January 13

Ep. 40 – Clairsentience – Discover the Power of the “EMOTIONAL Personality Style” to Manifest Goals

Are you a Clairsentient or an emotional learner? The T.E.V.A.S. personality types help you identify your learning style, as well as your sensory and extrasensory potentials. The Sentient personality style gives you the ability to learn through emotions and to sense emotions beyond the regular senses.

A Sentient uses sounds, words and frequencies in both tangible and intangible ways to manifest and learn. These styles or “superpowers” feature in the visionary fantasy novel, Helio Tropez. Learn to use your Sentient abilities correctly to help on your journey of spiritual awakening, providing insights into goalsetting, life purpose, and soul mission.


Topics Covered:

01:45 – Sentient Character Examples from Popular Stories

03:42 – How to Recognize a Sentient Personality Style

04:11 – The Best Way for Sentients to Learn

04:37  – Regular Sensory Perceptions – Sentients

04:53 – Extra Sensory Perceptions – Sentients

05:05 – The Best Way for Sentients to Manifest

05:29 – Typical Professions – Sentients

05:40 – Pitfalls of Being a Sentient and How to Overcome Them


Although Sentient is a learning and manifestation style, we’ll move beyond conventional philosophy here and delve into the metaphysical aspects. Whether you’re new to the world of psychic or psionic abilities or a seasoned explorer, this video can elevate your consciousness, and enhance your manifestation skills, so you can better practice the Law of Attraction, and embrace the profound wisdom of using and enhancing your skills.



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Ep 40 – CLAIRSENTIENCE – Discover the Power of the EMPATHIC Personality Style 

Are you a Sentient Manifestor? More commonly known as clairsentient. If so, knowing this can help you better manifest goals. The 5 Styles are Tangent, Ecrivent, Voyent, Audient and Sentient or TEVAS for short. In this short video I’m going to tell you more about your style and how to boost your manifestation skills. And how to get a copy of the full TEVAS Quiz and eBook for FREE. And if you do the online quiz and you want to see what’s your second most dominant, third, fourth, fifth… to see how balanced you are… you might to get this as well because you can do the quiz and you can see how balanced you are and you’ll also get a lot more details about all the different styles. And I also want to show you a process where you can really learn to develop all five styles so stay to the end to find out about that.

So how to recognize a sentient, well, they’re often involved in social causes anything involving caring for others, they’re friendly, they’re emotionally engaging. They’ll use words like “I sense” in conversation as in “I sense there’s something wrong”, or they might say “I have a good feeling about that” or they might sign off an email by writing “Take Care”. Greetings would be a more informal hug or a gentle hand squeeze, or arm around the shoulder, a physical, warm, caring gesture.

The best way for a sentient to learn is by feeling emotionally engaged, they like stories that touch the heart versus hearing a list of facts. They need to understand why they should pay attention to the learning so they can understand the deeper purpose, an emotionally inspiring reason.

The regular sensory perceptions of Sentients have both advantages and disadvantages. Their advantages are that they have high emotional intelligence, are caring towards others, and sensitive to other’s needs. They’re also warm hearted, and they can pick up on subtle emotional cues that help them understand a person’s mood.

Disadvantages of extreme types, where they are unbalanced with the other styles, is that they may feel overwhelmed in crowds. They easily pick up on many people’s emotions, especially negative ones that can weigh them down. They may take on other’s feelings and pain and not realize it, and so some may consider them overly sensitive and too emotional.

The extra sensory perceptions extend the regular sensory perceptions. When they enter an empty room, they can feel the emotional residue left by the previous inhabitants. Sentients are also known as intuitive empaths. They can absorb the energy of others to facilitate healing and can predict emotional outcomes in the future.

So, the best way to manifest if you’re a sentient is to imagine how you’d feel emotionally if you already achieved the goal. For example, if you want to manifest a trip to Hawaii, imagine feeling excited, relieved, at peace, happy. Also stay connected emotionally while you use your imagination. Don’t just be indifferent when doing your manifestation work.


