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Ep. 3 – Helio Tropez – Ch. 2

In this episode, we’ll move onto Chapter 2 of the fantasy fiction novel, Helio Tropez. ———————– LINKS: ———————– Get a copy of the FULL BOOK here: https://goldenagetimeline.com/book/ At GOLDEN AGE TIMELINE we publish books and produce content on Visionary themes. Check out more info at: https://goldenagetimeline.com/     =========================================  

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Ep. 2 – Chapter 1 – Helio Tropez

In the last episode we introduced you to our latest novel, Helio Tropez, a visionary fantasy fiction, and you got to hear the Prologue in audiobook form. Now in this episode, we’ll move onto the next part of the book…Chapter 1 If you haven’t heard the Prologue yet, go back to the previous episode. ________________ […]

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Ep. 1 – Prologue – Helio Tropez

In this first episode we would like to introduce you to our latest novel, Helio Tropez. If you read books, and love a good page turner in the form of a visionary fantasy fiction…this is for you. Here, you’ll hear a description of the book and the Prologue. Then if you’d like to read the […]

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Welcome to The Golden Age Timeline Podcast

The Golden Age Timeline podcast is for inner truth seekers, creative types, those interested in spiritual development and especially for those who love stories. Golden Age Timeline also publishes books and produces content on Visionary themes. Subscribe if you want to be notified on the next episode by going to the Home Page of our […]

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