June 27

Ep. 23 – 5 Ways to Stay Calm in the Storm of Change

We’re at a time in history when more people than ever are feeling anxious about all the changes in the world.  In many cases, the reaction can be ‘growing pains’ that can ultimately lead to something amazing.

In this episode, we’ll cover how to stay calm and handle those growing pains so you don’t miss out on this coming evolution in human consciousness.



Topics Covered:


04:35  – A strange symptom and how I solved it

07:45  – Why many people are having growing pains right now

14:25 –  Typical symptoms of these ‘growing pains’

20:45 – How to stay more calm and grounded

25:00 – How to melt old infrastructures in the body-mind system










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We’re at a time in history when many of the old systems are crumbling away. Some people are more aware of this than others. But regardless most people are feeling it physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It’s hard to stay calm sometimes in that kind of storm of change. There’s lots of anxiety, frustration and doubt. Yet, the ability to create a calm state of mind leads to growth, resilience, better solutions and huge rewards if you can find your inner centre and stay there no matter what’s going on around you.

Ironically, part of what causes the ‘lack of calm’ is this mysterious and uncomfortable feeling that I’ll call, growing pains. Whenever you’re going through huge transitions personally or as a part of a larger collective, there are inevitable growing pains. In the big picture the growth it ultimately leads to something good. But it’s like that old saying… when one door closes another always opens, but those dark hallways can be a bitch. In this episode, we’ll cover how to handle those dark hallways, the abyss, the freefall between one secure reality and another. Just knowing they’re in many ways just…growing pains can help a lot as we all navigate this coming evolution in human consciousness.  Hi, I’m Carla Rieger and this is the Golden Age Timeline podcast.

So, I’ve been a change leadership expert for years speaking all over the world on this topic, coaching people, offering seminars and webinars. I’ve done a lot of research both empirical and through personal and professional means. So, I’ve really immersed myself in all aspects of what makes people react so much to big changes in their life, even when you think you want the change. There’s a survival brain activation even if you think at the conscious level…I’m cool with this change… no big deal. Yet the body is reacting or you’re having strange dreams, or weird feelings.

So, I bring this up now because there’s massive world changes like the financial system appears to be crashing, there’s unprecedented supply chain issues, political tensions, health crises, impending war and on and on. Compare 4 years ago to now in terms of the amount of change we’re all dealing with. Most people are affected in some way. Some are more conscious of how it’s affecting them personally than others, but now is a good time to think about how to take care of yourself during this massive transition. One way is to first just acknowledge that strange symptoms physically, mentally or emotionally maybe a deeper more subconscious part of you reacting at this survival brain level to all these world changes. On top of that, you may be dealing with a lot of transition in your personal life, causing the same reaction and amplifying it.

Now if you look back on your life chances are you’ve gone through massive change, whether you chose the change or not. Like leaving home, moving, starting a new relationship, ending a significant relationship, a health crisis and so many other common things we humans face throughout the course of our lives. During that time you probably experienced growing pains. Maybe as you shifted from child to teenager you were supremely moody. Some people experience digestive issues when they travel. Some people turn to substances more to quell negative thoughts during a breakup. You might not say to yourself at the time…this is just growing pains. But if you look back, once you’re through the big change, you can see that the agitated physical, mental and emotional states were a symptom of having to grow, of having to let go of comfort and security and the known universe to experience discomfort, insecurity and the unknown.

So several of my coaching clients and colleagues are having strange symptoms right now, and me, as well. So maybe you can relate. For example, over the last 2 years I’ve had this strange kind of thing which I discovered has a name…restless leg syndrome. There are many theories about what causes it, but in my case it was something I didn’t suspect at all. Maybe you’re familiar with it. Just as you’re falling asleep and your brain waves change, your legs start twitching and it’s hard to fall asleep because the sudden involuntary movement wakes you up. So, I decided to do some research. Is this a neurological disorder? After further investigation regarding my case I don’t think it is, in other people’s situations it might be. But there are lots of theories and after a while of trying different remedies that didn’t work, I did try to ask my ‘higher mind’. You know, that wise aspect of self that you can call on to help you get solutions?

