June 7

Ep. 43 – 5 Psychic Skills to Protect Yourself

Here we delve into the mystical realm of psychic protection against negative forces. Discover five potent skills based on the TEVAS personality styles.


We’ll also guide you through practical exercises, including the Darth Vader breathing technique, to help you center yourself and access your innate psychic abilities. Whether you’re new to psychic protection or looking to refine your skills, this video offers valuable insights and practices for your spiritual journey.

Don’t forget to take our 60-second TEVAS personality style quiz to uncover your dominant psychic-intuitive-manifestation style and unlock your inner potential.



Topics Covered

04:16 – Shielding (Tangent Skill) – Learn how to create a powerful protective “Silver Light Sheild” to shield yourself from harmful energies.

09:00 – Journaling (Ecrivent Skill) – Discover how automatic writing can tap into higher consciousness for guidance and protection.

12:51 Reading Auras (Voyent Skill)** – Master the ability to perceive auras and uncover hidden truths.

16:25  – Hearing Subtext (Audient Skill)** – Develop the skill to hear the true intentions behind words and tones.

18:48 – Reading Emotional Subtext (Sentient Skill)** – Enhance your empathic abilities to understand and manage emotional vibrations.



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Ep 43 – 5 Psychic Skills to Protect Yourself

Welcome, to another episode of *Golden Age Timeline podcast*! Today I’d like to delve into the mystical realm of psychic protection, unveiling five potent skills based on the 5 TEVAS personality styles. These outline intuition skills/learning styles you can use to manifest what you want and to protect yourself… as seen in the fantasy science fiction novel, Helio Tropez.

So, as I talk about these, imagine yourself doing them as you think about something you need or want protection from. Because imagination and intention are the drivers of all these psychic skills. To better access your innate skills, let’s take a moment to centre ourselves. Close your eyes, unless you’re driving, of course. Now breathe deeply, using the Darth Vadar breath that we talked about in Ep. 41 about overcoming obstacles. Restrict the back of your throat, breathing in and out to release toxins and old stale air from the tiny capillaries. 4 counts to breathe in, hold for 4 counts, 4 counts to breathe out. Good. Again.  4 counts to breathe in, hold for 4 counts, 4 counts to breathe out. Good. Again. 4 counts to breathe in, hold for 4 counts, 4 counts to breathe out. Good. Last time. 4 counts to breathe in, hold for 4 counts, 4 counts to breathe out.  So, notice that gave you more vital life force energy and if not try continuing with that breathing exercise as you listen.

Let’s use an example to help understand the need for and methods for psychic protection. This is based on my own experiences as well as having coached over a thousand people on this topic. A woman named Maggie is an amalgamation of several clients I’ve worked with. She started a new job and had odd feelings about the work environment. Upon meeting people, smiles and pleasantries abounded, yet something was awry beneath the surface. Simple things at first, she noticed. Like one of her new co-workers smiled with her mouth, but her eyes told a different story – eyeing her with distrust. Her boss said supportive things, like “ask me if you have any questions,” but his body language spoke of a predatory intent.

In the past she’d only noticed surface behaviour, but since working on her psychic/intuitive skills she can detect subtexts, see, hear, feel, sense and know more extrasensory information. That way, she can prevent problems.  So, let’s look at the 5 skills.


A Tangent Psychic Protection Skill – Shielding

Our first skill hails from the realm of the Tangent personality style —the kinaesthetic learners and Clairtangents among us. Maybe that’s you. These are the people that often get a gut instinct for something being okay or not okay using their body as a barometer. Maggie has learned to use a specific Tangent skill, so she picks up a pen belonging to her boss, feeling its energy course through her fingertips. This tactile connection unveils insights into their character, shedding light on hidden motives and intentions. In this case, the man is like a leopard in the jungle sussing out a new potential target for siphoning energy. Either he’s simply an energy vampire who takes people’s energy without giving back, or a sexual predator, using sexual energy in the same way, or a power seeker who gains energy from dominating others. She’s not sure yet, but the intent is malevolent in any case. So, she visualises a protective aura enveloping her, a shield forged from her own intent, imagination, and physical sensations.

Although this may seem too flimsy, or that you wouldn’t be able to do this with simply your own intent… you would be surprised. Start here and see what happens. Predators, like ones in the jungle, focus on weak or vulnerable members of the herd, because they’re easiest to attack. People with a weak sense of sense, unresolved trauma, low self-esteem, or a neediness to be liked are more vulnerable to predatory types. At an energetic level, their auras have holes, like a leaky boat. The holes allow predatory types to get in. Those who choose to erect an energetic shield and stay connected to a higher sense of divine purpose are much more work for a predator to take down, so they tend to ignore those types and move on. In Maggie’s case, that’s all she had to do. Imagine herself shielded regularly, as a daily meditation and her boss backed off, sensing it would be too much work to break through. There are many psychic shielding methods you can probably find on YouTube or on the internet. Different ones work for different people. Try them and see how you feel.


