MindStory Blueprint Course

Re-Train Your Mind in 15 Core Empowering Beliefs ... This Will Change Your Life Forever for the Better...In Only  Minutes a Day 

Harmonization Process 

Transform Inner Conflict and Self Sabotage, so that You Can Move Forward and Create the Life of Your Dreams 

Memory Imprint Journal Course

ReCreate Memories to Free Yourself from Procrastination, Regret, and Fear ...with this 10-Minute a Day Process (Get HUGE Results in 30 Days or Less)

The Art of Reinvention Process

If You've Lost Your Motivation, Direction or Clarity of Purpose Lately...This is for You. How to Reinvent Your Life in an Easy-to-Use 5-Step Process.

Speaker Marketing Course

Woman on smart phone

Become Successful at Booking Speaking Opportunities for Yourself or Others -  Create a 6-to-7 Figure Business While Living the Life of Your Dreams!

Presentation Prosperity Course

Turn Your Ideas into a Compelling Webinar, Speech, Video, Podcast or Webinar Quickly and Easily Step-by-Step - Keep Them Wanting More

Storytelling in Business Course

A 7-Step System to Dramatically Increase Listener Engagement, Making Your Message Go Viral By Using Stories in all Your Business Communication

Overwhelmed By Your "To Do" List?

3 Tools for Breaking Free

Being Overwhelmed a lot is Epidemic in Today's World and It Actually Lowers Your Productivity, Clarity and Health - Here's 3 Tools for Breaking Free

MindStory Inner Coach Book

For Entrepreneurs Who Want to Achieve High Performance: Discover the 5-Step AVARA Model for Unleashing Your FULL Potential

Helio Tropez Novel

Winner of 4 Book Awards and Bestseller in "Time Travel Fiction:  A Time Traveling Man Risks Everything to Save His Daughter So She Can Help Save Humanity 

Storytelling in Business Book

For Educators, Speakers, Leaders and Marketers to Turn Boring Information into Captivating Stories, Analogies and Comparisons

The Power of Laughter Book

How to Better Manage Change with a Playful Spirit. This Book Will Inspire You to Bring More Joy Back into Your Life

Presentation Skills for Prosperity Book

Skyrocket Your Communication Skills So You Can Become a Network Marketing Super Star

The Heart of Presenting

The Essential Presenter's Toolkit. A Step-by-Step Process to Create Speeches, Online Programs, Talks and Presentations that Rock

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