December 3

Ep. 37 – Claircognizance – Discover the Power of the ECRIVENT Personality Style to Manifest Goals

Are you a Claircognizant or Ecrivent personality style? Find out if it’s one of your dominant skill sets. This is also a learning style and includes the sensory and extrasensory skills of claircognizance. This is the ability to just ‘know’ if something is true or not.

An Ecrivent uses reading and writing in both tangible and intangible ways to manifest and learn. It is both an everyday learning style and a psychic ability that is one of five manifestation styles known as T.E.V.A.S.

These styles or powers are featured in the visionary fantasy novel, Helio Tropez. Learn to use your Ecrivent abilities correctly to help you on your journey of spiritual awakening, providing insights into goalsetting, life purpose, and soul mission.


Topics Covered:

02:03 – How to Recognize an Ecrivent Personality Style

02:29 – The Best Way for Ecrivents to Learn

02:27 – Regular Sensory Perception – Ecrivents

03:43 – Extra Sensory Perception – Ecrivents

04:20 – Best Way for Ecrivents to Manifest

04:45 – Typical Professions – Ecrivents

05:26 – How to better use your natural talents

09:11 – Examples of personality styles in popular culture


Although Ecrivent is a learning and manifestation style, we’ll move beyond conventional philosophy and delve into the metaphysical aspects. Whether you’re new to the world of psychic abilities or a seasoned explorer, this video can elevate your consciousness, and enhance your manifestation skills, so you can better embrace the profound wisdom of using and enhancing your claircognizance skills

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Ep 37 – Claircognizance – Discover the Power of the Ecrivent Personality Style to Manifest Goals

I wanted to explore the powerful world of being an Ecrivent Manifestor, or more popularly known as Claircognizance… to see if you have this intuitive skill or the potential for it.

The TEVAS-AVARA Aptitudes or superpowers feature in the award-winning visionary fantasy novel, Helio Tropez.

The five main aptitudes of Tangent, Ecrivent, Voyent, Audient and Sentient or TEVAS for short. This is a system to identify your extrasensory and sensory strengths and weaknesses.

There’s a quick quiz you can do to find out your dominant style. Just go to or go to the FREE tab and you’ll see the quiz there.

Hey, this is CM Rieger, author of the novels Helio Tropez, Stello Tropez, MindStory Inner Coach and several other books. I’m also the host of the Golden Age Timeline channel and podcast.

So in the last video we talked about the Tangent manifestor or aptitude

Today we’ll focus on the Ecrivent manifestor or aptitude

So, these 5 TEVAS manifestation styles are like the box of tools or palette of colors you use when playing around in the world of imagination and intention.

And are similar to the 5 Clairs… Clairtangent, Clairecrivent, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient

They are also similar to the learning styles such as the VARK system of Auditory, Kinesthetic, Reading-Writing, Visual, with the added Emotional Feeling style of learning

And we use all these sensory, extrasensory, learning and manifestation aptitudes anyways, so the TEVAS system just helps you name, and identify and become more comfortable with these abilities that we all have… latent or manifest.

So how to recognize an Ecrivent. They are often seen quietly studying reading or writing words. So think about if that’s true for you. They will often use words like I know a lot in conversations. They prefer a more formal non touch greeting such as the head nod.  They’re not the hugging type.

The best way for an Ecrivent to learn is by reading. They like researching and studying on or offline. They go in depth to find gems of knowledge and they get their best ideas when uninterrupted in a quiet place. They also learn best by writing. They may like to journal or in a learning situation they will lots of notes. They like to organize their notes and have good systems for this. So think about if those two things are true for you.

Now regular sensory perception advantages of the Ecrivent are they’re intelligent, thoughtful, philosophical, a great use of language and will do their due diligence before making a decision. They are not the impulsive type. Disadvantages in extreme types – where they might not be balanced with the other styles – is that they may be too introverted, anti social and disconnected from life can be lost in their heads, ungrounded and in attentive to practical, physical details. The absent minded professor type.