At first when I asked, nothing came to mind. So, one night I can’t sleep because of this restless leg thing and I thought, I’ll just entertain myself with something on YouTube. Here’s the weird thing, I kept trying to load this particular YouTube video, but another one kept coming up which was called “100% Pure Schumann Resonance for Grounding, Stability, & Well-Being”.  I was getting annoyed, because that’s not the video I wanted to watch, and it kept popping up. At one point I thought, oh maybe I’m supposed to listen to this. I did call on my higher mind a while back for a solution. Maybe this is it. When I did listen to it, it’s just this humming sound. Now, I’m familiar with binaural beats, as we put these in the background of our mindstory blueprints which can help to enhance certain brainwave states. Why you’d want to change your brainwave state is that certain brain waves help you sleep, or be more calm, certain ones help you meditate, certain ones help you be very awake and aware, some help you be more creative, and so on.

Clearly, my ability to sleep was being impaired, so I decided I would just lie in bed and listen to this humming sound. I fell asleep soon after. Interesting. The next night when I started having the restless leg syndrome, I put on the 100% pure Pure Schumann Resonance, and I fell asleep again right away and state sleep all night and had an amazing deep, rejuvenating sleep. After the third night at the same thing, I had to learn more. So this production of the Schumann Resonance is nine hours of the same humming sound so you just turn it on and it’ll stay on all night. It is produced by Catalyst University, but there’s lots of information online in many places about how healthy it is to listen to this humming sound. The vibration comes through the sound and amplifies the effect. Fascinating.

The Schumann Resonance, also known as the Mother Earth’s natural heartbeat rhythm is the frequency of 7.83 Hz,  An interesting fact is that 7.83 Hz frequency is also the alpha/theta brainwave frequency in the human brain. Our modern technology uses frequencies that are not harmonious with the planet or our physical body. This is why the Schumann Resonance is being studied.

Why am telling you this, is that I’m hearing how lots of people are having these growing pains, these Ascension symptoms. They’re different in different people. However, a bad night sleep, agitation, headaches, bad digestion, stuffed up sinuses, strange aches and pains in the body are common. Now, those could just be normal issues you’ve had for years, but I’m noticing a lot of people are having many more of these over the last years and that’s dialing up exponentially right now. That kind of thing can make it hard for you to do your work, can make you worried on top of all the other things to be fretting about. Now if you have eliminated things like unusual food, drinks, supplements, medicines, air quality, allergies, a sickness etc. as the culprit, let’s look at what it could be.

Now without getting too technical, I’ll keep this simple, the Schumann Resonance, is something that’s measured and you can go to a website where you can see what’s happening on any given day and is located in Siberia. But I think it’s important to understand, what is happening right now because this energy is growing exponentially. And if you don’t know what it is, and you don’t how to manage it, it can be very disconcerting. It’s rising higher than it’s ever been before. It comes from the sun. And we are having more and more solar activity than we’ve had. And it affects us our mind, body emotions, spirit and, and the earth. All of us are affected by it, but some people notice it more than others, it just depends on how sensitive we are. I tend to be one of those people who are quite sensitive to it. I’m like a barometer, if it’s affecting me and it’s growing, soon it will affect a lot of people who are less sensitive.

So the Schumann resonance is our global electromagnetic resonance generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface, and the ionosphere, which is kind of like a sheath of protective energy around the Earth. It is the region of the Earth’s atmosphere that stretches roughly from 30 to 620 miles above the surface, and along with the upper atmosphere forms a boundary between Earth’s lower atmosphere and the vacuum of space. The Schumann resonances are electromagnetic waves that exist in that cavity. In 1952, German physicist Professor Winfried Otto Schumann of the Technical University of Munich began attempting to answer whether the Earth itself has a frequency – a pulse. Through a series of calculations, he was able to deduce a frequency he believed was the pulse of the Earth-ionosphere space, which he found to be 7.83 Hz., with some fluctuations above and below

However, interestingly in January of 2017, the Schumann resonance reached frequencies of above 36 hertz, which was unusual, historically, any rise above 15 hertz, was considered large. So scientists were puzzled. Now this last week it reached 40 hertz. So some people say that the Schumann resonance can be affected by human consciousness. So whether masses of people are feeling peaceful, or fearful or tense or jubilant. In other words, you could be in one frame of mind, but if the majority of the world is in another frame of mind you can easily get pulled into that, and not know where it’s coming from.

