June 24

Ep. 31 – Pendulum Mastery – Accessing Inner Guidance and Insight

EP 31 – Pendulum Mastery – Accessing Inner Guidance and Insight


With so much confusion going on in the world, many people are now going inside for answers, which is a good thing. Here’s a method for making that ‘truth finding’ process easier.





02:45  – Why dowsing with a pendulum is such a powerful tool  

07:25 –  Different ways to use it to get accurate inner truth

12:45  – How to use a Pendulum Chart

18:10 – What to do if you can’t get a clear answer

19:30 – Misuses of a pendulum






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With so much confusion going on in the world, many people are now going inside for answers. Which is a good thing. So here’s a method for making that truth finding process easier. One great thing coming out of this time in world history, is that some people are  now more motivated to look inside themselves for answers instead of looking  externally.  There’s so much chaos, contradiction, confusion, conflict, worrying opinions about what’s going on in the world. After a while it gets exhausting for many people, and they pull away from it all for a while…which I think is a good thing. Stay informed on important things but don’t get pulled into all the drama. Keeping your emotional frequency more positive right now is very important.  When you go inside for answers then you start to become your own barometer of what’s right, what’s true, what’s the best path, how best to look at things in a way that best serves you and those concerned, and you stop letting other people’s energy affect you in negative ways.


That said, when it comes to truth with a capital T, I believe we all have a part of it and when we come together we can start to see a better picture of the whole thing. That, of course, requires open-mindedness to alternative opinions, really listening, really considering many points of view and then going inside and mulling on it all and synthesizing it down to something that makes sense for you in your life right now.


To that end, I started sharing something I’ve been using for years with some of my clients. They’re finding it very helpful. It’s a form of divination called dowsing, using a pendulum. Maybe you’re familiar with it. If so, this episode might open your mind to several possibilities using this method that you hadn’t considered. Or, maybe that’s way too far down the woo-woo path for you. If so, I invite you to keep an open mind, as I was very sceptical at first and now I’m a firm believer.  It’s very easy and fun to use and only takes a few minutes. Once you get good at it, you’d be amazed at how accurate you can be.


There have been many methods of divination like this all over the world, since the beginning of recorded history. Today, millions of people use them all the time and rely on it. The problem is, many forms of divination have been invalidated throughout the ages.  I think that’s in part due to the fact that people in power positions wanting control over others, don’t want them accessing their own inner truth, as then they are much harder to control. People in powerful positions, leaders, I believe should want those they lead to have this access to their own personal power, wisdom and inner truth. And because we are moving out of an era where leaders who use a kind of “power over” methodology versus “power with”, are becoming less popular, and are falling away. And that’s mainly because people don’t want those kind of leaders in power anymore.


What you might not know is that, not only have people used pendulums for dowsing all through recorded history, they are still used in unlikely places. For example commercial ventures. Historically, pendulums are widely known for locating water, oil, iron, and even mining silver and gold. Dowsing rods are possibly used more commonly for these kinds of purposes.


So pendulum dowsing is the use of a weighted object on a string or chain to get an answer, usually in a yes or no format, but if you use a pendulum chart like I’m going to talk about, you can use it for a lot more than yes or no. You can see this chart as a free download in the show notes. Pendulums are used in a multitude of ways, and I’ll give some examples to broaden your perspective of what’s possible. You don’t need a pendulum chart, I just find it useful to give me more complex answers, like spelling out a word.


Now in case something like this is spooky to you, like maybe you did the Ouiji board when you were a kid, it’s not the tool that’s spooky, it’s what energy you’re calling on. I believe it’s very important to be using it as a go-between between your conscious mind and your higher mind. I say this, because I often am encouraging people to access their own higher mind for wisdom. But often my clients tell me that they don’t get anything, their mind goes blank. That’s often just because they haven’t tuned into the right radio station, there’s too much interference, you’re just not used to it. It’s like building a muscle. So a pendulum is a great way to open up that relationship, and lines of communication.


That said, if you aren’t really clear who you’re asking questions of, I do believe there are forces that might try to hijack your answer. The lower mind, your ego needs, or even some disembodied entity, if you believe in that kind of thing. But you can set a strong intention that you only want the truth, for yourself, from your higher mind, from your highest wisdom. Use whatever words feel appropriate for you. Some people just call it the deep unconscious mind, the universe, God. I just think it’s important that that you are clear that it needs to be benevolent source of information that wants to support you. Then, once you do it enough, you’ll sense when you are really tapped into that. Someday you’ll have a clearer connection, some days you won’t. The more you practice it, the easier and stronger that connection becomes.


