s the idea that a simulated reality has taken over life on the surface of the Earth, but many people think it’s real. In the novel, Helio Tropez, this AI villain known as SIM has cut surface humans off from having control over the 4th dimension of time.

Each surface human is an aspect of someone in a genetic farmer group like Helio Tropez. This is based on the idea that several researchers propose that there are 22 extraterrestrial civilizations that had genetically intervened in human affairs, and were responsible for the different racial and ethnic groups on Earth. And there is a relationship between that and the 23 DNA strands found in the human genome.

Now, apparently that mixture of genetics is not the norm in this galaxy. So, surface humans are in essence a genetic rarity …an amazing experiment that actually turned out well…whereby a higher density being can manifest into a lower density physical form…not possible before. But now after the Precession of the Equinoxes whereby the tides turn and we move through the Photon Belt , the Earth or Gaia moves out of 25,000 years of inversion, into a higher density version of herself, going from 3D to 5D. And it’s now where genetic evolution decisions are turned over to surface humanity rather than an inverted presence such as SIM, an AI, or regressive types of beings.

Now, the higher the level of density or vibrational frequency – the more refined and complex. Going through the different levels is like moving from kindergarten to elementary school to high school to university. Each density has its own main lesson to learn, as I said, and 3D consciousness is where there’s a sense of individuation and the 3 lessons are to move from service to self to service to source that moves out into others, move from enslavement of mind to sovereignty of mind, and from naivety to wise discernment.

At a certain point in a soul’s journey of maturation it discovers that the world it thought was its reality is actually a game or virtual reality, not true life. In Helio Tropez this is called Game Revelation. In the awakening community this is often called Disclosure. A person from a 3D inverted reality where the lessons are tough, wakes up and realizes they were part of a multi-player game designed to teach them important soul lessons. Once they mature enough they get to wake up out of it all and realize that they are much more than a player in a game, and that they are part of a multi-dimensional universe on a journey from oneness to duality and back again. Or in the book it’s referred to going from SANA to SIM and back, whereby SANA is synonymous with sanity and wholeness and SIM with insanity and brokenness. It’s like you can’t know one without the other. If a being stays in a world of sanity, wholeness, love, joy, harmony, light all the time, there is no learning. Learning and discovery is done through contrast. One knows true sanity through exploring insanity…or where you lose your mind to other people’s agenda or cognitive control. It’s where one knows true wholeness through exploring brokenness, or joy through misery, or harmony through disharmony or light through dark.

For example, there is a 3rd density Earth, and a 5th density mirror Earth. In fifth density they operate within the tri-wave form rather than the bi-wave, meaning beyond the polarities of good and bad. The 5D earth has always been there, but if you’re not dialled into the right frequency, you don’t experience it. It’s like dialing into a certain radio station.

Once a soul has learned their particular lessons in the density level they are in, and passed their exams, they can move closer back to the world of SANA, sanity, love and wholeness…unless of course they’re enjoying the duality consciousness and all the drama. They can choose to stay there. The only problem is that Gaia or Earth is now leaving that realm of duality, so those souls that still want it, need to go find another playground.

But if the soul is done with that level of extreme in terms of duality, then they can explore a more refined frequency in high densities where they learn other kinds of lessons. Another thing is that once a soul graduates from 3D inverted consciousness, they see others in their galactic family, who may be living on the earth, too, in other densities and dimensions such as inner earth or outer space or other planets. They return to an ability to telepathically communicate with extra-terrestrials (meaning from another planet) or inter-dimensionals (meaning from another dimension—as several dimensions can be operating in the same space), or animals or plants or other humans like them…no need for words anymore.

So, 5D earth already exists and some souls are there already and will welcome 3d humans when they arrive, just like new high school graduates arrive on the college campus. It was there all along but they didn’t see it until they were ready.

In 4th density consciousness, like in the subterranean city of Helio Tropez, they live in the 5th dimension where they can see, feel, hear, understand things that people in 3rd density living in the 4th dimension of time…cannot.

Similarly, in 5th density, it is in the 6th dimension — where surface humans are graduating to…they can see, feel and hear things that they couldn’t before. As you may have noticed some people are awakening to this higher density, this higher dimensional reality sooner than others. That can cause a lot of confusion and fighting and misunderstandings.

It’s tempting for an awakening person to want to wake others up, too, as this revelation occurs. But it doesn’t really work. It’s like trying to get a color blind person to see color. They aren’t there yet. You can share tidbits for open minded people. A color blind person might be more motivated to seek out cures for color blindness if they are given a description of what’s possible, even if they can’t understand it yet.


That said, some graduating players ARE given a mission to act as teaching assistants for others who are just beginning to wake up, but it has to be done in the right way since this path is fraught with push back from SIM, from SIM agents, or from people caught up in the cognitive control not to talk about those kinds of things. SIM pushes back in three ways when souls start to wake up…termination of the source of that information, reprogramming of the source of that information, or ridicule or disenfranchisement in some way, such as losing job, money, status, relationship, reputation. As a result, souls that are waking up need to develop physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and psychic protection, to practice wise discernment, and claim their sovereignty or freedom, especially freedom of mind, being the writer of their own MindStory code, rather than letting someone else do it. All of which are part of the final exam or part of the curriculum. So, given all the strangeness in the world, it might be an interesting way of viewing what’s going on. Is it perhaps about being activated to sort truth from lies, choose inner authority over external sources of authority, having a clear mind, using critical thinking rather than letting someone else manipulate you into a decision that’s not right for you. In fact, if you look back at your own life, most of us have been tested in this way over and over again. The tests are tougher right now, only because it’s final exam time. Choose to be willing to learn, to take back control of your own destiny and you pass the test, and a new era begins…a true Golden Age.

So, you’ll see in the show notes a link for getting Helio Tropez on Amazon. Or, just go to   https://goldenagetimeline.com/book/  That’s it for today, I hope it was useful.

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