Now in regards to these symptoms, some people they don’t feel physically different but they feel more emotionally all over the place. Some people manifest imbalance more mentally like with brain fog, not remembering things, feeling disorganized or overwhelmed or unable to focus. Or you might be having strange dreams, or lots of dreams when normally you don’t remember your dreams, or having repeating dreams about people in your past. Regardless of what way it shows up for you, it’s important to take care of yourself. Now it often does show up as feeling like there’s this excessive electricity running through your body, your nervous system is lit up. That’s how it felt for me, with the restless leg thing.

It’s where you can feel wired and tired, exhausted, headaches, heart fluttering, increase in blood pressure…so an increase in solar energy does affect the heart. Other things I’ve heard of and have experienced myself are feeling off balance, somehow nauseated for no reason, knots in the stomach, skin irritations or breakouts that seem unusual. Burning up at times, then feeling unusually cold. Or just a general malaise where you feel lethargic, your lymph system feels overtaxed with toxins.

So obviously anything you can do to get a good sleep, nap when you’re tired, honor your body’s need for rest even if you have a lot of things on your task list. I’ll put the link to the 100% Pure Schumann Resonance for Grounding, Stability, & Well-Being YouTube video in the show notes, to see if that helps you sleep. I literally put it on my iPod or iPad next my bed, although you can nap with it and put earphones in.

Now, of course eat a healthy diet, drink lots of water that’s purified, gentle movement like yoga or tai qui or qi gong, or a walk in nature, sometimes vigorous movement like lifting weights, running, going on the elliptical, hiking steep hills really helps some people – I know intense exercise really works for me to get grounded and healthier. Of course, getting good clean fresh air and doing breathing exercises that cleanse the lungs is great.  Be wary of downing too many supplements or health products or going to one practitioner after another, or using unusual pills or medicines that your body isn’t used to. I say that, because I sense our bodies have been expecting this, we know were going through growing pains individually and globally, and if we just take care of our bodies – they will do what needs to be done. It’s almost like a woman giving birth, the body knows exactly what to do to prepare if you just take care of yourself. If we start loading things on that are foreign to our system, it can actually make it worse.

Now I know that many of you listening know all these things and do them, but sometimes when you have a lot going on in your life, it’s easy to let those things fall by the wayside. Or when others are influencing you to try this or do that, sometimes you go away from your own inner wisdom about what’s right. I’m just saying that now more than ever, because of what’s affecting the whole Earth, it’s important to be ready for what’s coming. Because if you don’t take care of yourself, you don’t get this chance to grow and evolve and you may miss out on the most amazing opportunity to evolve into this golden age.

So as I said, some people you might feel like you put your finger in an electrical outlet, you might just feel like you’re vibrating, like you’re about to blast off into space. This is the feeling that we get when we are ascending towards this higher density world, when we get a high vibrational new energy that we haven’t yet integrated into our system properly. So you might be feeling these electrical currents going up and down through your body. Full Body shakes.

Now of course many of us don’t really know what it means to ascend, and there are many theories that we are moving to a higher vibrational level plane, living on an earth where it’s less dense, there’s less duality, there’s more peacefulness and unity. But if you’re not ready for it, you might miss out on getting there.

So the reason I suggested this Schumann Resonance humming sound is because it directly helps you get grounded. It’s like grounding electricity. Other ways to get grounded are to walk barefoot on the earth, on sand, on grass, or lay down on the ground, like on a lawn, or lie at a beach. Being out in nature as much as possible is important. Hug a tree, do some gardening, walk by a body of water, watch the birds outside your window. Part of you might think that isn’t going to make much difference, it’s a waste of time, it’s boring even… Because maybe an agitated, beta brainwave state is more comfortable and familiar… But if you stay with that connection to nature long enough you’ll notice your brain waves calming down this is very important. Just notice before and after you’ve spent some time in nature how your mind feels, how your body feels. Most people to feel more grounded, more focused, more peaceful. If you notice the before-and-after it’ll make you more motivated to do it again. And to prioritize it over getting one more thing done on your to do list.

