February 18

Ep. 10 – What is Your TEVAS Aptitude for Manifestation?

If you’ve ever tried manifesting goals and failed, maybe you just need to change your style. There are five main styles of manifestation that are related to learning styles. Most people have a dominant one.

When used in the right way it can give you far more success. In this episode, you’ll learn about five different tools or natural aptitudes for manifestation – Tangent, Ecrivent, Voyent, Audient, and Sentient (or TEVAS for short). Many people teach manifestation only through using visualization.

The problem is that only a certain percentage of the population manifests that way. Others need to do it by using other senses. For example, if you can’t visualize what you want, maybe you can hear it, feel it, or write about it…and then it magnetizes to you much easier.


Topics Covered:


01:23  – Definition of a Manifestation Personality Style

04:27 –  The Tangent Manifestation Style

09:07 –  The Ecrivent Manifestation Style

14:14 –  The Voyent Manifestation Style

20:34 –  The Audient Manifestation Style

24:19 –  The Sentient Manifestation Style

29:03 –  Further Resources to Enhance Your Skills






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Hi, I’m Carla Rieger and I wanted to talk more about the TEVAS-AVARA Aptitudes that feature in the novel, Helio Tropez. In particular, about the five main aptitudes known as TEVAS or Tangent, Ecrivent, Voyent, Audient and Sentient. This is a system to identify your extrasensory and sensory strengths and weaknesses. There’s a quick quiz you can do to find out your dominant style. Just go to GoldenAgeTimeline.com/FREE to take the quiz. Here I’ll give you more background on the styles. You might be able to tell just by listening.

In the novel, there is the 4th density world of Helio Tropez in Inner Earth underneath Mount Rainier in Washington State. The people there have aptitudes which might also be referred to as superpowers. In other words, humans have them, but many of these powers are latent.  But people can dial up on these kinds of skills just through being more aware of them and through focusing their mind on using their dominant style to manifest goals.

For example, you can use the TEVAS system to better manifest anything from manifesting a parking space, or a new successful business or a new way of looking at life that’s more empowering or even the quality of a relationship you are in, or the brilliance level with which you do your work…all the way up to co-creating or co-manifesting the world you want to see…one perhaps where you people are free, living in harmony, prosperous, healthy, doing what they love, where the Earth is whole, balanced and healthy again. The more we all see, feel, hear, and experience what we want through our imaginations the more it comes into being.

Now, it’s your imagination and intention that bring things into reality Many of us were taught to think that imagination is something bad like getting lost in delusions and not grounded in reality, or something you only use when you’re child, that you must grow out of when you get older. But your imagination and intention are two of the most powerful tools you own in your mental-emotional landscape. Don’t ever forget that, and use them with wisdom, or they can work against you.

So, these 5 TEVAS manifestation styles are like the box of tools or palette of colors you use when playing around in the world of imagination and intention. So I’ll briefly go through the five styles and see if you can recognize your dominant style, although in truth many of us are a blend of 2, 3 or even 4. But we have one that stands out. So here goes….

The tangent manifester: Well in terms of activities, they’re often seen being physically active, maybe they are often restless when sitting still. So when it comes to the words they use they might start a sentence with I feel, or they might say the thought of that makes me good or I have a bad gut instinct about this. Greetings, they’ll tend to do a more informal physical greeting, like a high five backslap or a fist bump. So the best way for tangents to learn is by moving… they aren’t one for sitting at a desk for too long, they need to move to think properly, they get their best ideas when walking, running, moving around the house, or by doing activities. They prefer to learn a subject by doing a project like creating a garden to learn about plants rather than reading about it in a book. So in terms of the advantages of regular sensory perception, they’re good with their hands. They are grounded, reliable, salt of the earth types, you know, stable, honorable, connected to nature. Disadvantages in extreme types might be physically restless, if stuck sitting indoors too long, may get physically aggressive, if challenged, and can get stubborn and uncompromising.

And now say you were to develop the tangent aptitude beyond the everyday normal into what’s called extrasensory perception. And there are a few people who can do these kinds of things. And the theory is that we can all develop these skills, there are latent capacities within the human being. So it’s called Clairetangent, they can handle an object to get information not available to the five senses. For example, they could know who owns an article of clothing by touching it, or psychometry is another way of thinking about it. They could animate or manipulate an object with their mind, you may have heard about those who can bend a spoon for example.

