People with good emotional intelligence sometimes need to ensure they’re using their emotions in constructive ways. Because it’s a kind of ‘superpower’ that can work Read More

Ep. 19 – Mastery of Emotions – 3 Ways to Revitalize Your Life as an Empathic Person

It’s a popular theory that integrating dark sides of our personality helps us spiritually evolve. Thus, you get to eventually graduate to this prophesised Golden Read More

Ep. 18 – Does Shadow Work Help You Ascend?

Many people want to help make the world a better place, but don’t know where to start. What if there was a personal thing you Read More

Ep. 17 – Self-Forgiveness and the Evolution of Humanity

Most of us have a lot of regrets that are draining our life force energy, and blocking our success. Now is the time to let go Read More

Ep. 16 – Transcending Regrets

There’s an old saying that – ‘physical pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional’. Given all the challenging situations we face in the world today, Read More

Ep. 15 – How to Turn ‘Inner Suffering’ into Fuel for Growth

Some people believe the constant hustle, the stress, the rushing, is the price you must pay for success. But is it? Or is it actually Read More

Ep. 14 – 5D Earth and Life Beyond the Constant Hustle

There is a theory that we are evolving from a carbon-based structure, called the Home Sapien, to a crystalline-based structure called, Homo Luminous. Our brains don’t get bigger but Read More

Ep. 13 – Are We Evolving From Homo Sapien to Homo Luminous?

Would you rather be awake and alive, or happy and asleep? Many of us were taught to base life decisions on what makes us happy. Read More

Ep. 12 – Why It’s Better to Be Awake than Happy Right Now

What stage of ascension is Gaia in right now? What about humanity as a whole? And where are you personally in the process? You may Read More

Ep. 11 – The 5 Stages of Gaia’s Ascension

If you’ve ever tried manifesting goals and failed, maybe you just need to change your style. There are five main styles of manifestation that are Read More

Ep. 10 – What is Your TEVAS Aptitude for Manifestation?

Are you creating stories that empower or disempower you? We subconsciously organize our experiences of life in “story form” often without realizing it. Is there Read More

Ep. 9 – The Stories You Tell Yourself

Here are 11 signs that we are going through an unprecedented change both personally and globally. The Precession of the Equinoxes also relates to the Read More

Ep. 8 – The Precession of the Equinoxes and Worldwide Change

Because of world situations and looking at the deeper meaning behind it all, this has become a popular topic. It’s the notion that we are Read More

Ep. 7 – The Difference Between Densities and Dimensions

Are you impatient that some people aren’t waking up as quickly as you’d like? Of course, some people will never wake up, but here’s one Read More

Ep. 6 – Ascension: Why People Wake Up at Different Times

Have you ever wondered if a new direction in life is right for you? And wouldn’t it be great to have a sign to confirm Read More

Ep. 5 – 7 Types of Synchronicities

In this episode I want to explore some of the themes in the novel Helio Tropez. One concept is the notion of ‘taking an oath Read More

Ep. 4 – Making an Oath to Your Life Purpose

In this episode, we’ll move onto Chapter 2 of the fantasy fiction novel, Helio Tropez. ———————– LINKS: ———————– Get a copy of the FULL BOOK Read More

Ep. 3 – Helio Tropez – Ch. 2

In the last episode we introduced you to our latest novel, Helio Tropez, a visionary fantasy fiction, and you got to hear the Prologue in Read More

Ep. 2 – Chapter 1 – Helio Tropez

In this first episode we would like to introduce you to our latest novel, Helio Tropez. If you read books, and love a good page Read More

Ep. 1 – Prologue – Helio Tropez

The Golden Age Timeline podcast is for inner truth seekers, creative types, those interested in spiritual development and especially for those who love stories. Golden Read More

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