October 20

Ep. 4 – Making an Oath to Your Life Purpose

In this episode I want to explore some of the themes in the novel Helio Tropez. One concept is the notion of ‘taking an oath to your life purpose’. It’s the idea that we come into this life already having set a life goal, that we then promptly forget about when we are born.

The trick is to go deep inside to remember it again. Some people remember it more easily than others, some are more committed to it than others. Staying committed can be hard at times. If it was easy, you might not learn much.

So in this episode we will explore how do you go from not truly committed, to committed by exploring a consciousness technology known as an Oath to the true self.


Topics Covered:


2:50   –  Two examples of people who went from not committed to committed

9:30 –    How to use a ‘consciousness technology’ like oath taking

14:50  – The energetics of vows, contracts and offices

16:55 –  Two examples of oaths that can magnetize the magic of being committed




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In this episode I want to explore some of the themes in the novel Helio Tropez. You can hear an intro to that story in another episode on this platform entitled INTRODUCTION TO THE NOVEL HELIO TROPEZ. One concept is the notion of taking an oath to your life purpose. It’s the idea that we come into this life already having set a life goal, that we then promptly forget about when we are born.

The trick is to go deep inside to remember it again. Some people remember it more easily than others, some are more committed to it than others. Staying committed can be hard at times. If it was easy you might not learn much, the adventure of this life might not be as interesting…so it kind of has to be hard.

So maybe you relate to this…where you’ve gotten this great idea to achieve a goal, like start a business, or do something creative, or learn something new, because it feels on purpose for you, like a deep inner knowing is driving you. But, then you kind of give up on it when the going gets tough. That’s usually because you weren’t as committed as you needed to be. It’s happened to most of us. And maybe you finally did commit and then all kinds of synchronicity and magic showed up to help the goal along.

So in this episode we will explore how do you go from not truly committed, to committed by exploring a consciousness technology known as an Oath to the true self.

You may or may not be familiar with an often quoted poem called Commitment. It is short and it goes like this. Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans. That the moment one definitely commits oneself than providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from that one decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamt would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it,

In this episode I wanted to explore this phenomenon. If you are familiar with this magic of choosing to commit, then you might also be familiar with the frustration people often feel when they think they’re committed, but Providence does not move in. And you may come to realize that a reason for that is that part of you is not committed. The frustration can come from not knowing how to negotiate with the part of you that is not committed. Because often it’s deep in the unconscious. It’s like you have no relationship with that, no understanding of what’s going on with the resistance to commitment. Usually it’s a fear, a deeper decision you made at a very young age.

For example, I had a client who wanted to ramp-up his online offerings through coaching. It sounded good on the surface, and he thought he was committed, but he kept avoiding doing what needed to be done. He wasn’t truly committed, when we really looked into it together. There was a part of him that was more hidden, more in the unconscious mind that we brought to the surface. He knew that when a person starts anything big and complex like this, there are bound to be mistakes, failures, setbacks. Intellectually, he understood that there would be a learning curve. But he made a decision when he was young, not to put himself in a position where he’d be likely to make lots of mistakes and have failure. He came from a family where his parents got very upset with him if he only got a B or B+. He needed to get an A or in their eyes he was a failure. The idea of disappointing his parents triggered his survival brain. That’s very common in children. You figure out pretty young that you need to make your parents happy if you are going to survive. Even though they never kicked him out of the house for getting a B+, over the years it to become clear that their hopes and dreams would need to be pinned on his brother. They gave him more attention and support because he got higher grades. This created a lifetime of staying safe, not trying new things, for my client so that he wouldn’t risk mistakes and failures, he wouldn’t risk not getting top approval from people around him. It was easier for him to stay doing something he knew well, even though it was killing him inside. It was no longer the right path for him, not only because he wanted to grow as a person, but because of the way the world had changed and doing a business online was seemingly one of the few ways he could continue to make a living and support his family. When we did this process I’m going to show you in a moment, it aligned his conscious mind with his unconscious mind towards the goal, and overrode fears of failure.

I worked with another client, who was okay about her business situation, but was feeling very upset by the state of the world. She wanted to use her skills, talents and creative abilities to help, but didn’t know how. Her instinct told her that there were two distinct timelines that could play out in the future. A dystopian timeline where people have few freedoms anymore, where there is war, more degradation of the environment, more pestilence, sickness, hunger, struggle and an economic depression. The second was a more utopian timeline where health was restored to the world, where people had their sovereign rights, their freedoms, where there was peace of mind inside, and peace amongst the people, a rejuvenation of the outer environment, vibrant health within, people are nourished and thriving…in other words, a golden age of society. Of course, she knew that what you focus on grows. And yet she found herself focusing on the first timeline, because of everything that she was reading the news, talking to people about, sharing in social media. She felt that it was up to us as a collective to focus on the second timeline if that’s truly what we want.