Of course anything to lengthen your spine is key because your spine is your Ascension column. So when your spine gets tense or has blockages it stunts your growth. For example, think about how often everyone’s sitting forward on their phone, driving, on computer, everything’s forward. I used to do yoga three times a week, now I’m doing every day, especially any kind of backward bending posture, just to balance out the spine. I also do side bending on both sides, and anything to open up the sacrum area, like hip stretches, helping hamstrings and the quadricep muscles and the IT bands that run down the side of the legs, opened up. And all the ligaments and fascia surrounding the sacrum at the bottom of the spine, all of that will really help with these growing pains. The more loose and open that is, the better. The more jammed up, the more uncomfortable it’s going to be. Now I just do about 10 minutes of those, stretches three times a day…morning noon and night.

Anything you can do to detox is great. I’m a big believer in that, but people need to do what they feel comfortable with. You can use supplements to detox, fasting, enemas, colonics, just eating a really alkaline diet, taking salt baths, walking in nature tends to move the lymph system.

Letting go, by just bringing your breath and your attention to any tense place in your body, feeding it just acceptance, focus and breath until it starts to melt. It might happen right away, it might take several rounds of doing that, but we’re all melting our old infrastructures. Melting old emotional wounds, old memories or bad MindStories stuck in the body, opening up to new healing, more empowering memories, better MindStories. We are doing a system overhaul, a reboot, a renovation – so it’s uncomfortable. If you’ve ever lived in a house being renovated, you know I’m talking about. It’s dusty, it’s dirty, it’s inconvenient, but once it’s done – you’re so glad you did it. So keep your eye on the prize here.

Now what might happen, and this is a reason some people don’t want to do these grounding processes, is that negative emotions can start percolating to the surface. We encounter things almost every day of our life that can negatively affect us. If you’re not processing those emotions regularly what happens is they get stored in your body. And the only time you can process them is when you are asleep, or when you give yourself quiet time. That’s why often people have agitated sleep, or feel agitated when they try to just be calm and still. But the good news, is that going through the detoxing of those negative emotions leads you to this incredible place of peacefulness, and you’re so glad you did. It really doesn’t have to take that long, just sometimes a few moments of acknowledging the feeling, breathing it through, and it’s gone. Sometimes it lasts longer, depending on how much of a backlog you have. But you can just do it a bit at a time. You might feel yourself feeling angry, or wanting to cry, or remembering something from years ago that still irritates you. Just let yourself feel angry, or sad, grieving, or disappointed, or frustrated, or irritated. People are so afraid to let themselves feel those feelings, because they’re afraid they’ll never come back from it. They’ll just go into the feeling of sadness, the start to feel the tears, and then that’s it there whole world will fall apart, though never stop crying. That’s a strange and illogical fear that many people have.

But I’m sure you’ve had times in your life where you just let yourself cry, let yourself feel really angry about something. You don’t have to break dishes, or have a big emotional meltdown in front of your family, but you can take some time alone and just let yourself feel the feelings. And you’d be amazed that they’ll come in they’ll go just like the clouds. And then you feel so much better. As long as you’ve don’t try to attach to those feelings, because sometimes it’s something that happened 22 years ago you don’t remember what it was, but the emotion just stayed lodged in your left shoulder. You had a car accident and the fear is still lodged in your right foot from when you slammed on the brakes. So you just feel this intense fear, or terror few minutes, and it moves out of your foot. And then you stop having weird foot problems. Now sometimes it takes more than just one time of doing that, but I’ve had strange emotions, from doing an unusual stretch. I literally can’t remember what the incident was, why felt that way, but I just really feel deep sadness doing hamstring stretch. And breathe through it and then the sadness goes away, and I feel peaceful. You really don’t want to hold onto that stuff if you want to move towards this new renaissance in human evolution.

Sometimes old memories will come up that do elicit negative feelings, bittersweet feelings, where someone left you, or that group he left you out, or that time you humiliated yourself, or when that person betrayed you. That’s also part of the growing pains. You might have memories, thoughts associated with those. As I talked about another episodes, it’s time to give new meanings to those situations. This isn’t to devalue the pain that caused you. Honor the pain, honor the feelings, let yourself feel them. But if you only see that situation from a negative point of view, you are missing out on getting the benefits, the learning, the growth. So it keeps coming up, lodged in your body somewhere because you didn’t learn from it. So, ask yourself – what was good about that? What could I have learned from that situation that I haven’t learned yet? How might I be a better person because I went through that? Like, maybe I wouldn’t be the person I am today with the skills, experience, resilience, compassion I have now.