Now the extrasensory perception of an Ecrivent…might be automatic writing or channeled writing where they’re bringing in messages from their higher self or higher source. They just their hand do the writing and it comes out on the page. Or you could also think of them in terms of Clairecognizance, where they have the ability to just know information or read records or see the code, the symbols, the underlying structure of life…without physically seeing them. They just kind of “know”.

And the best way to manifest as an Ecrivent is to write about your goal or vision. If you want to manifest a vacation to Hawaii, you would write about being there in detail, what you’re going to do, where you’re going to go, sort of getting it down on paper makes a big difference. And also reading about your goal or vision. So re-read your journal entries,  read about Hawaii, places to go, and fill your mind with the details of the place through reading and writing.

Now the types of professions where you see lots of Ecrivents anything of course to do with reading and writing. Like a librarian, editor, journalist, researcher, writer, systems analyst, IT, lawyer, professor, investigator, historian, biologist, educator. Of course all the writing professions – blogger, publisher,  copywriter, reviewer, translator. So think about if those are the types of professions you’ve been drawn to.

Why it’s useful to know if you’re an Ecrivent manifestor, Voyent, Tangent manifestor etc. is because it helps you use your natural inclinations more constructively. We all use our senses, imagination and intention to manifest anyway… but sometime not very effectively, and sometime for things we don’t actually want.

For example, a common way to teach manifestation ability is to say affirmations to yourself, such as I am a successful entrepreneur, even if you’re not, to change your self image and thus change your reality.

Two problems with that. Saying affirmations is useful if you’re an audient or clairaudient manifestor, but not if you’re one of the others.

If you’re Ecrivent, writing out that affirmation and reading it back to yourself would be better.

Secondly, stating “I am” anything when it’s not true yet, can create cognitive dissonance. It’s better to say, I am becoming” say…a successful entrepreneur, because the logical side of your mind finds that harder to dispute. If you’re just starting out, or going through a dip, you could still be on the road there… becoming successful, just not there yet.

Also it’s best to specifically define what successful means, such as making X amount per month in profit working with ideal clients doing what I love. Because some entrepreneurs seem successful to others but their huge profits get eaten up by huge expenses, or they’re working with clients that are far from ideal, or not doing what they love.

I had one coaching client who turned out to be an Ecrivent manifestor, and someone had suggested he create a vision board of images of what he wanted… like places he wanted to visit. That would have been helpful if he was a voyent or clairvoyant manifestor as visuals are their main tools to helping bring something into existence.

But only once he started writing out the details of where he wanted to visit… that’s when it started manifesting.

I had another Ecrivent client who was worrying about not having enough money to pay the bills and writing about it in her journal. That meant she was using her senses, imagination and Ecrivent ability to create what she didn’t want. I say, it’s okay to get clear on worries

by writing them out, but once you bring those to surface its then good to write out what you want instead… such as plenty of income to pay all the bills each month… specific amounts written out of paper, re-reading that.

Why? Because it creates a new filter in the mind… it’s called the reticular activation system. Instead of filtering the world in terms of finding evidence for not having enough income, she started filtering the world in terms of finding evidence for having more than enough income. It gave her several ideas such as to call a certain person who referred her for some contract work, to look at an old investment to discover it had grown exponentially, and to let go of a bill for something she never used anymore, thus lowering her expenses. If she’d stayed in the worry mindset, she would never have had those thoughts and taken those actions. So to understand how the five styles differ from each other…

Sometimes it’s useful to look at stories, popular shows and well-known characters to illustrate the differences between the types. I used to write comedy, and so studied some of the most popular sitcoms to understand the tropes, the character types and such. Most hit comedy shows tend to put 4-5 vastly different characters together to help create the comedy through the inevitable conflict and contrast that emerges because of their differences. Whether it’s old comedies like the original Lucy show, Seinfeld, Friends or new ones like Ted Lasso, or long running ones like The Big Bang Theory, you can see that in place. So let’s take the Big Bang Theory because a lot of people have watched that show.

