★★★★★ Loved it! A fantasy sci-fi story involving time travel, a Matrix-like villain, and strong alien family support brings together one epic story!  - Sarah Anderson, Reedsy

★★★★★ Incredibly well-arranged, satisfyingly complex and flawlessly organized, This is a novel of the highest order. It deftly transcends genres and is a true modern classic that will be remembered for years to come.   - Steve Quade, Indies Today

WINNER of 4 Book Awards and a Bestseller in Time Travel Fiction:

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Prepare for an extraordinary journey where love, sacrifice, and psychic powers collide in this captivating sci-fi and epic fantasy.

Tia Violetta's life unravels as her thirtieth birthday approaches. Secluded in a mansion in Seattle protected by her paranoid father, Tia is unaware of her true heritage and the looming threat to herself and humanity.

She holds the key to something extraordinary, and that’s why a malevolent AI called SIM pursues her. Tia and her father, Hadden, are descendants of a subterranean refuge with inhabitants possessing awe-inspiring abilities. If she unites with four other women in her family, Tia can unleash her Pentada powers and help free humanity from the clutches of the parasitic SIM. 

 In a heart-stopping twist, just moments before old Hadden passes away, a young Hadden travels fifty years into the future to protect Tia. This selfless act sets in motion a series of events that shatter Tia's world, fracturing their reality into two separate timelines.

As Tia and young Hadden navigate treacherous terrains across timelines, their journey tests their resilience and family bonds. Humanity's fate hangs in the balance, poised for ascension or annihilation.

This mesmerizing family adventure immerses fans of metaphysical sci-fi in a realm where love and sacrifice wield the power to ensure survival.

Immerse yourself in the captivating sequel to Helio Tropez, a visionary masterpiece of science fiction fantasy.

Set 8 years later, join Tia and her extraordinary family in the enchanting Inner Earth city of Stello Tropez. Experience the magical journey of Tia's remarkable 7-year-old daughter, Satya, whose advanced abilities lead them into a thrilling quest.

When Satya is abducted, Tia and her family unite with a galactic timekeeper organization, embarking on a mission to rescue her and guide humanity's ascension. Their path is fraught with obstacles, battling the malevolent AI, SIM, lurking in the shadows.

Prepare for a pulse-pounding narrative that intertwines ancient wisdom, spirituality, and the relentless pursuit of freedom. Explore the profound power of love and resilience as Tia's family confronts their deepest fears in their battle against SIM's darkness.

Delve into this transformative tale that kindles inner growth, awakening a sense of wonder from within. Let the captivating power of "Stello Tropez" propel you toward a future brimming with limitless possibilities. Prepare to be moved, inspired, and forever transformed by this extraordinary adventure.


There is a metaphysical aspect of Helio Tropez that makes it so much more than just a good read. Fans of sci-fi/fantasy will enjoy it for sure, but readers who seek depth will be thrilled to step out of the mundane and into this fascinating world! - Page Lovitt, Reader Views

From the very first chapter, it had me enthralled. The journey of Hadden and Tia through the different timelines and flashbacks was truly intriguing. I particularly enjoyed the subtle but very clear references to the real situations which are damaging the human race as we know it.  I'm looking forward to reading more books from this author.       - Christine Azzopardi 

The characters are wonderful, the story is compelling. Highly creative throughout. I also love how the book weaves in a commentary on our present-day world with incredible insights on how to address issues so we can live better lives.       - Catherine Berris

I don't say this often, but I was genuinely hooked by Helio Tropez from start to finish!! It's beyond excellent!      - Jasmine X.

The deeper you go into this story, the more the characters unfold.  Rieger's ability to reveal just enough to intrigue is amazing.  The story draws you in with surprising twists and turns.  Resolutions are hard won and beautifully human with all of the flaws and surprising, bright insights that lift us out of the ordinary.  An attention grabber.        - Catherine Steele

Helio Tropez is a real page turner.  This sci-fi fantasy adventure will grab your attention as the fascinating characters develop and the compelling plot thickens. Interwoven in the story are metaphysical concepts, magical moments, Universal Truths and the challenge of darkness to Light.  I highly recommend this book!      - Mary Sue Rabe

I love the way elements of consciousness are woven into Helio Tropez... the gem stones, the animal soul mates, having wings with higher levels of vibration, etc. And the fascinating power struggle between light and dark psychic energies in the world, feels so relatable given the global uprising that is underway today.       - Maureen Jack-LaCroix

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