So a pendulum can be a necklace you own, as long as it has a pointy end, rather than a rounded end. That’s because you want to be clear where the pendulum is pointing. You can literally order one on Amazon, by itself or with a whole set of charts and a book on how to do it. Or you can just take any kind of pointy object and put it on the string, or a chain. I like to use one of my favorite necklaces that has a turquoise stone and it. Because I love that necklace and have a strong relationship with it. So use whatever feels appropriate to you, that feels like it has good energy on it. Some people like to cleanse their pendulum. The way I like to do it is put purified water in a glass bowl and then put sea salt in it and leave it overnight. Often they use Himalayan salt.


Then it helps to build a relationship with the pendulum process by just finding a quiet, uninterrupted space, with a flat surface under you like a table so you can support your elbow as you hold the pendulum. I like to keep a notepad handy, to keep track of my questions and answers. That way I can see how accurate I am, I can see how maybe some answers change over time depending on different circumstances affecting the situation.


So once you’re settled, I always think it’s good to take a few low slow deep breaths and center yourself, and just get clear on your intention that you want to connect with your higher self, this higher mind, whatever resonates with you. And then just ask some obvious questions to get you use to the pendulum, and the pendulum used to you.


For example, you can say – show me a YES, and usually that’s swinging up and down. Show me a NO, and that’s usually swinging left to right and back again. Of course, if you use the chart, there’s a place on the chart for no, yes and maybe, and so if it swings to those areas then you know that’s your answer. You can test it by asking a question that has a clear and definitive answer, such as I have brown eyes. If you do have brown eyes, then the pendulum should swing towards yes. If you have blue eyes, then it should swing towards no. It helps to use the same pendulum chart or method of yes or no every time, or you’ll start to get confusing answers.


Hold your pendulum loosely and gently between your thumb and index finger just enough pressure to prevent it from falling. Next call to mind the question you’re seeking a clear response for. You can ask your pendulum virtually anything, within reason, I’ll talk about what not to ask about. Topics can range from locating a missing object, deciding on the best person to hire, choosing your next career direction, uncovering the source of your back pain, trying to choose the best gift for someone. You can also ask about the truth behind something that is a mystery to you, like why you haven’t heard from someone, what’s going to be happening coming up soon. You can also ask about things you forgot about. Things that happened when you were a child that you forgot, names of people you can’t remember. You can also use it to assess the health of different organs in your body, what the source of some symptoms you have are about. Here’s some examples of popular questions to ask. I was like to write the question actually as a statement, and then ask true or false.


It serves me to move to a bigger home

it serves me to cancel my subscription to Dropbox

it serves me to hire a part-time assistant

my opal ring is somewhere in the attic (you can ask like that for lost items)

the reason I haven’t heard back from Chris is because my email didn’t go through



Another reason I like to have people use this pendulum chart, is because you can ask more specific questions. For example there’s percentages from 0% to 100%. So here are some examples of questions you can ask like that.


Reasons I didn’t sleep well last night – too much coffee earlier in the day – you might get 50% for that. And then write out inner turmoil about where to focus my business – and you might get 50% for that. So it’s half coffee and half the inner turmoil.


Or maybe you want to find the best kind of fitness regime, so you make a list of different things you could do and get a percentage of how much of your fitness regime should include that thing. For example, walking – 40%, yoga – 30%, weight training – 30%. So that adds up to 100%, and you can see how much of each would best serve you.


Say you’re thinking of hiring someone to do some work for you, and there’s a few options. You can ask it serves me to use practitioner A and you get a 50%, it serves me to use practitioner B – and you 70%, it serves me to use practitioner C and you get 0%. So right now the best is practitioner B, but it also means you might want to keep looking until you get somebody who has a higher rating than just 70%.


You can also ask about likelihood of future events in your personal life or in the world. That’s when you need to get specific, it’s trickier to get accuracy when trying to get dates on things, because there are so many influences that can change the date. But you can ask – it serves me to put my condo on the market by end of August.


And you might see a news item that seems hard to believe, or disturbing, you can ask this higher mind how true it is. Traditional media and social media get more clicks when there’s bad news. Because it triggers the survival brain, and people can’t help themselves, they click on it. And the more clicks, the more ad revenue, the higher ranking you get on the search engines. And I know a lot of people these days are scrolling through media items and getting very concerned. And the stories come and then they go nothing really happens, say in terms of disasters on the planet. That way you can just check inside, to what degree is this true, to what percentage. And then you can recheck your readings and see whether you are right or not. The more you see that you were right, the more you’ll really believe in this method and you’ll use it to find answers.


And to build that sense of trust in the process, you can ask about something mundane in future, like when a package is going to arrive in the mail, if you’re not sure. Or, when someone is going to return your email. Or what the weather will be like for your picnic on Saturday.