So the best way for tangents to manifest if they imagine being there physically so say you want to manifest a trip to Hawaii, feel yourself walking along the beach, feel the warm sun in your skin, feel how relaxed you are lying in hammock, and move while you imagine move your body So go for a walk, run do Tai Chi, you know listening to a self hypnosis audio for example, as this will help your subconscious mind integrate your instructions about what to create. And types of professions where you might find a lot of people who are a tangent, athlete, athletic coach, clothes maker, gardener, waiter, logger, miner, farmer, so people who like to move while they work.

In the novel, Helio Tropez, the character of Cassandra is a Tangent. She’s called the Soul Healer and can heal physical issues in people by accessing soul records to bring cells back to optimal functioning again. Or Ramu is a Tangent, with a nuance that makes him the Earth Healer, and that’s why he’s so adept with leylines, rocks, gems and plants.

Let’s look at Ecrivent. They are often seen quietly studying reading or writing words. They will often use words like I know a lot in conversations. They prefer a more formal non touch greeting such as the head nod. Best way for an ecrivent to learn is by reading. They like researching and studying on or offline. They go in depth to find gems of knowledge and they get their best ideas when uninterrupted in a quiet place.

They also learn best by writing. They may like to journal or in a learning situation they will lots of notes. They like to organize their notes and have good systems for this. Now regular sensory perception advantages of the Ecrivent are they’re intelligent, thoughtful, philosophical, a great use of language and will do their due diligence before making a decision.

Disadvantages in extreme types or they may be too introverted, anti social and disconnected from life can be lost in their heads and in attentive to details.

And say you were to build your extrasensory perception as an Ecrivent…it might be around doing automatic writing or some people call it channeled writing where they’re bringing in messages from their higher self or higher source and just their hand does the writing and it comes out on the page. Or you could also think of them in terms of Clairecognizance, the ability to just know information or read records without physically seeing them, like reading the Akashic Records.

And the best way to manifest as an Ecrivent is to write about your goal or vision. If you want to manifest a vacation write about being there in detail. So you’d also read about Hawaii to fill your mind with the details of the place and write out where you’ll go and what you’ll do.

The types of professions where you see lots of ecrivents might be librarian, editor, journalist, researcher, writer, systems analyst, copywriter, computer hacker, reviewer, written translator, that kind of thing.

In the novel, Helio Tropez, the character of Metta is an Ecrivent. She’s an amazing poet, a master of words, but the downside is that she can also use words to keep people lost in regret or distrust. Stavron is an Ecrivent as well and his nuance makes him called the MindCoder. He can help re-write mind code to empower a person or disempower. Now that seems way out there, but some people do see patterns in how others think, and how computer codes work…they kind of grok the language of a brain or an operating system far better than others. You may not realize you’re doing this, but it’s like you just know the truth of someone or something…and that’s you reading deeper levels of code. It’s the idea that behind the illusory reality we live in, there’s this sacred geometry, codes, symbols…and it’s available with us to translate that into something meaningful for our day to day lives.

Let’s look at Voyent. How to Recognize Voyent well, they may dress well nicely put together, everything matching often seen watching movies, looking at images, drawing diagrams, observing the visual details of a place person or thing. And they might use the words I see a lot in conversations or I can picture that or See you later. Greetings are more formal handshake with direct eye contact. The best way for Voyent to learn is by seeing images. They appreciate videos with lots of images or slideshows with images, symbols and diagrams colors. They may like to draw or use symbols for taking notes. So they’re the types that might use mind maps to take notes or create diagrams of what they just learned.

Regular sensory perceptions for Voyents in terms of advantages are that they might have a high aesthetic intelligence, visually perceptive. They have a good sense of direction and good facial recognition.

Disadvantages in extreme types might be overly perfectionistic about their appearance may be too cold and insensitive, lacking empathy for others.

Extrasensory perception. Well, you’ve probably heard the term clairvoyance. Very active dream life can perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact.

And the best way to manifest if you’re a voyent is imagine being there visually. If you want to manifest a trip to Hawaii, imagine the sights, sunsets, palm trees, the big surf, and draw a picture or create a vision board.

Types of professions with lots of Voyent well painter, interior designer, graphic designer, photographer, videographer cinematographer fashion expert anything where the visual is really important.

In the novel Helio Tropez, the characters of Hadden and Daphne are both voyent. They are both clairvoyant. Hadden has a photographic memory so he can recreate the whole amethyst device. And they can both do remote viewing. His nuance is the Eagle Eye, whereby he can understand the bigger picture or the vast landscape of what’s going on in the world. Daphne is good at creating visual illusions, as the Magician, her nuance, and that is why she ended up involved in modeling, acting and aesthetics. And later creating the cloaking of a starship.