So, each of the characters is funny because they are imbalanced. They are extreme in their personality style. A well balanced character isn’t usually funny. They’re often the straight man or woman. The comedic characters are out of balance. So, in the Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper is an extreme Ecrivent in my estimation. He’s a researcher, he likes studying, reading, writing, formulating lists, agreements. He likes things more than people.

In contrast, his roommate, Leonard is more of the Voyent type which I’ll talk about in the next episode. He’s very visual, very visually attracted to Penny for example. Penny is more of a Tangent, which we talked about in the last episode. She’s a hugger, very physical, grounded, did hunting with her father, not so intellectual like Sheldon. Raj is Sentient, very emotional, soft spoken, sentimental, very attached to his dog for example. Whereas Howard is more the Audient, very musical, likes to do impersonations, quick witted humor, fiery and passionate temperament. And as I said it’s…often it’s enjoyable to learn about things like this in story form. So, in novel, Helio Tropez, the side character of Metta is an Ecrivent with a special nuance known as the The Poet or the Ecrivent-Acceptance. She’s an amazing poet, songwriter, a master of words in all respects, but the downside is that she can also use the written word to keep people lost in regret or distrust, so that’s something to watch out for if you’re that type of Ecrivent.

Stavron is another character in the story. He is also  an Ecrivent and his nuance is the MindCoder or Ecrivent-Reprogram. Used in an empowering way he can reprogram the mind of a traumatized person so they heal. He can do the same for an object or even the Earth herself. Used in a disempowering way he can reprogram the mind of a person to be more traumatized so the power has to be used wisely. NoSsome people do see patterns in how others think, and how computer codes work…they kind of grok the language of a brain or an operating system far better than others. You may not realize you’re doing this, but it’s like you just know the truth of someone or something…and that’s you reading deeper levels of code. It’s the idea that behind the illusory reality we live in, there’s this sacred geometry, codes, symbols…and it’s available within us to translate that into something meaningful for our day to day lives.

So, as a reminder, you can get this TEVAS Aptitudes eBook and then you’ll get a lot more details about the different styles. Just look for the link below to try the 60-second quiz.

And if you’re into buying, collecting and selling NFTs you can get an NFT of these characters and several other characters from the book, Helio Tropez…. On MintFun and several other platforms. So I’ll put a link below for that as well.

And if you’d like to know a bit more about Helio Tropez, stay for a short book trailer.

In a world where love, time travel, and psychic powers converge, prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey. The 2nd edition of the captivating science fiction and epic fantasy novel, “He-Leo Trop-Ez,” is now here — book 1 of The “Timeline Redemption” Series.

Tia Violetta’s life is about to unravel as she approaches her thirtieth birthday. Secluded in a Seattle mansion, protected by her paranoid father, she remains unaware of her true heritage and the looming threat to herself and all of humanity.

Little does she know, Tia holds the key to something extraordinary, something that the malevolent AI, SIM, relentlessly pursues. Tia and her father, Hadden, are descendants of a subterranean city called He-Leo Trop-Ez, with inhabitants possessing awe-inspiring abilities. Only by uniting with four other women in her family can Tia unleash her Pentada powers and help free humanity from the clutches of the parasitic SIM who has kept them apart.

But the story takes a heart-stopping twist. Just moments before old Hadden passes away, a young Hadden travels fifty years into the future to protect Tia. This selfless act sets in motion a series of events that shatter Tia’s world, fracturing their reality into two separate timelines.

As Tia and young Hadden navigate treacherous terrains across timelines, their journey tests their resilience and family bonds. Humanity’s fate hangs in the balance, poised for ascension or annihilation.

One reviewer says, “There is a metaphysical aspect that makes it so much more than just a good read. Fans of sci-fi/fantasy will enjoy it for sure, but readers who seek depth will be thrilled to step out of the mundane and into this fascinating world….a real page-turner. If you love rich and fascinating characters and compelling plot lines… this is for you.”

If you want to listen to a sample of the prologue, just click on the link below.

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