Starting with simpler questions like that can build your confidence. Then I think it’s good to progress to those Big Questions. So, say you asked your Higher Mind, how can I best move forward in my life right now? What’s the best way for me to contribute to the world in a significant way? And you get nothing. You go blank. Try the pendulum. Of course the pendulum doesn’t answer a complex questions like that, I find it’s best to break that big question down into statements and ask – percentage True. For example,


It serves me to start a podcast – if you get 0% that’s a no, if you get 100% that’s a yes, if you get, say, 50%, it’s a yes but not as great as something else.


It serves me to learn about currency trading


It serves me to drop my whole life here and move to South America


Now let’s talk about a few other ways to use the pendulum chart. There’s a set of numbers going from 1 to 27. So you can ask number of days it serves me to do a juice fast right now. Maybe it goes to the number three. Date of the month it’s best to call that potential client back, and maybe it swings towards the date 21st.


Then you can also ask the pendulum to spell out a word. For example, the whole reason I am doing an episode on using a pendulum with a chart, is because I asked the pendulum what is the best focus for my next episode? It spelled out the word pendulum.


On the lower half of this pendulum chart is what to do if the pendulum goes in circles. Have the intention that the pendulum should go in a circle if there’s something wrong with the question. So then you can also ask why. Because often the reason can be many different things. So you see on this chart there’s things like – it’s the wrong time to ask, it’s an incomplete question, so you have to add something more specific to it. Or you might have to ask it differently – which is to reword the whole question. And then there is danger – don’t ask. Now when would you get an answer like that? Sometimes if you are asking about someone else and they don’t want you at this energetic level asking about them, you might get that answer. Or it really doesn’t serve you to know the answer. For example, you might be tempted to ask when you’re going to die, at what age. I know several people have tried that and often get that answer – don’t ask. Perhaps that is because if you knew the exact date, you would act very differently. You might not bother working on goals, you might get into a depressed state about it, it would affect your day-to-day life in a negative way.


Now like any tool, pendulums can be misused. Here are some words of caution. Don’t use it if you’re feeling emotionally or mentally imbalanced. If you’re really stressed, tired, angry, because then you’ll get more inaccurate responses. To ensure that you’re in the right frame of mind, you can actually ask your pendulum before beginning – now is a good time to dowse – true or false.


Also don’t use the pendulum as a replacement for medical expertise, legal expertise, that kind of thing, where the stakes are high. In other words don’t endanger yourself, seek trusted professionals to help you, where appropriate. It also serves to just dowse for yourself, not another person, unless they give you explicit permission. Now, say it’s someone who is nonverbal, like a toddler, or a very old relative who has dementia, then you can ask their higher mind, their higher self if it’s okay. Just make sure you’re doing it from a good intention, to help them. You can ask the pendulum, if you have their permission.


And of course approach your pendulum dowsing with an open and unbiased mindset. Maybe you really want to ask about someone else, like whether or not that man you want to date actually likes you, and you really don’t want to hear that he doesn’t, this will affect the outcome. You have to get into an unattached state.  Now if you’ve already made up your mind about something, like you’re going to take this job in sales and not that job in admin, that’s your ego getting in the way. Make it really clear you want the truth even if your ego doesn’t want to hear it.


So, I hope this episode is useful for you. For most people it puts their mind at ease. Most people worry too much about things that never happen. So if you ask questions about things you worry about, just make sure you really in a neutral state of mind when you ask, and be open to hearing the truth, even if your ego doesn’t want to hear it. Often you will get an answer that puts your mind at ease, because most people worry way too much. And if you get an answer you don’t want, then you can ask more questions about how to approach the situation. For example, one of my clients really wanted to get a certain job, and wasn’t hearing back from the decision-makers. So, he had to get himself in an unattached state, really wanting to hear the answer. And he got that they would be contacting him within the week and not offering him the job. He got the same answer every day. Sure enough, by the end of the week they contacted him and had offered the job to someone else. After that, he really trusted the pendulum a lot more, and anytime he was worried about something and got the answer that he didn’t need to worry about it, he would literally let the worry go. And ironically I think that actually helps you manifest goals, if you’re not worrying that they won’t come to pass. If that makes sense.


So use it in whatever way feels appropriate for you. Do download this free PDF of a Pendulum chart, see the link in the shownotes.  Otherwise you can type the words “pendulum chart” in your search engine and probably find other ones you can download. Or you can just use yes or no, or true or false without any kind of chart.







Okay, that’s it for today. I do hope that was helpful. In the meantime, please hit subscribe, please like this episode and do share if so others can find it. And, may you get some amazing answers  this week. Until next time, thanks for listening.



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