Let’s look at Audient they’re often heard humming talking to themselves listening to music or audio books and observing the audio nuances. Words they’ll use are I hear a lot in conversation or that sounds good to me or talk to you later. Greetings are usually verbal greeting like Hi how’s it going?

Best way for audients to learn are hearing the information, they may need to read out loud or listen to audios to retain information. They also learn best by say studying with a friend so they can talk about the information they’re learning.

Regular sensory perception – audients advantages are they tend to be musical, or very social, not necessarily always in big groups, but they like to talk and listen, they retain more information than other styles and they can easily multitask.

Disadvantages in extreme types as they may be too easily distracted and maybe too talkative. Say you’re trying to teach them and they just want to always interrupt you. They can have fiery personalities.

And extrasensory perception you’ve probably heard the term Claireaudience or Claireaudient. They can hear voices word sounds or music that are not audible to the normal ear.

And the best way for an audient to manifest are to imagine hearing sounds of what they want to manifest. So, say you wanted to manifest a trip to Hawaii…Imagine the sounds of the surf waves, the tropical birds, the Hawaiian ukulele, or you might create an audio to prompt your imagination. Listen to yourself in a recording, or have a hypnotherapist create an audio for you talking about Hawaii and all its detail imagining yourself there.

Now types of professions where you find lots of audients are musicians, sound tech people,  speech pathologists, radio personality, DJ, podcaster, orator, etc.

In Helio Tropez, Annika, the genius musician is an Audient and so is Xander, also a musician. They are both larger than life characters with big personalities, but they can also end up alienating others by their excessive ways.

Lastly, is sentient. So how to recognize a sentient, well, they’re often involved in social causes anything involving caring for others, they’re friendly, they’re emotionally engaging. They’ll use words like I sense in conversation, or I have a good feeling about that or they might sign off an email by writing Take care.

Greetings would be a more informal hug or a gentle hand squeeze, or arm around the shoulder, that kind of thing. And the best way for a sentient to learn is by feeling emotionally engaged, they like stories that touch the heart versus hearing a list of facts. They need to understand why they should pay attention to the learning so they can understand the deeper purpose, an emotionally inspiring reason.

Regular sensory perception. Their advantages are high emotional intelligence, caring about others, sensitive to others needs, warm hearted, and they can pick up on subtle emotional cues that would indicate a person’s mood.

Disadvantages of extreme types is that they may feel overwhelmed in crowds, because picking up on many people’s emotions, especially negative ones would weigh them down. They may take on others feelings and pain and not realize it. Others may consider them overly sensitive emotionally.

So the extra sensory perception is you may have heard of clairsentience. They can feel what others are feeling they can enter an empty room and get a sense of the emotional residue left by the previous inhabitants. Also known as intuitive empaths. They can absorb the energy of others to facilitate healing and can predict emotional outcomes in the future.

So, the best way to manifest if you’re a sentient is to imagine being there emotionally, if you want to manifest a trip to Hawaii, imagine emotionally how you will feel, like excited at peace, happy. Also stay connected emotionally while you imagine or conjure up all the good feelings you’d like to have from whatever goal you’re trying to manifest. In other words don’t just be indifferent when doing your manifestation work.

So types of professions where you find a lot of sentients are massage therapist or body worker, healer, nurse, caregiver, dog trainer, counselor, funeral director, social cause activist, mediator, human resources, early childhood educator, nanny, senior caregiver, so those caring or social support types of professions.

In Helio Tropez, the main character Tia is a Sentient. She’s very emotionally in tune with people and that’s why she chooses a role like coaching and inspiring others emotionally. She can help heal people’s emotional issues, and can sense what’s going on for people emotionally even when they are unaware. When picking up on people in another density or dimension, she can’t see them, but she emotionally senses their presence. Her disadvantages are that she’s so overly identified with being a kind, compassionate person who helps others on the ascension path…and it’s an irony is that she can’t do it for herself so easily, she becomes blind to her own unintegrated shadow.

Now lets talk about the importance of balance. So, say you were to do the TEVAS quiz. And you’re mostly sentient. You have a bit of tangent, ecrivent, voyent and maybe no audient. So you’re really kind of overbalanced in the sentient aptitude. That’s certainly how I was when I first started investigating this topic. But by investigating I was able to broaden my abilities. And that’s my suggestion to you… try to get a balance of all of them so that the disadvantages of one style don’t end up working against you.

And so that anytime you want to manifest something you are working from all the styles, those are the master manifesters of the world. Now, if you overuse one style… that can create limitations in your life, and can throw off the integrity of your whole body mind system. So it’s like driving a five cylinder car on only one or two cylinders, you need them all working to full capacity to really increase your results.