The professions where you find a lot of Sentients are the caring or social support types of professions like healer, nurse, caregiver, dog trainer, counselor, funeral director, social cause activist, mediator, human resources, nanny or early childhood educator and like that.

Managing Your Clairsentient Powers:

As a warning, individuals with the ability to gain information through extrasensory emotions, may encounter some challenges in constructively using their powers:

  1. Receiving information through emotions can make interpretation complex and subjective. You’ll need to decipher the true emotional meaning of the intel.
  2. Sensing the emotional nature of future events can be confusing when you don’t know the nature of what’s coming.
  3. You may undercover a hidden emotional truth in a person, something that they aren’t acknowledging. If you point it out, they may react negatively.
  4. Clairsentients may also struggle to separate their own emotions from the emotions of others, so learning to discern the source is very important.
  5. Filtering out irrelevant or intrusive emotions can be a challenge for Clairsentients, especially in emotionally charged environments. Developing selective attention is essential for focus.
  6. Because of the abstract nature of emotional experiences, Clairsentients may face skepticism from others and within themselves, increasing self-doubt.
  7. Clairsentients may find it difficult to integrate their abilities into a world that often prioritizes visual and tangible information.
  8. Feeling different or isolated is common among Clairsentients, as their experiences may set them apart from others who lack such extrasensory perceptions.

To address these challenges, Clairsentients can benefit from coaching, mentorship, like-minded communities, and practices that help them ground and control their emotional abilities, enhancing a constructive and responsible use of their extrasensory powers. I’ll talk about a few practices in a moment.

Characters in Stories who are Clairsentient

Fantasy and science fiction often feature characters with superpowers which are just extensions of regular sensory perceptions in everyday humans. For example:

  1. Deanna Troi is a character in the sci-fi TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation, she is an empath with the psionic ability to sense emotions. She can transfer positive emotions and memories into people’s minds. Another character named Alkar had a similar ability but used it in disempowering ways by transfering negative emotions and memories into Deanna’s mind. Often a character’s greatest power can also be their greatest weakness.
  2. Harry Potter from the Harry Potter books and movies is a wizard who possesses the ability to feel the emotions of others. For example, after the death of Cedric Diggory, he can feel the emotions of Cedric’s ghost which helps bring closure to his parents.
  3. Mantis in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is a Sentient who manipulates the characters Ego and Drax with her empathic abilities.
  4. Tia Violetta is a Sentient from the fantasy sci-fi novel, Helio Tropez. She can Remote Sense the emotional nature of other of things to get intel. She is a life coach, a counsellor and inspiring leader to others.

Now when studying the 5 personality styles, eventually try to get a balance of all of them so that the disadvantages of one style don’t end up where he against you. And so that anytime you want to manifest something, you are working from all the styles, those are the master manifester ‘s of the world.  Now, if you overuse one style, it can create limitations in your life, those can throw off the integrity of your whole body mind system. So it’s like driving a five cylinder car only one or two cylinders, you need them all working to full capacity to really increase your results. So why are we strong in some capacities and not others? Is it nature or nurture? It’s a bit of both.

Often there are limiting beliefs getting in the way of using all your manifestation styles. a limiting belief is simply a piece of negative programming very deep inside your subconscious mind. And this kind of programming can negatively affect every part of your life, from how successful you allow yourself to be in love and career in your health. And in terms of your own personal development. So think of it as a computer virus secretly working in the background. It’s sneaky, and it’s hard to get rid of without the right guidance. And the longer you leave it there, the more damage it’s going to do. There’s a growing body of complex psychological and neurological science that we’ve spent over 23 years studying.