Silver-Light Shield

A simple one to erect is the silver light shield. Use all your senses to help make it real. Just see yourself now suspended in a platinum-silver cylinder, like a floating phone booth, with a round shield 3 feet above your head and a matching one 1 foot below your feet. See a silver feed light of energy going from the top shield to the sun for nourishment and a silver feed light of energy going from the bottom flat round shield to the centre of the earth for grounding. Sense into the menthol aroma and vitality of it. Hear a soothing tone quietly emanating from it, allowing your brain and nervous system to completely relax and let go. Once you’ve activated it in detail like this, you can do a shortcut. So, any time you’re in public or around environments that might drain you you, here’s a way to quickly activate it—touch your thumb and your index finger together on both hands, and say Silver Shield Up.


An Ecrivent Psychic Protection Skill – Journaling

Now, let’s turn to the Ecrivents—the ‘read-write’ learners or Claircognizants—masters of the written word and divine downloads, where they simply know information by reading say… the Akashic records, energetic records of a situation to get to the source code of situation. Maybe this is a skill you have or the potential to activate. So, Maggie had learned all five intuitive-psychic skills. To build her Ecrivent skills, she used journaling and specifically automatic writing, to tap into a higher consciousness, receiving guidance on navigating potential malevolent environments. Often, the pen is mightier than the sword when it comes to psychic protection. Remember, imagination and intent are incredibly powerful tools. Don’t underestimate or under use them.

Consider this: in her second week on the job, she got a cryptic email from a colleague that sounded friendly on the surface but had an undercurrent of malice. It was about a new client not receiving access online to one of the company’s products that he’d just bought. Access was Maggie’s responsibility. She fixed it right away as it was simply a tech glitch. She discovers through the grapevine, however that this colleague had pointed out the tech glitch to upper management, insinuating that Maggie wasn’t up for the job.

Instead of dismissing it or confronting the woman, Maggie embraced her Ecrivent skills, allowing her intuition to guide her pen as she journaled about the situation. In the stillness of introspection, she receives a revelation—an insight into the woman’s true intentions, to get promoted into her position. Just to ensure she wasn’t being paranoid, she addressed the matter herself with a person in upper management, and her suspicions were confirmed. Her colleague had applied for her position and been refused. Instead, they hired outside the company, and Maggie got the position. Upper management was happy with her in the role. That said, she left the position soon after, but her intuitive skills gave her an edge in negotiating the undercurrent of competition.

So see yourself trying this writing skill the next time you need greater insight into a conflictual situation, or one in which you sense someone isn’t being straight with you. Ask a higher wisdom to come through in your writing and ensure the source is high frequency and not low frequency, stating clearly that you only want an empowering, benevolent, honest, astute source of wisdom and that will weed out any lower formed entities from crashing the party.



A Voyent Psychic Protection Skill – Reading Auras

Now, let’s explore the realm of the Voyents—the visual learners and Clairvoyants—who perceive the unseen through the mind’s eye. Maybe that’s something you can relate to. In this same situation, Maggie could envision the auras of her colleagues. An aura is the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place. In her mind’s eye, she could see hues revealing truths hidden from plain sight. In one colleague she saw a blackness around her signifying exhaustion, potential burnout, or depression / suppressed negative emotions. And that auric field was thin, almost non-existent. This struck her as congruent as the woman had recently dealt with a divorce and the loss of her mother. On the other hand, Maggie’s assistant had predominantly a bright green and pink aura that radiated far and wide, signifying a kind, caring and loving nature, which was true about her. Her boss, on the other hand, had a brownish-red aura in sharp spikes around his head, signifying anger and vengeance, which seemed in alignment with his behaviour  trying to have power over others rather than being empowering. All that said, our auras change in colour and size throughout the day and throughout our lives, but some people hover in a certain ranges most of the time. In general, dark colours signify potential darkness within, while lighter shades suggest more benevolent souls. Bigger auras suggest more power, and smaller auras suggest less power.

