August 14

Ep. 33 – 3 Mistakes That Block Your Spiritual Awakening

Are you seeking a spiritual awakening but are feeling blocked? This video reveals the 3 biggest mistakes that prevent spiritual growth and ascension to higher states of consciousness.

Here we dive into how these 3 default human mindsets stop you from awakening to your highest potential. You’ll learn how to break free from those bad habits of mind to soar beyond the regular entrapments of life and live your full potential.


Through easy-to-digest segments, enjoy thought-provoking perspectives on topics like:

– Letting go of the need for approval from others

– Understanding the role of contrast and duality in our evolution

– Facing and integrating your fears and shadow aspects

– Using difficult experiences as catalysts for transformation

– Getting curious about how change can aid your awakening

If you want to break free from stagnation and limitations, this video provides eye-opening insights plus simple tips to unblock your path. You’ll be inspired to trust your inner wisdom, welcome all of life’s gifts, and lean into change as the soul’s invitation to ascend.

The key to rapid spiritual evolution is within you. Avoid these 3 all-too-common mistakes and step into your highest potential!





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Ep 33 – 3 Mistakes That Block Your Spiritual Awakening


Welcome back to the Golden Age Timeline channel. Today, we’re diving into the world of spiritual awakening and exploring the three common mistakes that might be blocking your path to getting on the ascending or golden age timeline. So,

1 – The Trap of External Validation

One of the biggest mistakes that can hinder your spiritual awakening is seeking external validation. We often look for approval and acceptance from others, often subconsciously below our awareness, measuring our worth based on their opinions. But, actually your spiritual journey is uniquely yours, and it doesn’t need nor should it require validation from anyone else. We all awaken at different times. And there are some people in your life who will never awaken in this lifetime. They are choosing a descending timeline, and that’s okay. Souls enter different realities like this one, for their own reasons. Like you might have gone to an amusement park with friends. One wants to go on the most wild rides, another doesn’t like those and wants to play say… the ring toss, another likes the relaxing mini golf experience.

Now, of course, most of us forgot our reasons for being here, but if you’re watching a video like this, chances are you’re an old soul having learned many lessons in many lifetimes and you’re done. You’ve gone on every ride, you experienced it all, and you’re ready to return home or to a different kind of reality… maybe one with more harmony, prosperity, and joy. And that’s where you’re at. No need to convince others that your path is the one they should take. You want to go on an ascending timeline because that’s what’s appropriate for you. Embrace your authenticity, trust your intuition, and let go of the need for external approval of your direction. The most important aspect of awakening from an inverted 3D reality where so much is designed to make you give up your sovereignty and lose contact with your inner compass… is to go inside instead and discover your inner truth, not seeking validation or direction from the outside world…whether its friends, media, social media, authority figures but your inner knowing. It requires alone time and isolation some times so you can unhook from the cords of influence of those around you.

So, if you’re feeling the need to isolate, be alone at times, withdraw from the world… as long as you’re doing it from a place of self care, self respect and internal knowing… it’s the right thing to do. Yes, sometimes we need to reach out and be connected, but again use your intuition to guide you as to when and how that is. Many social interactions actually drain people on an ascending path, especially if the others are not on the same wavelength. And its okay, you’re okay, if you want to be with your inner guidance… where you can find and be immersed in a kind of unconditional love that you cannot find in the external world.

Another mistake of looking to the external world for solutions is looking for whom to blame. You may already remember that as without, so within. Yes, there’s talk of good people against bad people, white hats against black hats, good versus evil. And while that’s true on one level, it’s also a projection of what’s going on within an individual and within the collective unconscious of humanity as the famous 20th century philosopher, Carl Jung called it. The dualistic battle without happens within each of us. When we allow that alchemical process to happen it creates a third element… and that’s the ascension process. In this reality, you can’t have day without night, or good without bad, as then you wouldn’t have any contrast to understand one from the other. If everyone was good, if everything was daylight, you couldn’t understand it. It would be like a fish swimming in water, it just IS because there’s no understanding of a life on land. So that’s something to remember there’s that temptation to blame the black hats and see ourselves as only good. We are all a combination of light and dark, but at this juncture in history you do need to make a clear choice. But the ascending timelines isn’t just the light, love, white hat path… it’s the learning from the dark, the hate, the black hat experiences, mulching, composting and using it as wisdom so that when we enter the higher realms, we aren’t ignorant. We understand where that descending timeline takes us and we’re not interested in going there anymore.


