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At Golden Age Timeline we publish books and produce content on Visionary themes. For example, the Golden Age Timeline podcast is for inner truth seekers, creative types, and those who love stories.

We publish visionary fantasy fiction books such as, Helio Tropez. In case you don’t know, Visionary Fantasy fiction is a genre with mind, body, spirit themes and perspectives, including consciousness expansion, spirituality, mysticism, time travel and parapsychology.  So think The Celestine Prophecy, The Alchemist, Illusions or Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Maybe you’ve read books like that in the past.

Fantasy Fiction

Helio Tropez, our latest novel, is like The Celestine Prophecy meets Mists of Avalon meets Jupiter Ascending. The book centers on a time traveling man and his adult daughter. She lives a normal life until she discovers they are descendants of an advanced race of subterranean humans trying to help surface humans evolve.

Right now humanity is leaving a control matrix that’s been in effect for thousands of year. We are transitioning into a higher dimensional timeline, or a Golden Age Timeline.


In some ways, the world is splitting off into different timelines depending on how you focus your mind. Each day we each have a choice whether we consciously realize it or not to take a descending timeline that is controlled, unhealthy and distressed, or a golden timeline that is free, healthy, thriving.

In other words, if life is a school, we are close to graduation. Where do you want to go next on your learning journey? The intense scenarios happening on the world stage are designed to teach wise discernment. It’s for us to wake so we can get back a life of purpose and meaning. If you've already on the Golden Age Timeline, you are meant to lead and help others do the same.

Golden Age Timeline supports people to find and develop their purpose in this coming Golden Age. We explore how to shift subconscious "mind stories", get clarity on their mission and purpose, overcome procrastination, and build authentic self confidence. Here you’ll find an intersection of career/business clarity, personal growth, emotional well-being, creative self expression and spiritual development.

About Host and Author

For two decades, C.M. Rieger has specialized in helping ‘artists of change’ find their path, unlock their inner genius and get their work out in the world. Whether they are authors, performers, artists, musicians, leaders, coaches, educators, practitioners, journalists...they might feel a calling to help usher in the New Earth using their unique offerings. CM Rieger has also been an author, performer, coach, speaker and educator internationally for over 20 years, and founded the Artistry of Change Network that supports 'artists of change' to thrive.

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