So why are we strong in some capacities and not others? Is it nature or nurture? It’s a bit of both. Often there are limiting beliefs getting in the way of using all your manifestation styles. a limiting belief is simply a piece of negative programming very deep inside your subconscious mind. And this kind of programming can negatively affect every part of your life, from how successful you allow yourself to be in love, soul growth, friendships, career and physical-mental-emotional health.

So think of it as a computer virus secretly working in the background. It’s sneaky, and it’s hard to get rid of without the right guidance. And the longer you leave it there, the more damage it’s going to do. There’s a growing body of complex psycho-spiritual and neurological science that I’ve spent over 23 years studying. And I’ve developed several powerful, yet easy to use processes to break you free of these limitations in the process, increase your capacities to create the life you want, not the life someone else wants for you.

So as you may know, as children, our brains are extremely receptive, absorbing everything with no filters, everything that we see, feel and hear around us from parents and teachers to bedtime books, cartoons, TVs, and movies. So before six, we don’t have any filters to screen out all the raw info, it just goes straight into our subconscious mind. So all the repetitive messages we receive good or bad about money, relationships get embedded into our subconscious. So it’s only after six that our brain starts filtering information, but by then our subconscious has already been locked in. In other words, your childhood programming quietly controls your entire life.

Now, I’ve experienced this for myself on a personal level too. As I said, I was a very strong sentient manifester, and very low in the other styles. In retrospect, I see that I was born with this skill but overused it to survive and be helpful in a household where there was a lot of conflict. I saw that I could literally absorb everyone’s negative energy. I could calm everyone down, but I paid the price. It was very hard on me physically, mentally and emotionally.

And I didn’t develop the other manifestation skills until later in life. I learned to use the sentient skill in a smarter way helping others emotionally without taking on their negativity myself. And part of the way I did that was by developing the other four manifestation styles.

If you go to GoldenAgeTimeline dot com backslash FREE or just the FREE tab of that site, you’ll see how to do the TEVAS quiz and how to get access to the RE-INSPIRED online masterclass and TEVAS ebook. Both of these are free to take and during this masterclass, you’ll learn the Triunity five step process to give you a huge break through on an area of life where you feel un-inspired, where you’ve lost your motivation, where you know you’re either lost in regret, disappointment, self-judgment, resentment, boredom, frustration or some kind of negative block keeping you from doing what you came here to do. Sometimes all it takes is tapping into these latent aptitudes, these superpowers to break through those blocks and finally free up all that trapped creative, life force energy just waiting to be unleashed. Through these lockdowns it’s been frustrating.

So, if you do the TEVAS online quiz and take the RE-INSPIRED masterclass, you can finally get clear on what’s next, or what’s in the way between you and manifesting an important life goal…it could be in business, career, finances, life purpose, health or relationship… And no matter what your style is, you can use this 5-Step TriUnity process to shift from bad habits of mind to good ones. And then you’ll have this process to use whenever you need until the skills become a default empowering response to life. And your success will then be on autopilot. And it only takes a few minutes to do.

Now, you may have tried several ways to get rid of issues in your life and notice, heck, they’re still frustratingly there, or you’re only making small improvements and not the big turnaround you were hoping for. And there can be a variety of reasons for that…both personal and global. And we’re going to cover what those are, and some of them may very much surprise you.

And if you’ve ever done any processes on removing limiting beliefs before this one’s different, just removing the limiting belief is like changing the oil filter on a car that’s really for the junk heap. Or it’s like removing a virus from a laptop that’s so outdated that no new applications run on it anymore. Here you’ll discover how limiting beliefs are components of larger entities called archetypal characters or self images, which are in turn components of even larger entities we call mind stories.

Mind stories are like operating systems and yours might need an upgrade. Now some report feeling like a dark cloud is dissolved from somewhere deep inside, some feeling instant surge of self appreciation and feeling capable of taking on the world. Some feel like a cork has been pulled out from their minds and this instant rush of creativity intuition and clarity starts flowing through. People agree though that the result is they feel change they can feel in the days and weeks and months that follow whether it’s in their quiet time, conversations, meetings, meditations or brainstorming.

You’ll discover how to unhook from an operating system or mind story that’s glitchy and outdated by breaking down its component parts and load a better OS or mind story so that your whole life changes for the better and so that it sticks. Instead of a virus filled old operating system you learn how to install a shiny new one with right components in place for the life you are meant to live.

If you liked this episode, be sure to like, share and subscribe so you hear about other episodes. And for more information on our free offerings, upcoming events and online courses go to GoldenAgeTimeline.com. And that’s it for now… Thanks for listening


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