On one occasion, she attended a team meeting, observing her coworkers as they spoke… noticing the kaleidoscope of energies that danced around them. A consultant came to pitch their team on a contract. He was shrouded in a cloak of murky shadows that sent a shiver down her spine—a harbinger of hidden agendas and deceit. Although his pitch was slick and addressed their needs, she shared her impression with her boss’s boss, who tended to have a lighter coloured aura and more benevolent intentions towards staff. In the end, they went with someone else and the woman appreciated hearing Maggie’s input.

So think about someone you know well, someone you recently interacted with, and see if you can sense the colour or colours in the aura around them. Focus on the energy around their head. Is it white, purple, red, black, a mixture? Does the auric field radiate far and wide or does it stick close to their body, or is it almost non-existent?


An Audient Psychic Protection Skill – Hearing Subtext

So, let’s look at the Audient style—the auditory learners and Clairaudients—who hear whispers of truth amidst the cacophony of voices. Maggie has learned to listen not only to the words spoken but also to the subtext beneath, discerning intentions through tone, frequency and resonance. Often in crowded places like a busy office workplace, she could hear a symphony of people’s inner voices. She now knows how to lower the volume so as not to drive herself crazy, but at times, it’s a useful skill.

On one occasion, a new scheduling policy meant people had to work longer hours. She engaged in a conversation with a few colleagues, and their reactions played like a river of superficial pleasantries. Yet, beneath the surface, she detected a discordant note—a subtle resentment in tone betraying their true feelings about the schedule. Even though it meant more pay, it also ate into their free time. Trusting her Audient instincts, she tuned into the underlying melody, deciphering the true intentions behind the facade. She offered her feedback to the boss, who was open to hearing her extrasensory instincts. The woman changed the parameters of the schedule. Those who wanted to put in the extra time, and make extra could do it, but those who didn’t could opt out. Unless there was an intense deadline.

So, think about that for yourself. Have you ever noticed someone say something with their words, while also hearing in the background what they’re really saying? It’s like the tone, frequency and body language said one thing while the words said another. The more you notice, the more this skill builds.


A SENTIENT Psychic Protection Skill – Reading Emotional Subtext START HERE

Finally, we turn to the Sentients—the emotional learners and Clairsentients—who feel the emotional vibrations of the soul. Maggie learned to use her empathic nature to gain more information, rather than let other people’s emotions drain her. At one point, she met the new romantic partner of a friend. He smiled and joked, but when standing near him, all she could feel was great sadness. It turns out he still grieved the loss of his wife to cancer. She shared this information with her friend and that led to a discussion with this man about perhaps him needing more time to grieve. They took a break from dating and revisted the relationship a year later, when he was more ready.

Has something like that ever happened to you? Often people who are strongly empathic, Sentient or Clairsentient might enter a crowded office space, and get overwhelmed by a myriad of emotions and they have to sort out what belongs to them and what belongs to others. Because of this it can be helpful to dial down on this skill in certain crowded environments, like work, shopping, concerts, parties. Then, dial up again when talking to a friend who needs some empathy.  Sentients can be very good at creating emotional boundaries. For example, you may notice that some people like to create drama around them. They’ll bait others into an unnecessary argument or make a mountain out of a mole hill.

So, Sentients can often spot when others have a habit of creating disturbances around them. In many people, it’s a subconscious reactive state. They’re not doing it on purpose but coming from a survival mechanism in the deep unconscious. There are many psychological theories for why someone does it… which is beyond the scope of this episode, but check out information on energy vampires or covert narcissisms to explore it more. In Maggie’s case, when she encountered someone like this, she would simply create a round shield of light around her body and auric field. This one is called the Mirror Shield, and it acts like a mirror if someone tries to send her negative energy. The energy bounces off her shield and returns to the person who sent it. Only use this shield in situations where you have to face a person like that. Don’t wear a shield like that when you’re, say, walking down the street as you may notice people bump into you. While you’re not officially invisible, it does make it so that people don’t see you as clearly as when you’re not wearing the shield. Use it when you need to protect yourself. You can use a shortcut in terms of a hand movement such as touching your middle finger to your thumb and saying, “Mirror Shield Up”. Touch again and say, “Mirror Shield extinguish.” When you don’t need it.


So, in summary, each of us possesses the potential for each of these psychic protection skills. Most of us have a dominate style we’re more comfortable using, often based on our dominant learning style. Yet, it’s through the integration of all five that we achieve true mastery. If delving into the realm of the psychic is new to you, begin by honing your dominant skill, gradually expanding your repertoire as you grow in confidence and awareness.

Before we part ways, I invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery by taking our 60-second TEVAS personality style quiz. Uncover your dominant psychic-intuitive-manifestion style and unlock the gateway to your inner potential. Until next time, may your inner strengths protect you on your path of awakening.



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