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Ep. 36 – Clairtangency: Discover the Power of the Tangent Personality Style to Manifest Goals

Discover the wonders of the Tangent learning and manifestation personality style that includes the qualities of clairtangency, psychometry, healing through touch and much more. Clairtangency is a unique sensory and extrasensory, psychic ability that is featured in the science fiction, fantasy novel, Helio Tropez. Learn to use your Clairtangent abilities correctly to help you on […]

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Ep. 33 – 3 Mistakes That Block Your Spiritual Awakening

Are you seeking a spiritual awakening but are feeling blocked? This video reveals the 3 biggest mistakes that prevent spiritual growth and ascension to higher states of consciousness. Here we dive into how these 3 default human mindsets stop you from awakening to your highest potential. You’ll learn how to break free from those bad […]

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Ep. 31 – Pendulum Mastery – Accessing Inner Guidance and Insight

EP 31 – Pendulum Mastery – Accessing Inner Guidance and Insight SCROLL DOWN TO DOWNLOAD THE MP3 With so much confusion going on in the world, many people are now going inside for answers, which is a good thing. Here’s a method for making that ‘truth finding’ process easier.     TOPICS COVERED: ——————————— 02:45 […]

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Ep. 30 – Are We Awakening from a Virtual Reality Game?

If life is a game and our challenges are here to help us evolve – are we finally waking up?   Even though this time in history is very stressful, overwhelming and uncomfortable for many people, we might be learning and discovering in unprecedented ways. Maybe it is an initiation into a higher aspect of ourselves, […]

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Ep. 29 – The Difference Between 3D and 5D Earth

Are we moving from this familiar 3D world of duality to a 5D world of harmony and abundance? It’s also referred to as the prophesised 1000 years of peace or the Golden Age. In this episode, we’ll explore the difference between those two worlds and what to expect.    SCROLL DOWN TO DOWNLOAD THE MP3 […]

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