For example, my parents divorced when I was 10 years old and my mother moved out. She just didn’t want to be a mother anymore, or at least not full-time. She had my sister and I one day a week, and that’s all she could handle. She had done all the parenting for the first 10 years of my life, because my father worked as a manager of a high-end golf club and he was there night and day, seven days a week. He was never around, and anyways it was the woman’s job to raise children, he was old-school that way. So when she left, he had no idea what to do. And he had to figure out how to work from home, so that somebody would be home for the kids. I took all that very personally at the time, thinking she left because of me. Annoyed because my father didn’t know how to cook or clean, so that meant my sister and I had to figure out how to do that.

But in retrospect, there are so many gifts I got out of that experience. I learned how to cook and clean at a young age. I had to get part time jobs because money was tight after the divorce, which gave me job skills, taught me self motivation, self responsibility, gave me independence and freedom, because it was my money to do with what I wanted,  and I didn’t get any help from my parents to find work as an 11 year old, I had to be resourceful and knock on doors and create a resume, and prove my worth. Also, the emotional mayhem in family made me interested in psychology, mindset, interpersonal communication and led me to a career as a counsellor, coach, inspirational speaker and trainer on communication and mindset. It also gave me compassion and insights for those who also came from broken homes who ended up being my clients. If you’ve never gone through a hardship and you’re trying to help someone else in that same position, it’s more of an intellectual rather than a felt experience and they notice it. By going through this experience and choosing to learn and grow from it, then it made me more helpful to people who’d been abandoned by their mothers, or who had strife in their family, or who had communication and mindset issues. If everything went great, all that stuff was easy for me, I wouldn’t have the motivation, skillset, and compassion necessary to do those roles. And it also made me interested at a sociological level about why there was suddenly a rash of divorces especially during that time and that place when I was growing up. In literally a few years the norm was to come from a united household with both parents, to the norm being to come from a broken home.

Of course, my findings on that are a topic for a whole other episode. Suffice it to say, if something challenging happened to you, it may have driven you to explore certain areas of life, be of assistance to others in that area, gain certain skillsets you wouldn’t normally have, and much more.   So think about any experience in your life where it felt hard, maybe you felt like a victim, you felt like someone did you wrong, where you still look back in it with bad feelings. So, just get into a peaceful state and look at it from fresh eyes and make a list, as big and long a list as you can possibly do. What was good, what did you learn, how did it bring you where you are today, what are the skills, insights, motivations, understandings and strengths you wouldn’t have if you didn’t go through that? That exercise alone will help you transmute that negative mindstory, you’ll reframe it in an empowering way… and when you think about it, you won’t have these bad feelings come up. You’ll either feel good about it, or neutral about it, which is how it is for me…so that you can grow and evolve yourself and strangely enough it will often positively affect those around you now and those involved back then.

Because if you don’t clear that stuff out you do tend to look through a glass darkly. In other words, you tend to expect more of the same in your future. If you clear it out, you reframe the experience from what you learned, honoring and processing the feelings, you create clean slate. It’s like the metaphor of the old forest that’s full of debris. Once the debris fills up to a certain extent, there is a naturally occurring forest fire, and it burns that all away and turns the soil very fertile for the next generation of forest. We need to continually burning away the old, to make way for the new. If you don’t consciously do it, life usually brings you something to make you do it.

Bottom Line

So the bottom line is that anything uncomfortable coming to you right now, is coming to you to be healed. When you’re moving close to the light, to a higher vibrational level, anything that’s dark, of a lower vibrational nature will naturally bubble to the top to be dealt with, so it can be healing, transmuted. Everything in your life, everything in the universe can be neutralized with a kind of unconditional love and acceptance. Just focus your breath, your attention on it, welcome it, accept it, and naturally transforms.


Okay, that’s it for today. Do check out the MindStory Blueprint course for a series of short audios to help you build better habits of mind. In the background are binaural beats and beautifully composed music that helps your brain waves balance, and helps you heal body, mind and emotions. See the link in the shownotes or go to MindStoryAcademy.com, and scroll down to the orange square. Also look for the Schumann Resonance video in the shownotes, too.

In the meantime, please hit subscribe, please like this episode and do share if you liked this episode so others can find it. Have a wonderful week. Bye for now.


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