2 – Ignoring the Negative Aspects of Life

So that ties in well with Mistake #2 which is ignoring the negative aspects of life. The shadow self is usually the part of us we try to hide away. Ignoring this aspect can be a major block on your spiritual path. If you’re on a quest to reach the fifth-dimensional Earth, but feeling overwhelmed by the belief that you must ignore all fear and all shadow aspects of the self along the way? Well, let’s to debunk this common myth. When you choose at the soul level to come to a 3D density inverted realm like earth, you’ve chosen a dualistic reality with shadow and light, bad and good, night and day, fear and courage, hate and love. The dark side of life and the light side of life work together as an alchemical journey to help you grow at the soul level. It’s not something to be eradicated entirely, but rather faced, understood and processed as part of our journey towards enlightenment. Just look to the natural world. You plant a seed in dark soil and it stays in the dark, underground using the broken down material of expired plants and manure and such… it struggles against pests, rocks, imbalance and other obstacles. But if its strong enough it pushes through all that until the seed becomes a seedling and breaks through the soil to the sunlight. And then it continues to seek strengthening elements like sun and water, while building strength to overcome weakening agents like pests, bad weather or bad soil. Once the plant emerges into a strong healthy plant, its time for harvest.

Moving to 5D Earth is like your higher self harvesting your lower self. You enter a state of consciousness where love, unity, and compassion are prevalent. The fear, the shadow aspects of life were like the fertile soil that grounded you and allowed you to flourish. So rather than try to avoid, repress or suppress that fact, those who learn to face it, manage it and rise above it are the ones who make it. The negative aspects of life are catalysts for growth and transformation, pushing us towards a deeper understanding of ourselves, better strength, resilience, wisdom and power… if we choose to see it that way.

So, a regular question to ask yourself is… how is this challenging aspect of life… as teacher? Every time negativity arises, ask yourself: What is it trying to show me? What can I learn from this experience? By doing so, we use it as the raw fuel to unlock our true potential.

It’s important to remember that it’s a normal an aspect of our human experience, that we chose at the soul level, even though we probably don’t remember. By cultivating self-compassion and love, we create a safe space within ourselves to explore and transcend the negatives of our lives. If you’re older and remember when you had to use a darkroom to process photos, before the digital age, you’ll appreciate this old quote by the comedian Swami Beyondananda, “Fear is the little dark room where negatives are made.”


3 – Resistance to Change

The 3rd mistake that often blocks our spiritual awakening is resistance to unexpected change. For example, you have to move, or you need a new way of making a living, or a key relationship in your life goes away. Change can be scary, but without it we tend to stagnate and stop growth and evolving. So consider that this recent change that’s been thrust upon you might be something that LIFE brought to you on purpose, to help you grow and evolve, as much as the ego part of the self might not life that. Take five minutes and be curious. What might it be like to step out of your comfort zone, and allow yourself to do something different, be something different? If you explore first in your imagination… it makes it easier to explore new paths.

For example, I had a client whose son died in a scuba diving accident. He spent 2 years grieving and eventually joined a grief group reluctantly at first. But after a while, he found it helped. What helped the most was to start helping others. So he trained as a grief counsellor and went onto help other parents who’d lost children. It was a far more fulfilling career than what he’d been doing before. So you usually need to just be with whatever negative emotions emerge from this change, letting yourself process them in whatever way is best. But on the other side of that it might be sending you on a new path. Another change that you’d think someone would want is a client who got a promotion. She went from front line employee to manager. It meant more pay, more decision making power, and validation for all her hard work. But it was still a tricky adjustment. She took the time to consider that this recent change might be something that LIFE brought to her on purpose, to help her grow and evolve. She took a few minutes daily to get curious. What was uncomfortable and why? How do I need to be different, what do I need to do differently?    It opened her to new perspectives, experiences, abilities and ideas… which helped her feel more confident in the role, to try things, make mistakes, learn and grow. What was making her uncomfortable was thinking she had to do the job perfectly right from the start, or she would be demoted or fired. Once she let herself off the hook, she had the freedom and ease to really grow in the role more rapidly and see this as part of her spiritual awakening. Eventually she left that role and started her own business, but without that experience of leading others, she would never have taken the leap. Embrace the journey of transformation with an open heart and a curious mind—how can I grow from this? Embracing change will lead you to incredible spiritual breakthroughs.

So being aware of these three mistakes can unblock your spiritual awakening. Letting go of seeking external validation; trusting in your inner guidance and embrace your uniqueness. Embracing the negative side of life – how does it hold the keys to profound self-awareness? And welcoming unexpected change with open arms, with the idea that LIFE wants you to win and at some level has brought this change as a catalyst for your spiritual growth.

I encourage you to reflect on your own journey and how you can break free from these mistakes. Embrace your awakening, for it’s a divine dance of discovering your true self…which can bring peace and connection like nothing else.

Thank you for listening. If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to like, subscribe, and hit that notification bell to stay connected. See you next time.





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