So I asked her, what do YOU really want? Of course the second timeline sounded good, but she didn’t believe was possible, or only possible in little ways. And part of her believed that it was up to governments, social activists or corporations to get us there…but frustratingly they weren’t, or not fast enough, or not in the right ways. So, this idea of making a full commitment to the second timeline within herself started to feel like something she could have control over, and perhaps make a difference in her own small way.

There’s a unique law of the universe whereby belief and commitment are fully intertwined. It’s the idea that if you notice you have a lack of commitment it’s really about your unwillingness to believe your goal is possible. And then of course the opposite is also true. If you have a full commitment you also have a willingness to believe something is possible, even in the face of evidence to the contrary. All the great manifestors of huge goals know that secret and live by it.

So, let’s call this commitment to a goal, a form of consciousness technology. By consciousness technology I mean something that can be done with your mind. Most of us only think of technology as an external device like your computer or your smartphone. Conscious technology is based on the theory that there we are only tapping into 5% of our brain’s capacity. And that anything a computer or smart phone can do is based on what the mind can do. We are externalizing capacities we actually have within us. And the more we choose to open to the possibilities of what the mind can do, the more we activate those capacities. When we did this process with my client, I’m going to show you in a moment, it aligned her conscious goal and helped her manufacture the belief she needed for the commitment to stick.

Because if you understand how laws of manifestation work and how to use consciousness technology, you can manifest all kinds of wonderful things. One of the big ways to do that is by using your intention to create what you might call oaths, or trusts, contracts, vows, commitments, agreements or covenants, and do that within something called an office and assign officers. What do I mean by all that? If you think about it, to manifest the best life possible, you have to negotiate with yourself, and with others to form honorable agreements and contracts that are guided by the ideal of respecting each other’s free to pursue values, dreams, and desires. And you have to keep focused in a certain direction enough that the agreements play out as they are intended.

So an Oath can be a written contract, which is a strong promise to hold one’s values, or to appeal to a higher power, or to be committed to a person, a goal, a business. An oath can be as simple as a personal statement or significant is a legally binding contract. Whether an oath is personal or relevant to others, it is a powerful process that is harder to undo. Just as people choose to get married, rather than just shack up – they often do so to hold themselves to higher values. Not always, but in many cases, that’s the motivating factor. Is easier to get out of if you aren’t married. You’re going to put more of yourself into the relationship if you’re married, and the more you put into something the more you tend to get out. So it’s asking yourself to really focus and put your life energy into a certain direction, and not in other directions, which makes it far more likely you will have success. That said, of course not all marriages, businesses, governments, corporate entities are successful, and people don’t keep to those oaths and agreements. That said, without those agreements in place, the chance that the purpose of that project will fall apart is far greater, because there’s nothing to hold it together.

So what happens to you when you voluntary choose to commit yourself to a certain path in life? Well, we literally begin to train ourselves to gain mastery in this consciousness technology. So I’ll use the analogy of committing to learn to play a musical instrument. So you take a vow or an oath to learn to play that instrument. But this doesn’t magically make you a master of the instrument, just because you’ve said the words. Clearly, it takes dedication. You have to sacrifice time away from other areas of your life.

So you can get good at playing the instrument. And then if you want to get good at playing the instrument with other people, then you also have to find other people who have also recognized and committed themselves to playing an instrument. So then you can come together and learn how to play music together. And even if you’ve learned a piece of music back, you know, 5 years ago, it doesn’t mean that you still know how to play it perfectly today. It still takes vigilance and persistence. In other words, committing to a goal like music, or your business, or doing good in the world, or to a marriage takes continual commitment, continual practice.

So what can help that continual recommitment that invites the magic and universal support? Trying taking an oath. So, taking an oath is like performing a ceremony that activates certain energies in the universe. Oaths are just a form of technology that you can use for big or small things, or good or bad. So be careful how you use them, as they are powerful.

You see prime ministers and presidents taking an oath before they enter office, right? Or when a couple gets married. They take vows which, at an energetic realm are things. Just like some people say that thoughts are things. They are the precursors to substantive form in denser realities. Nothing comes into form, without thought. So vows and oaths are like thoughts on steroids. It’s the same as if you want to be a board member or CEO of a corporation, you have to take the corporate oath. Of course you see it in the law and the legal system with legal contracts written on paper. The law is actually just a bunch of thoughts, oaths, vows written on paper.

So, think about when someone breaks an oath, like in a courtroom – to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Or when someone breaks a marriage vow, or doesn’t honor a business partnership agreement. It’s a bigger deal. It’s written down and signed and it’s done within a larger context with witnesses. It goes deeper into someone’s consciousness, and feels more intense to break it. Of course, people do break these oaths and vows, but the psychological damage is greater, at least in people who are not sociopaths. So, be careful what you vow or take an oath to.

