Monthly Archives: July 2022

Ep. 26 – 4 Common Habits that Drain Your Energy

If you look at a person’s daily habits, you can usually tell a lot about their overall success in life. In this episode we’ll look at 4 common habits that drain people and ways to re-energize you no matter what’s going on.      SCROLL DOWN TO DOWNLOAD THE MP3     ———————– Topics Covered: ———————– […]

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Ep. 25 – 3 Self-Healing Tools to Help Usher in the Golden Age

If we’re on the brink of a golden age, self-healing can help us get there quicker. In this episode, I’ll talk about what I mean by that, and 3 steps for regularly healing yourself at many levels.    SCROLL DOWN TO DOWNLOAD THE MP3     ———————– Topics Covered: ———————– 04:30 – A 3-step regular […]

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Ep. 24 – How to Create the Future YOU Want

Do you ever feel like your future is pulling you in a direction you don’t want to go? How you focus your imagination makes a huge difference to what happens in your future – personally, professionally, and globally. Here’s a fun process for creating what you want instead of what you don’t want.   SCROLL DOWN […]

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