And we’ve developed several powerful, yet easy to use processes to break you free of these limitations in the process, increase your capacities to create the life you want, not the life someone else wants for you. So as you may know, as children, our brains are extremely receptive, absorbing everything with no filters, everything that we see, feel and hear around us from parents and teachers to bedtime books, cartoons, TVs, and movies. So before six, we don’t have any filters to screen out all the raw info, it just goes straight into our subconscious mind. So all the repetitive messages we receive good or bad about money, relationships get embedded into our subconscious. So it’s only after six that our brain starts filtering information, but by then our subconscious has already been locked in. In other words, your childhood programming quietly controls your entire life.

Now I’ve experienced this for myself on a personal level to as I said, I was a very strong sentient manifester, and very low in the other styles. In retrospect, I see that I was born with this skill but overused it to survive and be helpful in a household where there was a lot of conflict. I saw that I could literally absorb everyone’s negative energy. I could calm everyone down, but I paid the price. It was very hard on me physically, mentally and emotionally. And I didn’t develop the other manifestation skills. Later in life, I learned to use the sentient style in a smarter way helping others emotionally without taking on their negativity myself. And part of the way I did that was by developing the other four manifestation styles, and having a variety of processes that helped me build all the manifestation styles.

For example, some people grew up in a family where they were taught to suppress emotions and so Sentient manifesting is hard for them. A client I had went deaf in one ear as a child, which made Audient manifesting hard for him. These kinds of limitations can negatively affect every part of your life, from how successful you allow yourself to be in love, soul growth, friendships, career and physical-mental-emotional health.

How to Get Re-Inspired and Re-Balanced

Now, you may have tried several ways to get rid of issues in your life and notice, heck, they’re still frustratingly there, or you’re only making slight improvements and not the big turnaround you were hoping for. There might be a variety of reasons for that…both personal and global. And we’re going to cover what those are in the online class, and some of them may very much surprise you.

If you’ve ever done any personal growth processes and they didn’t work, it might be because it wasn’t going to the core. Many processes just remove the limiting belief without addresses the system around it. That is like changing the oil filter on a car that’s ready for the junk heap. Or it’s like removing a virus from a laptop that’s so outdated that no new applications run on it anymore. Here you’ll discover how limiting beliefs are components of larger entities called Archetypal characters or self images, which are components of even larger entities we call MindStories.

Inner Operating Systems That Might Need an Upgrade

MindStories are like operating systems and yours might need an upgrade. Some people who take the Re-Inspired online masterclass and use the TriUnity process report feeling like a dark cloud has dissolved from somewhere deep inside, some report feeling an instant surge of self-appreciation and feeling more capable of taking on the world. Some feel like it pulls a cork from their minds and an instant rush of creativity, intuition and clarity flows through. Overall they feel change they can feel in the days and weeks and months that follow.

You’ll discover how to unhook from an operating system or MindStory that’s glitchy and outdated by breaking down its component parts. That’s when you can load a better OS or MindStory so that your entire life changes for the better and so that it sticks. Instead of living with a virus filled old operating system you have a shiny new one with the right components in place for the life you were meant to live.

And if you’d like to know a bit more about Helio Tropez, stay for a short book trailer. If you liked this episode, be sure to like, share and subscribe so you hear about other episodes. And for more information on our free offerings, upcoming events and online courses go to GoldenAgeTimeline.com. And that’s it for now… Thanks for listening

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But the story takes a heart-stopping twist. Just moments before old Hadden passes away, a young Hadden travels fifty years into the future to protect Tia. This selfless act sets in motion a series of events that shatter Tia’s world, fracturing their reality into two separate timelines.

As Tia and young Hadden navigate treacherous terrains across timelines, their journey tests their resilience and family bonds. Humanity’s fate hangs in the balance, poised for ascension or annihilation.

One reviewer says, “There is a metaphysical aspect that makes it so much more than just a good read. Fans of sci-fi/fantasy will enjoy it for sure, but readers who seek depth will be thrilled to step out of the mundane and into this fascinating world….a real page-turner. If you love rich and fascinating characters and compelling plot lines… this is for you.”

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