So we have this idea of an office. So when you take an oath, you’re actually entering into an office. So what does an office mean? Again, it’s a consciousness technology, which is specifically designed to honor free will. Here’s a practical example. So say you’re in a family unit, and you all want to go on vacation. Well, who’s the person that’s going to wake everybody up to make sure we make our flights? Well, let’s say it mom. She gets nominated as an officer, or a trustee to take action on goal that everybody has mutually agreed to.

Will you help us wake up and make sure we get to our flight on time? And they will make some verbal expression to the family which is effectively an oath of office that you will take on this activity.

So a contract is a really important thing to understand, too. A contract is when two or more people state their individual intentions to figure out how to manifest the goal in specific terms and with specific conditions. They explicitly agree to carry out the duties required to manifest it into reality. Now, once done, they all act to perform the work and in doing so manifests the contract or mutual goal. So an oath, in this sense is when each person accepts their part of the contract. So that’s what a corporation is at the energetic level. It’s when a bunch of people who have rights get together to do some projects that they want to carry into the world. For example, if you’ve ever created a limited company, you know that you have to name officers of that corporation.

In summary, oaths, vows and agreements are things in the energetic realms, a form of consciousness technology, that are like the building blocks of what comes into reality. So, it serves you to use them with wisdom to create what you want in your personal and professional life and where necessary to contribute to a positive future for the world. Because if you don’t do that, you may find yourself creating oaths, vows and agreements at the subconscious level that don’t serve you or the world, or reinforcing ones that have been there for a long time. So the good news is that creating a new oath, vow or agreement can override an old one, especially if it’s done repeatedly and connected to a positive emotional feeling. The word emotion includes the word motion, emotions mobilize words to manifest reality. The opposite of that is to create words no emotions, and then it stays more at the intellectual level and doesn’t filter down into reality. It’s that idea just going through the motions. Or like if you’ve ever watch the speaker and they are just dialing it in, they don’t seem emotionally connected to their words, it’s like they don’t believe what they are saying. It’s the same idea. You really get behind what you’re saying. So you have to find words that work for you, but I’ll give you a few examples and then you can make up your own based on the goals you want to manifest.

So here’s the one we did for the client who wanted to ramp up his online coaching. He ran his business with his wife, so they created the oath together, so it also became a contract or partnership agreement between them.

I, ____ his name, do solemnly swear that I will work with _____ his wife’s name to launch, enroll and fulfill on the promises of _______________ name of coaching program, to the best of my ability. I will faithfully execute my office within the ___________ name of company. And will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the vision, mission and purpose of our company. In addition, I choose to fully defend against all enemies, and bear true faith and allegiance to our vision and mission. I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation. I will faithfully attend to the duties of the office on which I am about to enter, so help me God.

So, that was taken from typical oaths people use in a court of law, legal documents, marriage vows, etc. But make it your own. The words have to feel meaningful to you. You need to feel emotionally connected to it.

So here’s a second example. It’s the one I did with the client who wanted to focus on her part in creating a positive, or what she called, a Golden Age timeline for the world. So, it was a personal agreement she was making with herself and what she referred to as The Universe, or the Source of all things.

I, ____ her name, do solemnly swear that I will focus on seeing the world restored to health, where there is peace of mind inside, peace amongst the people, a rejuvenation of the outer environment, vibrant health within, people are nourished and thriving. I will do this to the best of my ability, know that what I focus on grows. I will faithfully execute my role within the collective mindset of humanity. And will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend this vision. I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation. I choose to faithfully attend to the duties of this role on which I am about to enter…now and always…May the Universe be my witness and eternal partner in this process.

So, in both cases, the oath was like erecting a foundation upon which to bring this goal into reality. Without that foundation, the old programs, the fears, the double mindedness gets in the way. By double mindedness I mean we decide to do something and then you are not sure, you kind of “undecide”. When you do that, you dissipate your power of manifestation. It’s like the metaphor of ordering something from Amazon. You make the order, and then you ask for refund, then you reorder it, then you ask for refund. On the other end, they start to send it, and then they stop the sending process, and then they start sending process, but they get so confused it never really leaves the warehouse. So this insures the package leaves the warehouse. Does that make sense?

If you’d like to check out the novel Helio Tropez go to GoldenAgeTimeline.com, and to check out our non fiction book MindStory Inner Coach, where you can explore the 5 step AVARA model to help you uncover blocks to being committed to your life purpose. Just go to MindStoryAcademy.com

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Until next time, I’m CM Rieger, thanks for listening.


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